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Wake Up Call: Democrats Have Declared A Spiritual Civil War On America (Part 1)

There is a lot of talk and debate about whether the United States is drifting into a civil war: Were the 2020 urban riots acts of civil war, was the January 6, 2021 protest at the U.S. Capitol an “insurrection,” is what’s going on at the Texas-Mexico border the prelude to something bigger?

Friends, I’ve got news for you: There’s been a Civil War – a Spiritual Civil War – going on in America since long before 2020, and we conservatives are losing.


For most of the second half of the 20th Century, we were in a Cultural War with the Left; however, conservatives didn’t realize it, and certainly didn’t act like it, and therefore we lost the Cultural War.


How can you expect to win a war you don’t participate in?


If you question or doubt that Democrats have declared war on traditional moral values, conservatives, our republic, our Constitution, consider a few of the actions, views, beliefs, policies, programs of the new Democrats: 


•              MARRIAGE: Democrats changed the 5,000+ year definition of marriage to mean a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman.


•              WOMENS SPORTS: Democrats support males calling themselves females and participating and dominating in girls’ and women’s sports.


•              TV: R-Rated TV is now mainstream TV and appears in prime viewing time easily available to children.


•              SCHOOL PORNOGRAPHY: Democrats call those who oppose hardcore pornography in K-12 school libraries “bigots” and “book banners/book burners.”


•              KILLING BABIES: Democrats call those who oppose ripping a baby limb by limb, screaming in unimaginable pain, minutes before the baby is to be born “anti-women.”  Democrats refuse to place any limits on abortion.  Also, Democrats support an abortion at any time for any reason or no reason.


•              PEDOPHELIA: Those who oppose public schools teaching 5-6-7-year-old children about homosexual and heterosexual acts are “homophobic” and “old fashioned Bible thumpers.”


•              CRT: If you oppose teaching school children Critical Race Theory (CRT), that America is a racist country and whites today are oppressors and racists—you are called “a racist.”  And children are encouraged not to tell their parents what they’re being taught.


•              IMMORALITY: Those who believe in the moral values of sexual purity as outlined in the Bible (sex outside of marriage is forbidden) are called “bigots.”


•              CHILD MUTILATION: 13-year-old boys who feel they may be a girl are castrated. 13-year-old girls who think they may be a boy have their breasts amputated and are permanently prevented from having children.

•              COVID HYPOCRSY: During the COVID lockdown many Democrat-controlled cities and states ordered churches to close but allowed large Black Lives Matter rallies, abortion centers, and tattoo parlors to stay open.


•              PUNISHING CONSERVATIVE LAWYERS: Ninety-nine lawyers who participated in challenging the accuracy/honesty of the 2020 Presidential election are each having to spend $300,000-500,000+ to keep from being disbarred and loss of their ability to earn a living.  Also, this assault on conservative lawyers will seriously discourage lawyers in the future from helping conservatives who are under attack by Democrats.


•              WAR ON CATHOLICS: The FBI considers Catholics attending a Latin Mass as potential terrorist.


•              POLITICIZING THE RULE OF LAW: Trump supporters are sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for the January 6 demonstration at the Capitol; however, the Biden family crimes and BLM/ANTIFA rioters are not charged.


Of course, you and I can both list many more outrageous examples, but I’m sure you get the picture.

To the Marxist Democrats every field of human activity is a field of ideological and spiritual combat, and in most of them believers in traditional Western values and cultural norms haven’t even recognized they are in a Spiritual Civil War, let alone gotten into the fight.


And this Spiritual Civil War is not just against the traditional Judeo-Christian mores that have long guided Western society – it is also a war on the spiritual underpinnings of American constitutional liberty.


In addition to the cultural issues listed above, we know Democrats hate the spiritual values expressed in our Constitution and our republic.


Democrats are highly focused on changing America from a constitutional republican form of government to a pure democracy.


Remember Dr. Franklin’s famous words, “A republic madam, if you can keep it.”


Democrats are focused on abolishing every aspect of our government that protects the rights of minorities, including:


1.      The Electoral College

2.      The U.S. Senate Filibuster

3.      The Supreme Court

4.      The three co-equal branches of government (each prevent the other from getting excessive power).

5.      Each state having two U.S. Senators, regardless of their size.

6.      Requiring 75% of the states to agree to change the Constitution.

Additionally, Democrats are using open borders to illegally bring in more voters to aid their Marxist Party to fundamentally change America.


Most people don’t understand the importance of keeping America a republic and not a democracy.

It’s important for those of us that have the ability to communicate with significant numbers of people to do so.


Democrats are scaring Americans into thinking conservatives are going to radically change America by abolishing “our democracy.”


Of course, this is a projection.  It’s Marxist Democrats who are trying to radically change America by abolishing our republic and turning America into a country where 51% can dictate to the 49% minority.


America’s Founders feared a pure democracy.  They feared that a majority could crush the rights of a minority.  And 240 years later, we should also fear Marxist Democrats who want to take away the rights of minorities.


Now the Democrats, having experienced victory in the Cultural War, have launched an Armageddon type war seeking total destruction of all who oppose their atheist, socialist, Marxist agenda and will accept nothing less than complete government control of all aspects of our lives.


The Left brings massive energy, resources, and commitment to this war.  Today the conservatives lack significant, heavyweight leadership, energy, resources, and the commitment that the Left brings to the battlefield.


Where’s the battlefield?  Look around you – to the Marxist Democrats everything is a field for ideological and spiritual struggle.


The Left controls the leadership and the levers of power in every major American institution, including lower and higher education, Big Media (national TV, radio, newspapers, magazines), Big Tech (Facebook, Google, YouTube, AI, etc.), Hollywood/entertainment, organized religion, the nonprofit community, the legal community, Unions, Big Business, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley.


Here’s just one example: Merit – striving to be the best has been a spiritual value of Western Civilization since at least the time of the Greeks almost 3,000 years ago. The Marxist doctrine of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion would make no progress in our traditional merit-based culture without Marxist Democrats in Big Business imposing it upon their employees.


There’s no economic or business reason for Big Business to abandon merit-based hiring and promotion, but Marxist Democrats opened a front in the Spiritual Civil War demanding it and the management of Big Business simply caved-in rather than fight, or in many cases was on the other side to begin with.


And the most evil and dangerous of all—our own government (FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, the military, state prosecutors, and judges) is being used to investigate, spy upon, arrest, jail, and bankrupt all who effectively oppose Democrats and their agenda.


Since the 1960s the Left has funneled yearly billions of tax dollars to hundreds of liberal nonprofit organizations.


However, the Biden Democrats have taken stealing tax dollars and giving them to liberal nonprofits into the stratosphere.  The Democrats in 2021 and 2022 passed legislation to spend $3+ trillion for COVID relief, green energy, etc.  Hundreds of billions of that money is going to thousands of Leftwing nonprofits fighting on the Democrat side in the Spiritual Civil War.


TomorrowWHAT IS TO BE DONE?  (No apologies to VI Lenin who asked this question in a 1902 pamphlet.)

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  • Second Amendment

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  • Violence on pro-life organizations

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  • ballot security

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  • Janes Revenge

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