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Thinking of Running for School Board? Start Here

A while back we told you about constitutional scholar Ilya Shapiro’s campaign for school board in the small city of Falls Church, Virginia and suggested that Mr. Shapiro’s effort could

and should be a model for other concerned parents and taxpayers who were fed up with local school boards that substituted woke politics for excellence in education.

That article generated a good number of inquiries from CHQ readers who were either interested in running for school board or were looking to recruit a school board candidate or were already involved in a school board campaign and wanted to sharpen their campaign skills and techniques.

Our go-to resources for grassroots activism always start with our old friend Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute (American Policy Center and Florida Citizens Alliance are also great) and fortunately for conservatives interested in running for school board the Leadership Institute has just launched a new program specifically aimed at giving conservatives the skills and techniques needed to mount a winning school board campaign.

In announcing the launch of the new program to train the next generation of conservative candidates for the nation’s school boards, LI President Morton C. Blackwell said, "With this vital new program, the Leadership Institute will now prepare conservatives all across America to challenge the left's control over the nation's locally elected school boards."

And after being involved in over 300 political campaign and attending a Leadership Institute campaign school back when a “scholarship” involved the opportunity to pitch your sleeping bag on Morton’s living room floor we can confirm that there is no better candidate and campaign management training than that provided by the Leadership Institute.

Leveraging its 42 years of experience in training conservatives to win and its deep bench of seasoned conservatives who have fought and won school board races, the Leadership Institute will deploy its new School Board Campaign School training program both online and in-person this summer of 2021.

The Leadership Institute will train conservatives, in person and online, who are willing to stand for election in the skills they need to fight and win.

Taught by successful, experienced leaders who have served on school boards, LI’s School Board Campaign Training features presentations from seasoned conservatives who have served on school boards, plus campaign professionals experienced in local campaigns.

Students will learn how to design, wage, and raise funds for a successful school board campaign.

In addition, attendees will receive briefings and background information they need to be well informed and articulate their own experiences and issue positions to voters in their community, such as this presentation on Critical Race Theory from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

And best of all, for a limited time, thanks to the Leadership Institutes generous donors it is all free of charge to the student.

If you are thinking about running for school board or are involved in a school board campaign or want to help recruit conservatives to run for school board, the Leadership Institute’s School Board Campaign Training is the place to start your successful campaign – sign up today before all the free slots are filled.

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