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The Right Resistance: Three months in, leftists love senile Joe Biden! What does it tell us?

“He’s doing a great job, isn’t he?”

That’s progressive Democrat House of Representatives member X saying to Progressive Democrat member Y as he/she passes her/him/it in the hallway of the capitol building. The “he” referred to in this fictional exchange is President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. -- more appropriately known in this space as “senile Joe” -- who has been in office three months now. The 78-year-old longtime Washington DC swamp dweller (somewhat) overcame the odds and the votes of those with common sense and normal cognitive function to prevail in last year’s presidential election.

Biden did so by playing to his tried-and-true strategy of demagoguing every issue, portraying his opponent -- Donald J. Trump and his supporters -- as backwards-butt racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes and every other kind of phobe that a leftist social science professor could dream up. The Delaware Democrat, or more probably his team of cutthroat consultants and professional truth-benders, fact distorters and hysteria creators, (supposedly) managed to convince over 80 million Americans to cast their ballots for a broken-down proven plagiarist with a sleazebag son under FBI investigation for politically related corruption.

As everyone knows, the election wasn’t really about senile Joe. Spurred on by the heinous establishment media, the public was roughly divided between those who hated Trump and those who loved him. Thanks to the creativity of various leftist organizations and the spinelessness of several Republican state legislatures -- and the U.S. Supreme Court -- mail-in ballots were accepted contrary to many statutes. This allowed anti-Trump groups to accumulate heretofore impossible vote totals in places that wouldn’t typically favor a Democrat.

Water under the bridge? Maybe. Maybe not. But even though senile Joe came out on top in the electoral college and was inaugurated on January 20th as he was expected to be, so-called Democrat “progressives” remained skeptical of his true liberal bona fides. It turns out their skepticism was unfounded, however. Biden is every bit as big a leftist as the common sense faction forecasted before the election. And now the “progressives” love him!

“President Biden is approaching the 100-day mark high in the polls, thanks in large part to his ability to unite fractious Democrats behind his policies.

“Two polls out earlier this week showed Biden’s approval ratings at almost full support. A Quinnipiac University survey showed Biden with support among Democrats at 94 percent. A Monmouth University poll showed Biden doing even slightly better, at 95 percent, with those in his party.

“The results are surprising given the skepticism many progressives had for the 78-year-old Biden, whose age and background seemed out of step with the direction of his party.”

Huh? Out of step with the direction of his party? Says who? Anyone who paid a speck of attention to the Democrat primaries last year recognized that senile Joe was right there with the rest of ‘em on the liberal big ticket items. Not-so-fondly recalling the party “debates,” each one of the big government candidates tried to outdo the others on demonizing Donald Trump and Republicans for being the enemies of progress.

And age? The entire Democrat leadership bench is well above retirement age, aren’t they?

“Those Republicans are a bunch of sad-sack climate deniers in addition to loving Wall Street, hating immigrants, denying women their equal rights and pay, oppressing transgender friends, despising minorities -- but especially black people -- suppressing voting rights, in bed with the environmentally polluting oil companies, stalling the liberal agenda… and, and… And besides all that, they’re just mean people! Look at Trump! Anyone want to have to explain his tweets to their kids? Bad Orange Man! Very bad!”

Biden was the party establishment figurehead, the “moderate” who could win Republican support and votes for Democrat initiatives, remember? The back slappin’, hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’, child repellin’, sexual assault denyin’, and GOP “moderate” schmoozin’ good ol’ boy could do it alright! That bipartisan thing. Joe Biden knows how to play the game. Vote for him and he can get things done!

So what if dumbo Joe never came out of his basement! And he said it: if you’re African-American and even considering voting for Trump, you ain’t black!

The media’s ruse: senile Joe didn’t need to “win over” progressives at all. All he had to do was be himself and it would be good enough for all liberals. The Hill writers neglected to mention another poll (from Pew Research last week) showed Biden with a 59 percent approval rating. Even assuming that Biden’s held onto every single nimrod who voted for him (51 percent nationally), he still would have had to win over eight percent of those who didn’t for these numbers to be accurate.

If there are a decent percentage of people who voted for Trump who’ve since been swayed by Biden’s “tone” and policies, I haven’t seen it. I personally don’t know a single Trump supporter who’s made the conversion. To do so would mean rejecting everything that the former president and the GOP stood for those four years. Are there that many newly minted turncoats, or are the powers-that-be cooking the poll numbers again to make Biden sound more popular than he really is?

Perusing the Real Clear Politics average numbers, Biden’s approval rating is significantly lower in several reputable polls, around the 50 percent mark. And it’s not as though the polling industry is trusted by the American people these days. Democrats appear to love Biden -- and they should. He’s given them everything they craved, namely lots and lots and lots of government money, and stuck his fingers in Republicans’ eyes at every turn.

Democrats definitely have a “win now, worry later, baby” attitude and it’s paying off in favorable opinion figures for them. No “climate change” proposal is too extreme; no blue state government bailout is too large; no foundationless claim about COVID is too outlandish and no public relations stunt is too cheesy. The southern border crisis? The fact that China and Russia are becoming more and more belligerent and aggressive as the days go by? Well, it’s Trump’s fault!

For a budding socialist with a brain full of mush, what’s not to like? Unlike his predecessor, Biden stays out of the limelight. He rarely grants interviews, does relatively few public events and has only conducted one solo press conference where he likened any efforts to reform state voting laws to Jim Crow. He’s bashed gun ownership; reversed practically every Trump policy via executive order; and, as revealed last week, is now onboard for expanding the size of the Supreme Court, a notion he once described as a “bonehead idea”.

Today, Joe Biden is all leftists’ “bonehead” actor. And they love every second of his act.

This writer and many conservatives argued that it didn’t really matter whether the Democrats nominated Biden or Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris or Cory Booker or Julián Castro or Michael Bloomberg or Amy Klobuchar or “Beto” O’Rourke or Pete “I’m here because I’m gay” Buttigieg -- or any of the party also-rans. They were all equally radical and there isn’t a single one who would’ve done anything different than Biden’s doing now.

Republicans, by comparison, appear to have a fair amount of ideological diversity. Which is better? I’m not quite sure myself.

If it took “progressives” time to warm up to senile Joe, so be it. Their affection was inevitable because Biden is no “moderate”, never was, and the species is extinct in today’s Democrat party. The only way to combat the leftists is to beat them at the ballot box next year and in 2024. If it happens, will liberals still love Joe then?

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