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Three Big Reasons Trump Will Be Reelected (3 of 3)

There are lots of reasons President Trump is likely to be reelected – some are purely technical political campaign reasons and others are matters of policy preference for the

majority of the electorate, but in our view the top three reasons Trump will be elected are centered on how Trump has branded the Democrats and how the Democrats have branded themselves.

And the third of those top three is that Democrats have branded themselves as opponents of American Exceptionalism and haters of the country they aspire to govern.

In 2014 Joe Biden told a Harvard class: “There’s nothing special about being an American.

"We're not going to make America great again. It was never that great," said leading Democrat, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and that sums up the attitude of most Democrats toward the country they aspire to govern.

If Democrats believe that then little wonder they want to fundamentally change or erase the traditions, laws, constitution and culture that built the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

And Joe Biden and Gov. Cuomo are not alone among leading Democrats in denigrating America.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the leaders of the new generation of Far Left House Democrats declared the state of America is “garbage.”

She later said in an Instagram video that “the United States is running concentration camps on our southern border.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar, another member of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad” of Anti-American Democrats claimed America was responsible for genocide, “A true acknowledgment of historical crimes against humanity must include both the heinous genocides of the 20th century, along with earlier mass slaughters like the transatlantic slave trade and Native American genocide, which took the lives of hundreds of millions of indigenous people in this country,” Omar said.

Omar has also drawn a moral equivalence between the United States and Al Qaeda.

And of course there's Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont who once told a group of ninth graders that the U.S. committed acts in Vietnam “almost as bad as what Hitler did…”

None of this is lost on Americans outside the Washington Beltway and professional political class who ask themselves why people who have it so good can be so mad at the country in which they live?

As Republican Rep. Tom Emmer put it, “My grandfather’s Democratic Party is officially dead… The socialist Democrats who now control the House have made it clear they are here to destroy the free America that we love.”

And this Anti-American message was heavily reinforced by the Democratic Party’s National Convention that was a four-day long recitation of grievances against America.

As the Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry observed, Democrats have created, cultivated, and elevated an entire political culture that worships grievance and victimhood above anything else.

The energy of the modern Democratic Party is mostly concentrated in the Black Lives Matter movement, said Mr. Scarry, a faction that is nothing if not a mass of people linked by grievance against America. And it's the same for every other special-interest group cobbled together to make up the party's base, such as the transgender rights lobby, the #MeToo feminists, and on and on.

Radio talk show host and political commentator Larry Elder likewise noted Democratic Party leaders push the narrative that blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. are victims, whether due "inequality" or "sexism" or "racism" or "otherism."

However, “wokeism” and grievance isn’t selling, even to Democrats. Even though self-described Democrats who identify as liberal have doubled over the past dozen years, Gallup found last year that 54 percent of Democrats support a party that is "more moderate" while just 41 percent want one that is "more liberal."

Indeed, poll after poll indicates that Americans are opposed to the kind of enforced political correctness that comes with the Democrats’ politics of grievance – an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found fifty-two percent of Americans, including a majority of independents, said they are against the country becoming more politically correct and are upset that there are too many things people can't say anymore.

And more importantly, a recent Hill-HarrisX poll found that 47 percent of Americans believe that speaking out against the U.S. is unpatriotic, while 29 percent said that such criticism is a way of showing patriotism. About a quarter — 24 percent — said they weren’t sure.

The bottom line: There are a lot of voters, very likely the winning margin of voters, who may not be in love with Donald Trump’s tweets, but they are in love with their country. And when asked to choose whether America will remain America or become a grievance-driven socialist state, they are going to vote for Donald Trump to Keep American Great.

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