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The Right Resistance: Solving the ‘old’ mystery behind the Democrats’ obsession with Biden’s age

If Joe Biden were twenty years younger, would his approval rating be higher?

It depends on who you ask. Poll a gathering of Republicans and conservatives and the answer would be an emphatic “No”. That’s because said group of Constitution-revering individuals is able to see beyond the establishment media’s spin regarding the current president’s failed policies and make judgements based on evidence, experience and sound logic, not just his personal attributes. A 60-year-old Biden who had botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, repeatedly implied that everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a racist and presided over the utter destruction of the southern border would be just as unpopular as the near 80-year-old is today.

Add the complete curtailing of the best-in-the-world United States energy industry expansion that’s resulted in record high gas prices for consumers and the above conclusion becomes that much clearer. I don’t think anyone who’s seen the numbers at the gas pump rising into the stratosphere cares a lick that the purveyor of this awful policy is well over a decade past “normal” retirement age.

Real Americans have elected elder statesmen before and not batted an eyelash at the dates on his birth certificate. Ronald Reagan was elected at age 69 in 1980 and Donald Trump was 70 when he vanquished the awful Hillary Clinton in 2016. Both of these men weren’t considered old or past their primes, and both were extremely vigorous in promoting the greatness of America without being accused of being over-the-hill.

Yet one can’t take a virtual step these days without hearing Democrats fret and kvetch about senile president Joe Biden’s age. In Joe’s case, their worries aren’t necessarily unfounded – the doddering dunce fell off his bicycle just last week and broke his foot while playing with his family’s pooches shortly before taking office – but neither case was a surprise given Biden’s history of gaffes and guffaw-inducing misadventures.

Of course, there were also senile Joe’s stumbles on the stairs of Air Force One.

The 1970’s liberal media incessantly picked on former college star athlete Gerald Ford for being accident-prone and unstable. There was also the time Bob Dole fell off the platform at a campaign event in 1996. In other words, there’ve been old dudes in politics before, and there are plenty of aged folks in Congress today (including 82-year-old Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who looks 102, especially after her husband’s DUI arrest and charge).

Yet the whispers surrounding Biden’s age-related cognitive decline have grown deafening and undeniable. The establishment media has latched onto the subject and isn’t about to let go willingly. Amie Parnes and Hanna Trudo reported at The Hill:

“President Biden can’t escape questions about his age, a fact of life that’s causing uneasy Democrats to assess whether he can realistically run for reelection in 2024, when he will be 81 years old.

“Conversations that were once whispered in private are spilling out into the public amid angst over a potential drubbing for the party in this fall’s midterm elections and existential questions about its future two years later. Biden’s approval ratings haven’t recovered from a swoon late last summer, inflation is now sky high and worries are growing about a recession. It’s left some Democrats questioning out loud whether the party needs a different and younger leader in the next presidential race…

“Democrats have a few younger alternatives if they want to go in a different direction, though it’s an open question on whether any would be stronger general election candidates than Biden. They include Vice President Harris, 57; Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, 40; and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), 62.”

Oh, so the Democrat “bench” includes a cackling air-brained moron whose approval ratings are worse than senile Joe’s (Kamala), a gay white-bread affirmative action Biden cabinet pick whose prior job was presiding over a middle-sized midwestern city (Buttigieg) and a no-name midwestern senator who’s only selling points involve her being twenty years younger than Biden and a female (Klobuchar)? These backups don’t sound too promising to me.

If given the choice between “old” senile Joe and this warmed-over collection of supposed young and rising stars, I’m guessing Democrat voters will choose the former. But that’s just me talking.

Seriously, isn’t it more likely that some Democrats are using senile Joe’s age as an excuse to look for someone else? Since Democrats are totally into the “beauty contest” element of political dating whenever they’re selecting leaders, picture the liberal party as a much younger spouse in a marriage of convenience who suddenly (NOT!) decides that he – or she (not a transgender thing, trust me) – wants out of the coupling because there’s too much snow on top of the other’s dome along with too much time left in his or her own actuarial table to wait ‘til nature takes its course.

This line of reasoning seemingly instructs that it’s better to cut your losses and file for divorce in the present rather than do the honorable thing and wait years until it’s reputedly “too late” to do anything about it. Meanwhile, the much older spouse can’t defy the passage of time no matter how many TV-infomercial vitamin supplements he or she consumes and the relentless working out at the gym only makes his or her aching joints feel worse instead of bringing on the fountain of middle age as anticipated.

In truth, Democrats are basically experiencing a severe case of 2020 buyer’s remorse, not an instantaneous realization that Joe Biden is a doddering old coot who makes even the (slightly) older Bernie Sanders look youthful and vigorous by comparison. Democrats have known for a long time that Biden was a step slow in the 40-yard-dash of life, but they tucked those concerns away under their dusty rug because he carried with him a reputation for being a “great guy” who everyone gets along with and could therefore deliver the “bipartisan” feel good results that the left was searching for.

As has been proven over and over again, Democrats were never the least bit interested in brokering any kind of deals with Republicans, they simply wanted a certified swamp dweller politician who could slap his other party opponents on the back, shake their hands, sniff their scalps and convince them of how stupid they really are for championing gun rights, advocating for color-blind government policy and “denying” the existential threat of “climate change.”

Don’t forget abortion. Democrats always insist that they’re personally opposed to sucking growing babies out of their mother’s womb but still battle to preserve the government granted privilege so that poor women can feel unrestrained to remove as many “unwanted” children from the face of the earth as possible. This was entirely evident after last week’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Unborn life? What’s that?

Joe Biden was supposed to be that “unity” person, wasn’t he? I know it’s been nearly two years since the “virtual” Democrat national nominating convention, but do you recall the speeches touting ‘ol “lunch bucket Joe” and his everyman rise through the political minor leagues? The guy was elected before he’d even turned 30, the youngest would-be senator in American history! Then he endured tragedy (his wife and baby daughter were killed in an auto accident) and persevered, met Dr. Jill Biden oh-so-innocently (NOT! again) and made for himself and his family a terrific life!

Happy wife, happy life, right? I’m surprised Democrats don’t claim that senile Joe made up the famous slogan all by his lonesome.

At any rate, as president, Joe Biden has done pretty much everything he promised his fellow Democrats he would do, and yet they are coming out of the woodworks now – two years later – dropping hints/threats that he might be too old to do the job. If Democrats are so certain that it’s senile Joe’s age that is causing his unpopularity, what decision – or decisions – of his are they willing to go on the record to criticize and attribute to his lack of youth?

Barack Obama was, and remains, a hero to Democrats not due to his comparative freshness, but because he’s an identity-politics friendly politician with a gift for speaking and looks good in a suit. Wasn’t “old” senile Joe Biden the Big O’s veep? Will Obama himself reemerge from the shadows and leftist fundraiser circuit to tell Biden to step down because of his WW II-era birth year (1942)?

Or will Democrats continue with their inane excuses concerning Biden’s age rather than conceding that their policy agenda is what’s making Biden unpopular? Hasn’t senile Joe publicly backed everything that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer introduced as legislation? Didn’t Joe spend weeks/months propping up the federal elections farce that is the “For The People Act”? How about the all-encompassing “Build Back (More) Better” bill that was thrown together as a wish list for every liberal welfare group that’s ever existed?

And what about the president’s harsh words for the Supreme Court after his precious Roe v. Wade was cast in the dustbin of history? Nothing like an old dilapidated geezer like senile Joe to stand up for the “rights” of liberal women!

Biden’s age is most definitely a problem for Democrats, but it’s an issue in perception only. This isn’t a “messaging” fiasco and senile Joe’s approval ratings aren’t in the dumps because he’s a prime candidate for a contemporary Geritol commercial. It’s due to the public being sold one bill of goods – Biden as a “unifier” candidate – and then being handed a steaming pile of dog excrement in reality.

A 20 years younger Joe Biden wouldn’t be any more popular than the malfunctioning older version is today, and his reelection prospects wouldn’t burn any brighter, either. If Democrats are searching for a new candidate to run in 2024, they’re using Biden’s age as an excuse to obtain that proverbial quicky divorce and move on. Democrats can’t handle the truth, which is great for Republicans, isn’t it?

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