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When Your Red State Governor Dresses In Blue

I’ll make this short – but in no way will you find it sweet unless you are WOKE, stoned out of your friggin’ head, or have been educated in our taxpayer-funded “school” system.

This underhandedness that I am writing about today is in Tennessee, but that is just today. If it hasn’t come up in your state, don’t relax – it’s coming, no matter how Red your state is, no matter that you have Democrats who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights and the government’s responsibility to protect our God-given right to own firearms and protect ourselves and our families.


I just received word that Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) has called a Special Session to force the Legislature to enact his proposed Red Flag law. If that isn’t enough hubris from the top guy, sources say other (if you can stomach this), Republicans, i.e., RINOs want to add their gun control measures like mandatory gun safes, “making it a crime where you can be prosecuted if your firearm is stolen from you or your vehicle – possibly making you civilly liable if a thief steals your gun and harms others with it”. Another – yep, we are seeing multiple anti-constitutional proposed laws from Republicans — this one to make it impossible to fill certain prescriptions unless you sign a waiver of your right to purchase firearms.


This isn’t Lee’s first time trying to use a “Special Session” to put through a RED FLAG LAW. Just last year, he pulled one last year. It failed, so I guess he’ll be like the animal rights wackos I used to come up against in legislatures across the country. When I would help a city or state stop some egregious, unnecessary legislation regarding animal welfare, they would remind me, as Wayne Pacelle once said to me at Annapolis, “You are one person, you can’t always be here (I exposed his lies that day). But there are plenty of us; we’ll run you over”. This is a tactic of Left-wing radicals, right out of Rules for Radicals. Perhaps we should add RINOs to the nomenclature of the Left.


Back to where I was: Last year Governor Lee had the same problem. His anti-constitutional Red Flag bill was shot down in the regular session, so he went for a Special Session – that time, it was for an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), which would have “allowed judges to issue an order of confiscation “ex parte” (without the owner being present) and because it is a civil process he or she would find his or herself without a public defender or any opportunity to defend themselves”. [1]


Now is definitely not the time to be without protection. Every state needs to ensure that it has both a constitutional sheriff and legislature. Our federal government has gone rogue for the most part – and many states are following right behind.


We need to be ever alert and see that we lose no further protections of our rights. The best way to do that is to work together. Start (or join) a Freedom Pod in your neighborhood. It takes a number of people to keep track of what is happening and to do something about it.


I was talking to a pastor the other day and asked him what percentage of Americans he thought were Christians. His answer shocked me. He said 5-7% at best. He qualified that those were the sound “Bible-believing” ones. Christians are the ones giving us the moral absolutes the founding fathers used to give us the country that was designed for “we the people”, and not for tyrants. Without a strong Christian voting base, we are watching our country be taken over by global elites who are determined to make 90% of us non-existent – and the rest slaves.


You have a choice now. We have time to save our communities, towns, and maybe our counties. But it will not happen if you don’t stand up. We can do it. We must do it.


Let the lion roar.

Author Kathleen Marquardt has been an advocate for property rights and freedom for decades. Today, she serves as Vice President of American Policy Center. To learn more about American Policy Center and its work, including its Freedom Pod program go to


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