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Join our team of volunteer Conservative Paul
        Revere (CPR) Riders helping to spread the word 
that the New Democrats are Mean, Evil,  Violent, Anti-God, Anti-Police, Anti-American, Elitist Socialists/Marxists.

The 2022 elections will be upon us soon and America as a constitutional republic hangs in the balance.  Do more than vote – use our voter educational material to reach thousands, if not millions of voters, that could lead to the Republicans taking back Congress and stopping the violent, anti-American Democrats from turning America into a one-party, socialist/Marxist dictatorship.

When you sign up to be a volunteer Conservative

Paul Revere (CPR) Rider:

• There’s no obligation – it’s free – no cost to you ever
      – and you can drop out at any time.

•  Richard Viguerie on the one thing conservatives must do to
      win this election. If it's not done Democrats are almost certain
      to win.

• You’ll periodically get “Action” e-mails giving you information
     and educational items to help you educate others.

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