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What’s The Truth Behind The Beating Of Paul Pelosi?

Truth is a difficult commodity to find these days – what’s the truth about the COVID vaccine side effects, what’s the truth about vote fraud in the 2020 election, what’s the truth about the errors in the 2020 census? We may never know because at present we aren’t allowed to even ask, let alone investigate.

So, ferreting out the truth about how Paul Pelosi – husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – came to have a known homosexual prostitute in the California mansion he shares with the Speaker is going to be an arduous affair.

But we’re going to put the information we’ve been able to glean from social media and our online investigative journalist contacts out there and let our good readers judge the “truth” of the information for themselves.

Here’s what we know from an article in the Santa Monica Observer, a California news site and other sources.

Editor's Note: The Santa Monica Observer has been criticized for in the past carrying "conspiracy theory" articles, we are reserving judgement pending the release of facts, if any exist, that debunk their reporting.

David DePape, the man accused of attacking Mr. Pelosi, is a “Castro nudist.” This doesn’t mean he is a supporter of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, but a denizen of the Castro neighborhood, San Francisco’s notorious homosexual enclave.

According to reporting by the Santa Monica Observer, "Castro Nudists are a group of really radical gay male prostitutes that parade around naked."

San Francisco’s gay bars close at 2:00 a.m., the “wellness check” call came in at 2:28 a.m. Friday.

Mr. DePape was allegedly arrested in his underwear. Did David DePape break into the Pelosi residence in his underwear, or did he get in his underwear once he had allegedly broken in? This is a very simple factual question that is easy to answer. Are any “journalists” asking it of the police? (Hat tip to our Twitter friend @thevivafrei for posing the obvious question.)

Apparently not.

Likewise with the obvious question about how the hammer used to attack Mr. Pelosi was introduced into the confrontation. Reports say the hammer belonged to Mr. Pelosi and that DePape hit Mr. Pelosi as the two were struggling for possession of the hammer as the police arrived, but they weren’t found struggling in the garage or utility room, normal places where normal people keep hammers.

The where, how and why of the use of the hammer has yet to be asked.

The Santa Monica Observer reported the police didn't come to Pelosi's mansion in response to an alarm set off by a break-in, they came in response to a request for a "wellness check." Did Mr. Pelosi call police or as the Santa Monica Observer reported, someone called them to check on Mr. Pelosi. Who, if it was someone other than Mr. Pelosi who called, has not yet been revealed.

However, the Democrat-aligned San Francisco Chronicle reports Mr. Pelosi “appears to have secretly dialed 911 and left the phone line open after a man busted into the couple’s Pacific Heights home.”

How the man, now identified as David DePape, “busted” into the Pelosi mansion without setting off an alarm or alerting security was not explained by the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle also reports “DePape forced entry into the back of the home” however, an online photo of the alleged entry point shows the broken glass and debris on the outside of the house, not the inside as would appear normal in a break in.

And the whole DePape “busted” into the Pelosi mansion narrative kind of falls apart based on reports of what the police have said about their arrival at the mansion:

Now, here’s where things start to get political.

The ink on the story of the attack on Mr. Pelosi hadn’t even dried yet before stories and social media posts appeared claiming “Castro nudist” David DePape was an adherent of the “Q anon conspiracy,” based on his alleged social media posts and profile. We haven’t been able to verify this and know nothing of the Q anon “conspiracy” by which to judge it.

However, as Dinesh D’Sousa pointed out, it appears DePape’s connection to Q anon was faked to advance the narrative that DePape was some kind of rightwinger, and not a male prostitute.

And who better than hypocrite-in-chief Barack Obama to take up the cudgel and use phony claims that conservatives were behind the attack on Mr. Pelosi and use it against Republicans.

Coincidently we’re sure, on the day of the attack on Mr. Pelosi a US joint intelligence bulletin warned that there was a “heightened threat’ to the midterm contests, fueled by a rise in domestic violent extremism, or DVE, and driven by ideological grievances and access to potential targets,” according to CBS’s Nicole Sganga. And right on cue Democrats and their allies in the establishment media have started to pick-up the theme that political violence promoted by conservatives is a threat to the 2022 election.

We don’t know the full story about how David DePape got into the Pelosi mansion, why he was there and what, if any, political motives he had, but one thing is certain, a “Castro nudist,” hemp jewelry-maker, male prostitute like David DePape is not a conservative. This story is being used, and was perhaps created, to drive the narrative that Republicans and conservatives are behind a so-far nonexistent “wave of rightwing political violence,” don’t buy it and don’t let it succeed in sucking the air out of the building Red Wave.

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