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The Right Resistance: 'Let's finish the (country)' -- Joe Biden announces for president in '24

“Hello, folks, I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband and I approve of this commercial.”

“Um, no, Joe, that’s not how it’s done,” said Joe Biden for president Democrat stooge number one, lecturing the always forgetful commander-in-chief on the proper protocol to use on official reelection campaign spots. Senile Joe had been away from campaigning for so long that he'd forgotten what to do, which was basically to speak and behave in any manner the hired-gun experts instructed him to act.

“Oh, sorry, Mr. Democrat Stooge”, Biden replied sheepishly, a little embarrassed that he’d already screwed up the first thing the powers-that-be challenged him to perform in his ultimate spin go-‘round. The president rarely found anything odd or uncomfortable these days, the fifty-plus year swamp dweller thoroughly accustomed to the song and dance of American politics by now, where all that is required of any liberal empty soul is to dress the part and memorize a few standard platitudes that he’d employed every time he’s gotten in trouble, which is a lot.

It's really not that hard. If you doubt it, look at Rep. Maxine Waters. Or Kamala Harris.

In this example, whenever senile Joe forgets his name, he’s simply to revert back to calling himself “Dr. Jill’s husband” and move on from there. Or, he might pause to button and unbutton his coat, but he couldn’t do that here because the White House butlers had dressed him more casually to give off the impression that he’s still a “regular guy” and could be trusted by the “woke” whining and union leadership crowd – and Antifa agitators -- to run the country past the midway point of his ninth decade on earth.

Yes, Joe Biden’s really doing it – running for president again, that is. In a report from Politico last week, Jonathan Lemire, Christopher Cadelago and Myah Ward wrote that an announcement would come as early as today -- and it did:

“Advisers to the president have long telegraphed that the president, were he to run, would not ramp up a barnstorming general election campaign until next year. Instead, he would likely follow the example of several other sitting presidents by using a Rose Garden strategy in 2023, mixed with official and political events and travel to tout his administration’s accomplishments.

“But officially launching the campaign would allow Biden to begin fundraising ahead of next year’s general election, which could feature a rematch with the man he beat in 2020, former President Donald Trump.

“Biden, who captured the presidency in his third bid for the White House, is famously indecisive, a habit exacerbated by decades in the über-deliberative Senate. He publicly took his time mulling a decision against running in 2016 and to launch his run in 2020. He missed two self-imposed deadlines before choosing Vice President Kamala Harris as a running-mate.”

That’s one decision I’m sure senile Joe and his handler crew wish they’d kept pushing back further and further until after the 2020 election. One can’t help but think that Biden’s honks now believe that they didn’t sufficiently vet the political patronage/Affirmative Action senator from California. In other words, they must not have rewatched the 2020 Democrat primary debates, which basically confirmed that the only reason Kamala’d advanced so far was because of her gender and skin color.

Regardless of whether senile Joe tossed his hat into the proverbial ring today, tomorrow or next month, the questions surrounding his age, mental fitness and corrupt family relationships will endure. None of those topics could possibly go away, because no one can make Joe Biden get younger, smarter and undo the dust stirred up by the multitude of investigations into his kin’s (and his) sleazy dealings.

The man’s so filthy he would gather dust in a snowstorm.

There certainly must've been some sense of urgency at the White House these days, as the main thrust of the eternally friendly establishment media’s coverage lately revolved around the hated Donald Trump and his potential intra-party matchup with the nationally renowned up-and-comer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump never has to pay for publicity and DeSantis, by being seen as a rival to Trump, doesn’t have to spend much coin or energy generating news headlines either.

To many conservatives’ dismay, Trump is doing a fine job of branding DeSantis in a negative light, which must make the malcontents at the White House leap for joy every time a Trump Truth Social message disparages the highly successful governor of The Sunshine State. But eventually the GOP issues will work themselves out and it will be left to Biden to try and articulate a message that sticks with voters.

The Politico writers’ piece indicated there’s been hesitation from within the Biden White House as to when to announce senile Joe’s reelection effort – some apparently suggesting it should’ve been done in the afterglow of Biden’s second State of the Union address and others cautioning that a formal “yes” could wait until the summer. Meanwhile, everywhere the old dolt hobbles to and faces a few media questions, he’s asked about what his future plans are.

The answer was always the same: “I intend to run.” According to sources, Biden’s main motivation for launching another campaign is because Donald Trump is running. The “existential threat” that liberals call another Trump term burns in senile Joe’s gut, and although he’s old enough to be permanently put out to Democrat pasture, his ears perk up whenever Donald Trump’s name is mentioned.

One would think the recent struggles of 89-year-old senator Dianne Feinstein and clinically depressed freshman senator John Fetterman would encourage Democrats to openly debate whether an already enfeebled Biden should be trusted with the party’s highest nomination, but it looks as though the sheep are lining up behind their decrepit shepherd – simply because they think he can win. What they do after Election Day, 2024 is anyone’s guess.

Biden still sees himself as the only Democrat who could compete with Trump and beat him. It’s the type of hubris gained over a political career where he’s never lost a race – unless you count the two other times senile Joe ran for president (in 1988 and 2008) and didn’t get far in the primaries. It seems that Democrat voters took to the well-past-prime version of Biden with more gusto than the “fresh” wisecracking jerk that won the affectionate nickname of “Lunch Bucket Joe”.

Another rationale Democrats give for having senile Joe throw the reelection switch now is to spur fundraising, but this can’t be the main motivator. Liberals have honed the campaign dough scheme down to a science and most of the country’s billionaires these days are social do-gooders like the tech barons who open their bank vaults whenever the occasion calls to put in place another yes-man. Here’s thinking the Biden 2024 campaign won’t lack for funding, though Sam Bankman Fried won’t be able to chip in his usual tens of millions from prison.

It's hard to say exactly why Biden stalled this long to confirm what he’s been saying since the beginning – that he expected to run one final time. One imagines he was receiving enormous pressure from many in the Democrat party who see the polls of friendly voters indicating they didn’t want another Biden run. Some of the naysayers would indicate he’s too old, but some would probably add that he won’t be as effective without a friendly Nancy Pelosi-led House to push through everything he asks for until November, 2024.

The incredibly weak “bench” of next-in-line Democrats was in Biden’s favor. Whereas the parties usually have a cabinet officer or a governor or a prominent senator as the heir apparent for a presidential bid, there is no such animal in Democrat-land today. The 2020 runner-up, Bernie Sanders, was also the 2016 runner-up and is even older than senile Joe, making him off-limits to consider another campaign.

Kamala Harris has been a failure and a joke since the get-go. There’ve been rumors that young (by Democrat standards) Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg could be thought of as the next bigtime Democrat, but Butt hasn’t wowed people in his usually quiet role behind the scenes. Pete mismanaged the post-COVID supply chain crisis and then completely botched the noxious chemical spill in eastern Ohio earlier this year.

Ol’ leaky lunch bucket Joe looks pretty solid by comparison to the others, doesn’t he?

Some Democrats may doubt Biden’s ability to do it (win again), but few question that he’s good at doing what is needed most to promote the party agenda – lie through his teeth – and most of them likely pass off as non-serious senile Joe’s ethical issues. Democrats never worry about the law, impressions of impropriety or outright thievery. Why should this year be any different?

Whatever the justification, Joe Biden just set in motion his final quest – running for reelection to the presidency. For the Democrats’ part, senile Joe will have all the election chicanery machinery ramped up to full power by next year’s vote – but will it be enough to send a compromised fool like Biden to victory… again?

How dumb are today’s limousine liberals, low-information voters and single-issue abortion freaks? Stay tuned, we’re about to find out.

See for yourself – senile Joe's announcement video is here:

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