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The Right Resistance: Why conservatives should fight for the U.S.A. no matter who wins

“That does it, I’m outta here.”


If you’ve been around awhile, you’ve probably heard somebody say this, and you might’ve said it yourself when frustrations and feelings reached a boiling point and it simply became

too hot or uncomfortable to linger in a situation that was no longer tenable. Statistics show that a lot of blue state conservatives and business people have come to the conclusion that they’d rather relocate to redder environs so as to better support their families and retirement plans.


And who can blame them.


But more disturbing is a recent survey conducted on whether U.S. residents are seriously pondering exiting the country depending on if Republican Donald Trump or Democrat senile president Joe Biden wins this year’s crucial quadrennial presidential election. Remarkably, one in five of those asked the life-changing query indicated they’d hightail it out of the confines of the United States in search of greener pastures somewhere else if that were the case.


The only thing surprising here was the number being so high. You may recall eight years ago when a plethora of celebrities and beautiful elitists indicated that they’d had it with a populace that would consider voting into power a man like Donald Trump. Here’s a partial list of those who spouted off in the heat of the emotional political moment back then.


It should be comforting (or not?) to know that none of them (I don’t think) actually carried through with their emotion-based vow. Alec Baldwin, one of the hot heads, stayed in the country and ended up killing a crewmember on one of his film production sets, simply because he didn’t check to see that his gun wasn’t just a prop – it was loaded, unlocked and ready. If only Alec had skedaddled for Russia to please himself, the woman would still be alive today.


The “move out” phenomenon doesn’t appear to be confined just to celebrities and pampered idiots this time, however. There’s a reasonably big chunk of both Democrats and Republicans who strongly suggest that it may be time for them to pack up and head out if the wrong presidential candidate wins in November.


How bad is it? In an article titled “Voters ready to abandon US no matter who wins”, the always good for a read Paul Bedard reported at the Washington Examiner in his Secrets column last week:


“In its new survey shared with Secrets, Greenback Expat Tax Services found that an overwhelming percentage of people are upset with today’s politics. Some 85% told the accounting and tax firm that they feel ‘negatively’ about the current political climate.


“Democrats appear the most anxious about their ‘quality of life’ in a second Trump term. Some 1 in 5 would consider moving away if Trump wins. Republicans are less reactive, but still, 1 in 12 would consider emigrating if President Joe Biden wins a second term, according to the analysis.


“And in a sign that they mean it, the survey analysis found many would also throw away their U.S. citizenship. ‘Over one in five Americans considering emigration due to the political climate would make a permanent move and be willing to revoke their U.S. citizenship,’ the analysis said.”


How to interpret this? Hmpf. My initial reaction was the same as it was eight years ago when Whoopi Goldberg and whiny leftist cohorts shot off their pieholes and swore they’d leave if American voters chose Donald Trump over the wonderful, abortion-protecting Hillary Clinton. Good riddance(!) is too simple a term to describe the feelings towards people who are so short-sighted and childish that they can’t see what Trump truly represented.


Contrary to the establishment media’s narrative (that Trump is, you know, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bigoted commander of the “basket of deplorables” making up half his voters, right?), there really is a stark choice in the 2024 election. Trump’s elevation wouldn’t have anything to do with the Washington ruling elite class from both parties having completely taken over and steered the American ship to the precipice of absolute doom over open borders policies, fiscal spending that’s mortgaged the future – and then some – or sacrificed American sovereignty and exceptionalism in favor of globalist gobbledygook nonsense like “climate change” and the World Health Organization’s vaccine passports, etc., would it?


That’s not to mention enslaving the traditional Americans who don’t take to the LGBTQIA+++ “You will believe as we tell you or be censored and jailed” fascist culture onslaught. Look how far this country has gone – now we’re arguing over whether kids have the “right”, without parental consent, to remove their sex organs to conform to what they “believe” to be their true gender.


Not only that, but the elites want to kick your son or daughter out of the military if they’d ever expressed any opinions via social media that the regime doesn’t approve of. Or if they refuse to accept an unproven vaccine just because the government tells them it is to “save lives” and “keep people safe.” Imagine Roman emperors culling their legions’ ranks because someone said something that questioned Roman slavery and stern punishment methods. They’d simply move that person to the front rank and tell them to charge or face a sword in their back.


Trump did get elected in 2016, took his oath in 2017 and most if not all of the famous haters remained in America. Rather than move somewhere else – and make themselves someone else’s problem – they stayed here, dumped money into leftist political causes and served as perpetual resistance fighters, criticizing Trump’s every move and seeking to undermine him through pushing crazy “Russian collusion” theories and acting as a non-loyal opposition.


Which basically means they weren’t serious when they said they’d leave the country if Trump won. Here’s thinking they’d act similarly next year if the 45th president becomes the 47th president. Even if some did self-deport, there are still millions of unabashed America haters out there to make life difficult, and it doesn’t matter if they approve of some of the things Trump did/does, they’ll oppose it anyway.


Besides, where would they go? Bedard additionally reported, “And somewhat ironically, considering that Biden’s border blundering has thrust immigration to the top of concerns of voters in the election, Mexico would be one of the first places Americans would flee to just like they did after the 2022 elections. Canada is No. 1.”


Lucky Canadians! Who knows, maybe the hags on “The View” would start donning hockey jerseys and fly into the U.S. for taping the show, then jet back to the great north, assuming the country would still want them. But isn’t Canada too cold and un-“diverse” for the fair-weather loving Trump haters? That could be why the soon-to-be American expatriates prefer Mexico.


Besides, it’s a well-known fact that the Mexican government would never put up with illegal aliens remaining in their country on a semi-permanent basis, and the Mexican crime cartels wouldn’t tolerate competition for their enterprises. If anything, the Mexicans might send the American liberals back across the border – or let them rot in a Mexican prison.


In all seriousness, the liberals’ threats to leave the country if Trump wins should not be taken at face value. The one out of 12 Republicans who claim to want to leave also shouldn’t cause concern, though the prospect of enduring another four years of a president senile Joe Biden isn’t an enticing proposition. At all. If Biden has been able to inflict this much damage on the country in a few short years, just think of what he (or his handlers) can do with another term.


Rather than leave the United States for good, there are several options:


First and foremost, remain in the country and redouble your commitment to battling the leftist forces that are ruining the country. It would be optimal if this choice were made now, when it’s still not too late to stave off four more years of Joe Biden, but it’s never too late to continue the cause of liberty.


Recall how Benjamin Franklin told a woman after the Constitution was assembled, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A government of laws requires eternal vigilance. Giving up at any point is simply not an option.


Two, remember that there aren’t necessarily better countries elsewhere. If Mexico or Great Britain or Canada or Portugal were truly superior, the United States wouldn’t have an illegal immigration plague. Conservatives need to work to fix our corrupted system instead of moving somewhere else and hoping that conditions and freedom are better on unfamiliar soil.


We have a common culture (mostly), language, history and traditions – at least the ones that haven’t already been sacrificed to the god of “woke”. Conservatives must first win the argument to then prevail at the ballot box. Governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’s Greg Abbott have shown that good government is possible.


It can be done here. We just need to search harder for the evidence. And elect Donald Trump.


Lastly, Trump can’t Make America Great Again without citizen buy-in. If America is broken, we need to fix it. Most of us grew up in a country that we loved and admired and were proud of. It can be again, but the “repairs” won’t be accomplished through surrendering the initiative. There will still be millions upon millions who want to help Trump in his mission.


I can’t help but think that even if Trump loses the election – or is declared the loser again – that he won’t just disappear. And he certainly won’t leave the country. He’ll start an effort to inspire a revival. And sanity will triumph, sometime, somewhere. Our kids’ and grandkids’ lives depend on it.


Failure is not an option and neither is leaving the United States after this year’s election. One way or another, about half the people in this country aren’t going to be happy. Conservatives know our side is right, but the mystery is how to deal with the adversity. Why surrender and head elsewhere? Would going to Canada really provide the solution? Think about it.

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