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The Right Resistance: Will Biden finally call a crisis a crisis and border jumpers illegal aliens?

“On your mark, get set…. Start your brain!”

While it’s impossible for the lay person to determine exactly how President Joe Biden is getting prepared and psyched up to conduct his first solo press conference today, one can speculate what it’s like behind the scenes at the White House right now. Trying to groom the man for what hopefully will be a momentous attempt to exhibit wherewithal and humility concerning his disastrous policies can’t be a simple task.

Thus far, Biden has largely relied on a few interviews with establishment media “celebrity” interviewers like George Stephanopoulos and/or regular press briefings conducted by the grossly incapable and overwhelmed press secretary Jen Psaki to communicate with the People.

“I’ll circle back on that” Psaki in particular has been unhelpful at best and downright evasive at worst. Whereas former President Donald Trump reveled in directly dealing with what he termed the “fake news” media, and otherwise had exceedingly brilliant and capable professionals like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany speaking for his administration, Biden’s approach to feeding a public hungry for information has looked and sounded like his journey up the ramp to Air Force One last Friday. You know, trips, stumbles and embarrassing crashes.

Psaki worked as communications director for Barack Obama for the last couple years of the previous Democrat administration. Serving under the “Big O”, Psaki at least didn’t need to hire a professional interpreter to extract policy positions from a senile old grump who can hardly put two sentences together and forgets stuff a lot. Grampa Joe is so mentally compromised that he probably doesn’t know the difference between warm and cold cereals.

At any rate, if the media is up to the job today, they’ll fire relevant inquiries at Biden concerning the U.S./Mexico border. We all know Trump lurks in the background somewhere, present in spirit if not in person. The twenty-first century’s most effective commander in chief sees an opening with immigration policy at the forefront.

“Trump hasn’t been quiet since leaving office in January, but as the situation at the border spirals out of control, he senses an opening to take his messaging war against the Biden administration to a new level and defend his own legacy in the process.

“’You have a lot of bad people coming into our country, and they’re doing nothing about it,’ Trump said on Fox News on Monday, claiming the Biden administration is ‘destroying our country.’

“’We had it in such good control two months ago, three months ago,’ the former president said on commentator Lisa Boothe’s new podcast Monday morning. ‘And then he made the statement that you want to have; you want to come in.’”

Americans sit on the edge of their seats to hear what the new president will say about the subject; but don’t get your hopes up, it won’t be a Trump-like call to crack down on smugglers or to crank up the bulldozers and cranes to restart the border wall. And it certainly won’t be an admission that his federal policy advisors screwed up or did something wrong. Biden would rather fall all the way down the steps of his big presidential airplane than unpretentiously concede he did anything wrong on any issue.

Biden’s liberal mindset precludes the possibility of ever being wrong, because liberals believe their good intentions trump (pardon the pun) actual outcomes. Therefore, it’s not possible to be in error about anything.

Here’s a thought: maybe Grampa Joe should tap son Hunter to manage the border? Wouldn’t Hunter be a great choice? Before you dismiss the possibility, Hunter knows everything there is to know about the loads of drugs coming over the line. He can tell if it’s good stuff or the type mixed together in a cockroach infested crack house in Tijuana. And, as demonstrated by the videos on his laptop, Hunter also comprehends different forms of human and sex trafficking.

Heck, Hunter likely knows the leaders of the cartels themselves. Face-to-face negotiations, right?

All kidding aside, Trump is 100% correct to call Biden and Democrats out on immigration. Trump’s wasn’t just a voice calling in the wilderness when he chose to put the issue front and center in his 2016 campaign. Illegal immigration touches everyone in our country. We dole out much higher taxes to pay for it. Some struggle to find good paying jobs because of the unfair competition. Our kids’ educations are sold-out because resources are devoted to teaching English and feeding the illegal alien children.

Needless to say, police and sheriff’s departments are strained to the maximum to contain the crime that inevitably accompanies allowing thousands or millions of “undocumented” people into this country without any vetting whatsoever. So-called “immigrant’s rights” groups organize and receive leftist donations to portray the lawbreaking as a humanitarian issue.

Like most of the planks in the Democrat platform, it’s a total farce based on feelings and emotion rather than facts and reality.

Biden’s awful and hypocritical immigration policies (does he actually have any?) are having an impact beyond that which you’d consider obvious. More and more illegal aliens showing up in your towns and cities are only tangentially noticeable for those who don’t live in areas where they settle. But Grampa Joe’s complete botching of the issue undermines everything he and bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci are preaching to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many of us are now conditioned to count the number of masks covering people’s faces in public places, it’s impossible not to look for them in the photos of the illegal entrants. “If we have to wear them, why don’t they?” And, “If I have to be tested x times a week at my workplace, why is the Biden government allowing them (through ‘Catch and Release’) to travel the country and spread the disease to whomever they come in contact with?”

How do you say, “You gotta wear the face diaper at all times” in Español? Is it more important for police departments to enforce immigration laws or impose on the illegal aliens not to spread the Chinese bug? Almost sounds like a board game, doesn’t it?

Why do our kids have to wear masks all day in school (assuming they’re even open) to prevent the possibility of an outbreak when you’ve got a bubbling germ factory in U.S. border towns just waiting to unleash itself in a location near you?

Here in Virginia, the authorities even require attendees at outdoor high school baseball games to don the “protective” equipment (i.e., masks). They’re also insisting that the catcher, batter and baserunners wear them because these players can’t socially distance in those capacities.

The catcher has a hard enough job as it is. Now they’re taking oxygen away from the poor kid.

Today’s first-of-its-kind Biden press conference isn’t likely to shed much light on immigration, COVID-19 or anything else for that matter. Americans watch to see if Grampa Joe calls anyone a “killer” or simply dissects recent happenings for traces of racism and bias. It’s all he knows how to do. Effective leadership is still years away. Can we afford to wait that long?

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