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The Right Resistance: Still yet to find the document or rationale that will stop Senile Joe Biden

Has senile president Joe Biden finally lost his mojo?

It’s no overstatement to suggest much has been said and written about the bumbling, mumbling, mentally challenged 46th president’s legal issues recently. Senile Joe passed the second-year anniversary of his squatting in the White House (his inauguration day was January 20, 2021), and things had started looking up for the nation’s first octogenarian president towards the end of last year – and continued on through the first part of this month.

To Democrats’ delight, Republicans appeared to be divided, dissatisfied and on the run. The GOP failed to meet anyone’s (including liberals and Democrats’) expectations in last November’s midterm elections, having barely captured the majority in the House of Representatives and then forfeited any semblance of equality in the senate, where braindead Pennsylvania moron John Fetterman captured the Keystone State’s open seat despite barely being able to communicate.

Democrats cheated like heck to prevail in Arizona’s governor’s race despite polls showing Republican firebrand Kari Lake with a solid lead heading into Election Day. Liberals also managed to hold onto senate seats in Nevada and Georgia despite serious incumbent candidate quality concerns. Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker, but her minions laughed and guffawed their way to a near majority, one that promises to keep Republicans on their toes as conservatives sift through the volumes of sleaze generated by Democrats in the past few years.

And, perhaps most importantly to Biden and his Democrat cohorts, former president Donald Trump, who has been the sole announced 2024 presidential candidate for over two months now, was considered by many to be surviving by the thinnest of public opinion margins, his legal challenges and decorum snafus having many sane people talking about his political career in the historical sense.

Recall how it was only a few weeks ago as Democrats and their establishment media lapdog allies hooted and hollered about the new Republican majority taking 15 ballots and over four days to decide on who should be Speaker, only to hand the gavel to Kevin McCarthy once he gave in to the demands of the enlightened 20 conservative holdouts who wouldn’t take no – or even maybe – for an answer.

All the while Senile Joe playfully and coyly deflected inquiries as to his own 2024 plans, with practically the whole world surmising he intended to run for reelection -- and with his poll numbers rising slightly, his chances of winning a second term elevated along with them. It was springtime in early winter for ol’ back slappin’, hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’, bullcrap shovelin’ and senate staffer molestin’ Joe Biden.

Until his own people apparently decided they didn’t want another round of Joe Biden calling the shots. The old saying, “You can’t bulls**t a bulls**tter” no longer applies. And the world is whole again. Perhaps.

In a piece titled “The worm has turned on Biden in Washington”, the always insightful and entertaining Charles Hurt wrote at The Washington Times:

“Today, Democrats and the media (not to repeat myself) are back to talking openly about Mr. Biden’s doomed political future. He has gone from putting together his reelection team to plotting how he survives the next two years of his presidency. Again, all over misplaced government documents — the most insidery of insider political scandals.

“Mr. Biden has lost the media. He has lost the FBI. He has lost leading Democrat politicians in Congress. And now, according to a leading conspiracy website known as ‘The New York Times,’ he has lost his own chief of staff, Ron Klain. To be fair to Mr. Klain, if he has any hope of cashing in on the Biden presidency, it appears he needs to hurry. The window on his ability to sell access to the Biden administration appears to be closing.

“It’s all a fairly extraordinary turn of political fortunes in a remarkably short period of time.”

Yes indeed, and as myself and others have argued recently, the Washington establishment powers-that-be must’ve realized fairly quickly that Biden’s tide was turning in a most unfortunate (for them) direction and decided to try and do something about it. Let’s not forget that the first batch of “misfiled” documents were found by Joe’s own people before the midterm elections even took place.

This basically means someone was sent to (literally) start cleaning out Joe’s old closets and suddenly came across something that smelled bad – even worse than the mouse droppings and moldering and rotting carboard in the Biden family garage. Can you imagine high-priced attorneys sifting through a non-temperature-controlled space looking for who knows what at such a time?

When I interned (unpaid) at the Department of Justice back in the early 1990’s, my fellow intern and I were assigned to look through boxes of documents sent from the Department of Energy as discovery for a lawsuit involving a nuclear power plant. Boring! But somebody had to do it, right?

But the document kerfuffle might not be having the deleterious effect on senile Joe’s future plans that his newly emboldened detractors anticipated. There’s very little polling evidence that Biden is losing support at the grassroots level. In fact, one recent survey showed a majority of Democrats now want the half-century swamp dweller to be the 2024 party nominee. The Emerson College poll also indicated large majorities of Black and Hispanic Democrats are hoping for a Biden redux. That’s very good news for senile Joe’s team!

The same Emerson College report puts senile Joe’s overall approval rating at 44 percent, a remarkably high number considering the virtual hurricane of negative news on Biden’s document scandal. Or could it be that Democrats simply don’t care about how crooked, incompetent or compromised Biden is? They just want a winner, baby, though Emerson also has Biden trailing Trump by three points in a 2024 head-to-head matchup.

Translation: Biden might be losing his mojo with the Washington crowd but the goody-hungry Democrats in party strongholds know how efficient he is at bringing home the bacon!

Which is all Democrats at the grassroots level are concerned about. To the low information grifter class, it’s not about integrity or competence or advancement of American exceptionalism or truth – or anything else, for that matter. It’s about “just win, baby” and the perceived chances of keeping a more qualified and ideologically grounded Republican from casting out the dreamers and drifters from the upper echelons of federal bureaucratic authority.

In these places, senile Joe’s mojo is as intact and pure as the day he first set foot in Washington all those decades ago. To them, Biden is still the public pool lifeguard whose hairy legs the kids liked to rub or the self-appointed tough guy who took on Corn Pop and won the respect of the local gang members. Senile Joe is a legend in his own mind, but Democrats aren’t about to let go of the phony impression that he’s for the common man and “cares” about the least amongst us.

They don’t worry if Biden can’t remember his own title sometimes and that his family has shamelessly used his political position to better he and themselves. This Democrat standard-less existence isn’t unique to the Bidens, but they sure have perfected their booty maximization methods.

Add the fact that Democrats can’t contemplate who might follow Biden and he’s as strong as ever to the people who cast the votes. Kamala Harris meets all the right “woke” prerequisites but she’s personally unlikable and comes off as dumb as a brick. The campaign higher-ups who thought it was a terrific idea to achieve a list of “firsts” with Kamala as the centerpiece sure misfired on that one, didn’t they?

Which leaves most Democrats with a choice between senile Joe and some unnamed and unvetted replacement. Unlike Republicans who not only have a former president itching to get back to Making American Great Again, there are several other accomplished GOPers who could stake a claim to possessing excellent leadership qualities.

Democrats cling to the past for everything they have today. Biden looks to be the easy frontrunner if he opts to run again, and we’ve yet to see the document found in the wrong place that will knock him off his ill-begotten perch. The younger generation of Democrats has yet to make inroads in the minds of the party grassroots, who, as stated above, only value the dollar gravy train, killing the unborn and political standing of the older generation.

Joe Biden may shuffle from place to place and his “brain” -- ultimate corrupt-o-crat Ron Klain -- may be abandoning ship, but it’s next man up (or woman up, or transgender up, or binary up, whatever) in Democrat-land.

Time will tell what happens to senile Joe Biden’s presidency and his options for conducting another campaign. Biden and his close band of followers haven’t shown any deficiency in their ability to deflect blame and responsibility, and the Democrat voters are apparently still behind them. Have we found the scandal that will finally take Joe down? Wait and see.

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