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The Right Resistance: The only one who could make Joe Biden disappear in ’24 is Joe Biden

It doesn’t take a genius with a high IQ or even a storefront fortune teller with a cheap crystal ball to surmise that Democrats are hoping and (secular?) praying next week’s first-in-this-cycle presidential debate will represent a positive breakthrough in president senile Joe

Biden’s reelection effort.


The current White House occupant – meaning senile Joe actually lives and resides there, most of the time – is experiencing a new personal crisis every succeeding day, with each instance of mental slippage seemingly worse than the last. Who can forget that the challenged Democrat president made quite a fool of himself just a little over a week ago when visiting Europe for D-Day anniversary commemorations as well as meeting with the Pope and other world political leaders at the G7 summit.


Establishment media spinmeisters do their best to cover over, edit out or explain away senile Joe’s snafus, but the gaffe frequency and intensity has only increased lately – if that’s even possible. It’s reached the point where members of his own circle, in private, are pondering whether the half-century swamp dweller could possibly be usurped or replaced at the Democrat convention set to open two months from today in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.


There would be many, many things that would need to happen, in order, to accomplish such a brilliant political misdirection. Longtime observers of Democrat politics doubt party poohbahs could even be clever enough to convince Biden that the convention’s real location is Detroit rather than Chicago (kidding, of course) or that the longtime Delawarean simply needs to disappear voluntarily under his own authority.


Nevertheless, the planning machinery to ditch Biden has been put in motion. In an opinion piece titled “If Biden doesn’t ace the first debate, will he be replaced at the convention?”, DC GOP swamp establishment commentator Douglas MacKinnon wrote at The Hill this week:


“The warnings from [Nate] Silver, [NYT Columnist Bret] Stephens and others are critical because aside from an outright health emergency, there is only one more ‘political window’ left to take the president out of the running and switch in another candidate in his place. That window being at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago beginning on August 19, where Biden’s delegates could be released to vote for a more able Democrat.


“As we bicker over our petty partisan issues while burrowing deeper into ideological silos far removed from reality, our adversaries around the globe grow more dangerous and more calculating.


“Again, Joe Biden is not only the president, but the commander in chief of our military. It is well past time that our national security be part of the debate regarding the president’s ability — or lack thereof — to carry out his duties.”



While just about anyone would/should agree with the gist of MacKinnon’s argument – that senile Joe’s cognitive “brain farts” are potential national security predicaments -- I take issue with his characterization of those of us who “bicker over our petty partisan issues while burrowing deeper into ideological silos far removed from reality” as replacing what really matters with self-centered us vs. them-type worries.


We wouldn’t have the petty partisan impasses without one side of the ideological spectrum going out of its way to create them by first impeaching the Republican Party’s leader – twice – and then pushing to charge him criminally for exercising capacities well within his powers and/or following the laws in the respective jurisdictions. And for adhering to the local statutes of limitations.


Yes, anyone who’s paid attention understands that senile Joe Biden is a hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, crooked family protectin’, nude swimmin’, senate staffer molestin’, plagiarizin’, classified record keepin’ crooked jerk of the highest order, but us realists also comprehend that we must play the hand we’re dealt.


Democrats who’ve had years to discern that Joe Biden wasn’t up to the job must have learned it too, yet they nominated him in 2020, kept him hidden from view so as to disguise his deteriorating condition and then pontificated and plotted their way to turning their political opposition into genuine enemies. Democrats – or at least some of them – could’ve stepped in somewhere along the line to move to replace Biden as their 2024 candidate, couldn’t they?


Instead, Democrats appeared to outright ignore Biden’s professed intentions to run for reelection and blatantly disregard his reason for doing so – because he wanted to face Donald Trump again. Senile Joe’s personal vendetta against Trump burns much hotter than his sense of duty to his party, friends, family or country.


Biden himself said it – if Donald Trump hadn’t run again, he might not have stuck around.


But Trump did run again, won the Republican nomination and is determined to carry through to the general election, win the presidency and resume the office he believed was stolen from him in November of 2020. The establishment media can continue on with their charges of “false claims that the election was stolen” all they desire, but the evidence is now on our side, and even some of the Democrats’ most reliable voting blocs are turning against them.


It's what they’ve done; it’s not just Biden himself. It’s a team effort.


Therefore, the pipedream some establishmentarians and Democrats sustain regarding the possibility of Biden being forced out at the upcoming (in two months) Democrat convention just ain’t going to transpire, for several reasons.


First, thanks to the good Republican legislators in Ohio, who initially refused to make allowance for the fact Democrats planned their nominating convention to open after the state ballot filing deadline (and hence, Democrats would not have officially voted on a candidate to appear on the ballot), essentially forced Democrats to nominate Biden “early” by virtual vote.


That’s right! Senile Joe Biden will be the official Democrat presidential nominee before he even shuffles his feet into the Windy City convention hall, thus staving off the possibility of a group of ambitious leftist Democrats employing procedural rules to mount a challenge to poor ol’ idiot doofus Joe on site. There won’t be any dramatic speeches, two-bit revolutions, groups of purple haired losers making threats or “from the River to the Sea” brainless protesters chanting who could make one spit of a difference to whom the Democrat presidential candidate will be in November.


So, those like MacKinnon, who assume that the Democrat party will proceed as usual this summer – and could therefore switch horses in mid-ride if they feel like it in Chicago – are dead wrong. Unless, for some reason, a movement to replace Biden sprung up between now and the day the liberals conduct their “virtual” nomination. We’ll see, I guess.


Which leaves the only hope for the “replace Biden” forces being the old dolt actually resigning his pending nomination himself. I’m not sure how this could work, but the lawyers poring over rules and bylaws of the Democrat party can spare their sweaty brows in any case. There’s simply no way that an egotist like Joe Biden could ever be persuaded to leave on his own.


Besides, if Joe stepped down, wouldn’t that mean that Kamala Harris, as Biden’s vice president (and constitutional office holder), would automatically become the new Democrat nominee?


Cackling Kamala is reason number two as to why a convention Coup d'état won’t occur. Any movement to replace the top of the ticket would need to incorporate the back-up on the party team. While folks have (supposedly) good reasons for claiming that Biden’s mental state is slipping by the moment, what justification would there be in Harris’s case for ditching her?


Kamala was never smart to begin with, so there’d be no fresh accusations that she’d lost a step and could no longer function in her role or perform her duties to show up semi-on-time, deliver teleprompter printed speeches, smile a lot, make bad jokes and generally look as though she’s dull as a grass-chewing goat in a pasture with very long stalks.


Harris fits the Democrat vice president job description perfectly, plus she’s biologically female, her pronouns are “she” and “her” and her skin pigment is just dark enough to identify as non-white. Many a survey has revealed that the Democrats’ most loyal voting bloc – African-American women – would be quite put-off if Kamala was edged to the sidelines. Liberal Jews are already suspicious of the Democrat leaders’ motives – because of the Palestine thing – Democrat uppers couldn’t afford to make the Joy Reids of the party upset too!


Third, Biden couldn’t possibly do bad enough in next week’s debate to engender a partywide call for his replacement. Here’s forecasting that the Democrat powers-that-be will pump senile Joe so full of Red Bull or other prescription stimulants to compel him to sound coherent for ninety minutes (the length of time of the debate).


Biden’s inherent nastiness seemingly always brings out the best in him, anyway. Senile Joe can’t sound intelligent or compassionate, but he can sure turn on the anger when the situation calls for it. Sounding smart and “with it” may be too much to ask of poor ol’ Joe Biden, but sounding ticked off and infuriated – no problem!


And there’s no one who could lie like senile Joe, either. It’s always been like that for him: what he doesn’t know or remember, he fabricates!


Lastly, senile Joe Biden will never step away on his own. As I’ve argued many times, the only thing Biden cares about is his legacy and looking stronger and more competent as president than his rival, Barack Obama. It’s what gets him out of bed in the morning, and the reason why (perhaps together with the cattle prod employed by wife Dr. Jill) broken-down Joe won’t ever quit of his own volition.


Democrats will most likely try to solve their senile Joe Biden dilemma by amping up the slime machine against Donald Trump, attempting to make the election all about Trump’s personality and legal witch hunts rather than the issues themselves. Who can blame them? It’s all they’ve got regardless of the performance Biden turns in at next week’s presidential debate.

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