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This is a Revolution to Destroy the Family, and the Battleground is Your Child’s Mind

As social media and the entertainment industry have promoted and marketed the notion that biological sex is a social construct there are more teens than ever claiming that their biological sex does not meet their “gender identity,” and they are coming to this conclusion earlier and earlier.

However, instead of dealing with this as a mass hysteria event and treating the suffers with compassionate mental health care the state has become the enforcement arm of transgender ideology.


State bureaucrats who now fancy themselves as experts in gender medicine and mental health, are wreaking havoc on an entire generation, encouraging them to “follow their feelings,” and follow the crowd, even when they’re at risk of permanent and irreparable harm by doing so.

Two truly astonishing events, in allegedly conservative states, demonstrate just how deeply the sickness of transgender ideology has infected government and empowered it to be an active participant in this Marxist assault on the traditional family and Judeo-Christian norms and values.


Mary and Jeremy Cox, a Catholic couple in Indiana is asking the Supreme Court to hold the state accountable for keeping their child out of their home after they declined to use his chosen name and pronouns, reported Kendall Tietz for FOX News.


Indiana officials began investigating the Coxes after a report found they were not referring to their child by his preferred gender identity, ultimately removing the teen from their custody and placing him in a "gender-affirming" home.


Appeals to Indiana’s allegedly conservative state officials fell on deaf ears and state courts allowed Indiana to keep the child from living in his parents' home due to their disagreement with the child's gender identity because of their religious beliefs. Notably, reported FOX News, upon completing the investigation, the state determined the allegations of abuse against Mary and Jeremy were unsubstantiated, but still argued that the disagreement over gender identity was distressing to their child.


The Coxes transgression that prompted Indiana officials to destroy their family?

When their son told them that he identified as a girl, in line with their Catholic religious beliefs that God created human beings with an immutable sex, male or female, they told him they did not believe in referring to him using pronouns and a name inconsistent with his biology.


As Lori Windham, vice president and senior counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing the Coxes in their parental rights case said, tearing a child away from loving parents because of their religious beliefs, which are shared by millions of Americans, is an outrage to the law, parental rights, and basic human decency. If the Supreme Court doesn’t take this case, how many times will this happen to other families?

It is likely to happen a lot more, because Indiana isn’t the only allegedly conservative state to allow petty bureaucrats to exercise the power to destroy traditional families.


In January, Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) officials took custody of the 14-year-old child of parents Krista and Todd Kolstad. The teenager is a biological female and recently began to express suicidal thoughts and transgender ideation.

NBC Montana reported that while being treated at a hospital in August, doctors began using the child's preferred name and pronouns, which do not correspond with the child's biological sex, according to Reduxx. The parents reportedly opposed and noted allowing their child to undergo any form of gender transition, socially or medically, was a violation of their "values, morals, and ... religious beliefs."


Doctors reportedly later moved the 14-year-old to a specialized residential treatment facility in Wyoming despite the parents preferring a facility in Billings, Montana. Krista and Todd claim they were given no information as to their child’s well-being or treatment during that time, according to Reduxx.


In September, the 14-year-old was returned to Montana and placed in a group home, according to Reduxx. After four months, Krista and Todd were reportedly notified that custody was being granted to CFS and the agency would be taking the child away from its birth father and returning custody to the child's birth mother in Canada to ultimately assume care.


In interviews with Todd Kolstad and Krista Cummins-Kolstad have said they have never been opposed to their child receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment for suicidal thoughts, but affirmed that their opposition to the transfer to Wyoming arose from the belief that their child might access gender-affirming medical care without parental consent if they were to cross state lines.


“We were told that letting [the child] transition and live as a boy was in her ‘therapeutic best interest’ and because we aren’t willing to follow that recommendation, the court gave CFS custody of [the child] for six months,” Krista told Reduxx. "The judge said to us ‘you need to expect that reunification with your family may not be what you are expecting.'"


This bizarre belief that a serious mental health condition, such as gender dysphoria, must be treated by mutilating the sufferer is one of the vilest characteristics of transgender ideology. And it appears it is gaining rapid and widespread acceptance even among allegedly conservative elected officials.


In a further astonishing development, alleged Republican Governor Greg Gianforte told The National Desk (TND) that Montana state officials “acted within their legal limitations” by removing Todd Kolstad and Krista Cummins-Kolstad’s child from their care because they objected to transitioning the child’s gender identity.

If the state can remove a child suffering from gender dysphoria from the care of parents who wish to treat the condition through means other than mutilation, then there are no “legal limitations” on the power of the state.


And if this can happen in Indiana and Montana, it can happen anywhere,

This is a war for the integrity of the family as the basic unit of Western Civilization and the power of the state has been brought to bear to, at whim, redefine a human being’s essential characteristics. As our friend Charles “Sam” Faddis told the Pennsylvania Patriot Coalition, “This has nothing to do with acceptance. This is a revolutionary movement intent on destroying the family and all aspects of traditional culture. The battleground? Your child’s mind.”

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