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Virginia, Congratulations from the Volunteer State!

Thank you, Virginia! You have sent a message to the world, and it is being heard. The results of the 2021 election go far beyond a victory for the fight against the Marxist program of

Critical Race Theory. You showed America that voting still counts – that it is possible to win against the unwelcome advances of socialism, and restore traditional values. Over 50% of Americans had begun to believe that their vote no longer mattered, that results could be manipulated to reflect other than the honest majority. Americans from both parties were becoming discouraged – even depressed – sure that their voices at the polls would never be heard again; that our Republic was lost. Your strength and resolve showed them otherwise. You gave America hope! At this point in our history, that is a great gift. Thank you, Virginia.

You could say that parents won the election, not the Republican Party or their candidates. People who believe in family values took it to the other side, and won. The ethics on which this country was built carried the day. Thank you, Virginia!

The victory of the Republican ticket was far more than a change of incumbents. It was a loud statement from all those who hold those traditional values of home and family, that they WILL be represented. The bedrock of our American society – faith, family and freedom – has been under attack for decades. Virginians stood up and said, “No more!”

As the Great Reset finally got a public name, and people were told (among other things) that they should no longer have a say in their children’s education, voters took action.

While the Youngkin team gained strength in the polls, the opposition doubled down. First came the lie that CRT was not being taught in the schools. McAuliffe reinforced that with a statement saying that parents had no business having a say in what was being taught to their children. The Democrat Party brought in Biden (a man increasingly failing in popularity as well as health), Obama, Stacy Abrams and Kamala Harris , to stump for a McAuliffe victory. The union boss for the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten (responsible for school closures this last year and unpopular with many, in her own right) came to speak on McAuliffe’s behalf. Tone deaf? Many say, yes.

The candidate dug himself in, even deeper, by saying that Virginia had too many white teachers, and that those who didn’t like CRT were themselves racist! (So, if you’re not Marxist, you’re racist?) The result of such choices has now become a part of history. The purveyors of division and untruth went down to defeat. Thank you, Virginia!

The Left has become so ingrained in their Marxist philosophy that they could not comprehend the strength of family values and morals in America today. This was, I believe, the causal factor in their defeat. They support abortion, so the value of children means something very different to them. They believe that the government should raise children. They severely underestimated the strength of parental love. In short, they mistook the light at the end of the campaign tunnel as the sun rising on their impending victory, rather than the Red freight train it was. Virginians, of all colors and national origins, who share the values on which our country was founded, spoke loudly and clearly, on Tuesday, Nov. 2. They let their feelings be known, at the ballot box, in a “blue” state, on election day, 2021.

Why did it take them so long? We can only speculate. The traditionally “silent majority”, country-wide, were docile as lambs while their churches were shuttered; schools closed; shelves emptied of essentials; American greatness, denigrated, and personal freedoms lost. When they could not be with loved ones who were sick or needy, the outcry was much too quiet. They mumbled only a little as our energy independence was reversed and gas prices soared. They were sitting home, shaking their heads as our borders were ripped open to hundreds of thousands of unvetted aliens who will further burden our systems. Americans have stood by while our military was weakened, our small businesses closed by the thousands, and our economy left in tatters. Even double-digit inflation in some sectors, and material shortages across the spectrum, didn’t seem to fully capture their attention.

However, telling parents that they have no say in what their children are being taught made those silent Americans “see red”. They came awake. Attacking concerned parents with the FBI, and seeking to classify them as “domestic terrorists” for attending school board meetings, turned that silent majority into a loud force for freedom. They used the rights granted us at our country’s founding, and went to work. They organized, spoke, wrote, learned what was happening in their own communities, and took their ire to the polls. This is how America is supposed to work. Thank you, Virginia!

But, for all of us, the job is just beginning. We must stay close to those we elect. Let your representatives know what you think. Keep current with pending legislation. Go to local board and council meetings as often as possible, and stay informed on the agenda items. Don’t stop because you think you’ve won. Stay alert and stay strong. It is from the local level that this victory was born, and from which all future successes will come.

It was with great pride and pleasure that I looked on, as my former neighbors and friends changed things for the better in the Commonwealth, and that has changed it for us all. You have altered the landscape in Richmond, and in America. You’ve shown the way. It is now up to every American to keep that ball rolling. As Virginia was fundamental to the creation of this great nation 245 years ago, you have once again been at the forefront of something essential for our future. Thank you, Virginia!

Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center.

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