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The Right Resistance: The Left’s hysterical hissy fit reaction to Roe was obviously choreographed

After viewing news footage of Democrats and their supporters’ near-synchronized and choreographed outrage tantrum thrown upon the unauthorized release of a Supreme Court draft opinion last week, to me, it almost appeared as though liberals had been waiting for

this moment for decades, and had rehearsed what they’d do when it arrived.

How else would so many enraged liberal “activists” have been primed at a microsecond’s notice to head to the Supreme Court, signs at the ready, and be fully capable of acting as though the world had come to an end because their federally protected privilege to end the life of an unborn human baby was potentially taken from them?

Politicians clearly prepared themselves for the eventuality, it seemed, at least since Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett were confirmed on near party-line votes and took their seats on the Court. Democrats foresaw what was coming. The only question for them from there on out was how to best take advantage of the realization of their worst nightmare in order to sway elections. In a piece titled, “Dems grasp for a foothold on voter anger over abortion”, Sarah Farris reported at Politico last week:

“Since POLITICO’s report [last] Monday night, Democratic leaders on and off the Hill have been privately discussing their next steps, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations. They’ve talked midterm message, their ad strategy, and which GOP incumbents to target.

“Their most vulnerable Democrats haven’t been waiting for direction. Pink-hued protests outside courthouses, clinics and statehouses have popped up on short notice, headlined by incumbents like Reps. Chris Pappas (D-N.H.), Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) and Susie Lee (D-Nev.). Many have already begun calling for more campaign volunteers this fall, while fundraising pleas have come from both swing and safe blue districts, spanning Georgia to New York to California.

“’Republicans are going to be in a very tough place right now. They have to defend something that Republicans said would never happen,’ said now-Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), who ran the House Democratic campaign arm during its 2018 takeover. ‘I think this is a very bad issue for them.’”

Well, if you only looked at one side in the “protests” it would appear as though Republicans are in a heap of trouble unless a couple of the purportedly Roe overturning justices accede to the advice of wise pols like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and change their minds -- and quickly! We’re mad as heck and we’re not going to take it anymore, gosh darn it!

Meanwhile, Democrats are fightin’ and kickin’ feverish about the possibility they might have to work state legislatures to get abortion “protection” passed in each jurisdiction. After all, that’s a lot of lobbying, a lot of paid volunteers, a lot of fundraising and a lot of arm twisting, isn’t it? Who needs “democracy” when you can just have five black robed Supreme Court justices wave a magic wand and declare that everyone should accept systemic infanticide? And if you don’t, then there are gonna be lots and lots of berserk angry feminists beating on Supreme Court doors and setting up demonstrations at a government policy making center near you!

The only thing is, once the activists get out among the population, how are they going to use their own hyper-amped degree of enthusiasm to tell people to vote Democrat in November -- or else some pregnant woman’s standard of living and convenience might depend on it? We’ve got to battle Republicans like crazy, they’ll swear, and once out on the streets, the liberal minions will march by the millions to champion their cause. Or so the thinking goes. Sounds like a backlash waiting to happen, doesn’t it? Leftists always go overboard. They never learn. I believe it’ll be more like this scenario presented here, a sample voter conversation for months from now -- Leftist abortion-loving Democrat activist: (Knocks on a door in Somewheretown, U.S.A. A man opens it and squints his eyes only to see a stranger he doesn’t recognize.) She begins hopefully, “Hi, I’m just going around the neighborhood today to urge you to vote Democrat on Election Day. Do you mind if I ask you, weren’t you infuriated earlier this year when that draft of the Supreme Court opinion came out and the Republicans said they were getting rid of Roe v Wade? Didn’t you just want to jump out of your skin and rip the eyeballs out of Donald Trump’s orange head for appointing all those anti-democratic conservative justices? Didn’t you feel like your sacred rights were violated?” Average voter who cares about the big picture: (Gives the canvasser a puzzled look that could be interpreted as hostility) “We were more furious with the fact that some idiot at the Court decided they could take the matter into their own hands and release an opinion like that before it was official, lady. “Besides, we don’t even think about abortion that much. Basically, I guess you could say, we believe that life begins at conception. We also think that something should be done to help women who are in trouble, but that doesn’t mean the child should be killed. And that’s what abortion is, killing the life of another.

“A couple summers ago when all those crazy kids were out marching and screaming about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘All cops are bastards’ and ‘abolish the police’… and burning buildings and shining lasers in the policemen’s eyes, weren’t they talking about saving lives? And now you Democrats think we should be all ticked off like you are about abortion? Don’t all black lives still matter? Isn’t that what they were saying?

“And what about that Ketanji Brown Jackson -- or however you pronounce it -- lady saying she couldn’t define what a ‘woman’ was because she’s not a biologist? If y’all care so much about women’s rights like you say you do, shouldn’t you at least define what a ‘woman’ is? Can’t y’all make up your minds?”

Democrat activist, growing angry: “Forgive me, man, but you’re not a woman, so who are you to lecture what a woman should do with her body? (The voter started to object and mentioned vaccine mandates, but was cut off.) This is democracy we’re talking about. Some Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice shouldn’t just take away our fundamental rights like that. If you vote Republican this year, it just means that LGBTQ+ people will lose their right to marriage… and the Court will outlaw inter-racial marriage… and, and… birth control too. And people will starve because Republicans wouldn’t pass Biden’s bill. And climate change -- deniers! And Republicans are against voting rights. They suppress the vote so they can go after women and minorities.

“Donald Trump will be deciding if you can go to a store to buy condoms. Do you want that? You should be mad as hell, bud! Get a vasectomy!” At that, she started chanting, “Hey, hey, Ho, ho, MAGA Republicans in Congress got to go!” over and over again, drawing curious stares from neighbors who happened to be outside and could witness the curious exchange.

Average voter: “Look. When I go to the gas station and I’m paying five bucks a gallon and it costs me a hundred bucks to fill-up my minivan, that’s what I’m thinking about when I go to the voting booth. And I worry about how much it’s going to cost me to heat my house this winter. And when I go to the store and it’s eight bucks for a pound of bacon because Nancy Pelosi says America is a racist country and Biden talks about ‘the extreme MAGA crowd’ ruining the economy because some unnamed rich corporate president doesn’t pay enough in taxes.

“How dumb do you think we are?

“What about the border? Haven’t you seen news reports of ten thousand people or something like that crossing the Mexico line every single day? Where are they all going? There are drug dealers and sex traffickers and sexual predators and violent terrorists among ‘em. Why aren’t we kicking every last one of ‘em outta here when we catch them? If you want to find them, just drive down to Home Depot in the morning. You’d capture a busload of ‘em right there.

“And the Democrats want to send more billions to Ukraine to help those people fight the Russians but they won’t even seal our own border?

The activist just crossed her arms and tapped her foot as though she were no longer listening. The voter went on anyway.

“Are you saying I’m ‘sposed to forget all that and go vote for Democrats because of abortion? That’s all you got? The women I know aren’t man-haters, want good schools and safe streets and good jobs and food they can afford. And they don’t want government help. And don’t you dare lay your fingers on our guns, lady. We used to be ‘independent’ and have voted for many Democrats over the years because they were ‘moderate’. Now all you people can talk about is ‘I’m not going back to the days of coat hangers and back alleys’. What does that mean, anyway?” Enraged Democrat activist: “By your words, you obviously don’t care about anything except racism, keeping women barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen -- and money. It doesn’t matter in the least to you that women will be dying by the millions when they’re denied the guaranteed right to decide on their own healthcare. Health choices are a right!

“Oh yeah, this will disproportionately impact women of color, too.

“Why do you care so much about the Founding men, anyway? How many women signed the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? If women had been allowed to vote back then, no one would’ve ever heard of George Washington. And there wouldn’t have been any slavery. Who knows? Maybe James Madison really dressed up as a woman when he was alone at home -- he was small enough -- and, didn’t Alexander Hamilton once write a love letter to a man?

“You will regret this, buddy. I’m passing out voter registration material, but if you’re not going to vote Democrat, I’m not giving it to you. We’re going to have to work extra hard to win this year and we’ll do it by any means necessary to stop people like you!”

Raising the middle finger on her ringless left hand, the woman stomped away cursing the name of Mitch McConnell and Amy Coney Barrett.

The Average Voter shouted after her: “That’s okay. I’m already registered, and I vote. You’ll see me on Election Day. It’ll be about my family and the future of this country, not about some woman’s hypothetical judge-invented right to have a doctor kill her baby.”

--The ferocity of liberals’ reaction to last week’s leaked draft opinion reminded me of when Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017. To the radical left, Trump meant a Supreme Court that would tilt towards originalists who interpreted the Constitution, not make up laws as they went along. Democrats are stuck. Their rage has only begun, but it won’t change the results on Election Day.

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