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Wake Up Call: Gen. Mike Flynn Agrees We Are In A Spiritual Civil War (Part 2)

Yesterday, I posted a column “Wake Up Call: Democrats Have Declared A Spiritual Civil War On America” wherein I made the case that Democrats long ago declared a Spiritual Civil War and we conservatives are losing because we haven’t recognized what’s been going on, let alone been engaged in the battle.

I was pleasantly surprised that some conservatives agreed and asked, “what can we do to get in the fight and win it” (I’ll get to that in a minute), but I was not at all surprised that some accused me of being overly dramatic by characterizing what’s been going on in our country as a “Spiritual Civil War.”


Too many conservatives don’t want to admit that Democrats are our enemies who have declared war on us. They still want to believe that we are having a polite debate with people who want to destroy us, our families, and our country.

If you are reluctant to accept my analysis that there is a Spiritual Civil War going on in America perhaps you will believe a man who knows war, and particularly this war, all too well – General Mike Flynn.

 Now, to get to the important point – what’s to be done?


Remember the point from yesterday’s article – to the Marxist Democrats every sphere of human endeavor is a field of battle in this Spiritual Civil War: Religion, sports, schools and education, media and entertainment, including advertising, employment and business, history, parks, and politics and policy, among many others. 


1.            Recognize we’re in a Spiritual Civil War.


2.            Act like it. Act as if the survival of America and your very life depended on it—because it does.


3.            Tell others.  Act as if you’re a modern-day Paul Revere.  Each day tell others how Democrats will permanently change America to a one-party, atheistic/socialist/Marxist dictatorship if they win the November 2024 election. 


How do you tell others?  In personal conversations, including on the phone or in a letter, start a blog, forward videos and articles to family, friends, neighbors, and others, etc.


If you help lead a conservative nonprofit, educate others through postal mailings, emails, digital ads, websites, newsletters, speeches, via radio, TV, podcasts—from the rooftops.  Sound the alarm.  The Democrats want to turn America into a one-party, atheistic/socialist/Marxist dictatorship.


Use social media, especially now that the platform X has been freed from leftwing control by Elon Musk’s purchase.


4.            How do I do that?  St. Paul said in Romans 12:6, “We have different gifts. If your gift is exhortation, we should encourage. Whoever leads should do so unconsciously. If your gift is teaching, then teach.”


5.            Grow the size, effectiveness, and income of all conservative nonprofits you are involved in by 500%-1,000%.


6.            Help launch new conservative nonprofits to compete with the Left’s 20,000 nonprofits vs. conservatives 1,500.


7.            Speak up. Conservatives have been silent too long. Democrats are quick to share with others their views and values, saying what’s good and what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong.  Encourage all within the sound of your voice or pen to do likewise.


8.            Make use of the many good conservative websites that daily post good material to help educate those that Rush Limbaugh called “low information voters,” including:

•              Heritage Action,

•              For America,

•              Prager University,

•              Leadership Institute,

•              My websites, and


9.            Urge all in your sphere of influence (donors, supporters, readers, listeners, family, friends, social media followers, others) to become modern-day Paul Reveres spreading the message.  Because those who want to fundamentally change America (Obama’s words on October 30, 2008) are close to winning.


If the Democrats win the White House and Congress in the November 2024 election, they will use the next four years to make sure they never lose another national election.


10.         BRAND our opponents/enemies as Democrats.  Liberal, socialist, progressive, woke, Marxist will not be on the November ballot.  We want the voters to associate most of America’s problems as being caused by Democrats.


11.         How do we change Washington, DC?  “It’s the Primaries, Stupid!”  Run a boat-rocking, principled conservative for every office on the ballot in 2024 that doesn’t have an effective conservative candidate.


12.         Volunteer to help a candidate for school board, city council, state legislature, Congress, the Presidency.


13.         Contribute to a candidate for school board, city council, state legislature, Congress, the Presidency.


14.         If no principled, constitutional conservative steps forward to run in any of these positions, call a meeting to find a candidate.  If that fails, consider becoming a candidate yourself.


The Democrats have launched a Spiritual Civil War against God-fearing, patriotic Americans with a goal of turning America into a one-party, atheistic/socialist/Marxist dictatorship.


Don’t wait for orders from headquarters (your favorite politician, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, me, others). 


Rush to the sound of the guns.  At Lexington and Concord on the 19th of April in 1775, Captain John Parker and Captain David Brown each commanded a small group of American patriots to oppose 700 British Regular troops.  However, over 90% (3,000+) of the patriots that fought that day were without a military leader, each grabbed a musket and ran to the sound of the guns.


Today, instead of grabbing a musket, conservative leaders should become modern-day Paul Reveres educating all within the sound/reach of your voice.  Today, we don’t say “the red coats are coming,” but “THE ANTI-GOD, ANTI-AMERICA DEMOCRATS ARE HERE—WAKE UP!

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