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Viguerie: Democrats Defeated Themselves In This Year’s Elections

MANASSAS, Virginia – Richard A. Viguerie, the pioneer of conservative direct marketing, chairman of his 90-person marketing firm, whose latest book GO BIG, The Marketing "Secrets" of Richard A. Viguerie, released the following statement to the 2 million+ email recipients of his twice-weekly 2022 Election “Paul Revere Lantern” project.

“The polls have just opened, and Democrat Party leaders are already looking for someone to blame for what will be a massive defeat in this year’s midterm elections and complaining that they are about to lose because they couldn’t get their message out.

“This is complete nonsense. Democrats enjoy almost universal support from America’s ‘woke’ establishment news media editorial boards. They have the advantage of Silicon Valley putting their thumb on the scales to the disadvantage of conservatives by de-platforming, shadow-banning, or outright censoring them on social media and down-listing them on Google.

“The reason Democrats are about to suffer an historic defeat is because they did get their message out, and Americans rejected it.

“Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars advertising their extreme ‘abortion up until the moment of birth’ message, January 6, and attacking Donald Trump, while ignoring the economic disaster they have inflicted on America’s working families through inflation, their war on American-produced energy, and their anti-police, soft-on-dangerous criminals policies, etc.

“Democrats forgot a law of elections—every election is about the future, never the past. If you doubt that, remember that the British people threw Winston Churchill out of office a few weeks after the end of World War II, in which he had literally saved the British people’s lives, because the opposition was talking about the future, not the past.

“If there is one secret behind Republican success in this election it is how grassroots conservative activists and candidates managed to bypass the elite media and social media filters by using the new and alternative media—postal mail, talk radio, cable TV, email and text lists built by grassroots conservative activists to nominate the highest number of conservative movement candidates ever and brand the Democrats for the November 8 election.

“In my over-sixty years of involvement in conservative politics at the national level I have seen the Reagan Revolution, the Contract with America Revolution, the Tea Party Wave Revolution, and the 2016 MAGA Revolution. After each of these big Republican wave elections Democrats complained that their message didn’t get out or their messengers were ineffective. In reality, the exact opposite has been true. Democrats suffered those massive defeats because voters got the Democrats’ message loud and clear, and they rejected it. This year will be the same.

“For over eighty years Democrats won a lot of elections by branding the GOP as the party of the rich, big business, and trickle-down economics. However, conservatives have now successfully branded the Democrat Party as the party of anti-police, anti-fossil fuel, big government, elite socialists. This brand will prevent Democrats from winning national elections for decades to come.”

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