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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden to blame Trump for Democrats contesting 2024 election

If you can’t beat ‘em… well, cheat.

It’s not a saying school kids will find painted on the deteriorated walls of their decaying public school institutions, but what today’s Democrats are doing to plant seeds of doubt in Americans’ minds ahead of this year’s crucial election might very well inspire bitter liberals to lay the groundwork for contesting the vote count result if/when they find themselves on the short end of the Electoral College calculation.


President senile Joe Biden can’t seem to keep much straight these days but seemingly has no difficulty maintaining and bolstering his opinions regarding his certain Republican opponent, Donald Trump. The primary season isn’t officially over yet, but Democrats are already issuing previews of the approach they’ll deploy when it comes to holding onto power.


Biden’s State of the Union address last Thursday was all about the 2024 campaign in one form or another, a typically class-less usurping of official business to spread more false filth that’s bound to boomerang on him. For now, we’ll focus on senile Joe’s “loser” comments.


How bad will it get this year? In an article titled “Biden predicts Trump will contest election results if he loses: ‘Losers are never graceful’”, Jack Birle reported this week at the Washington Examiner:


“President Joe Biden predicts that if former President Donald Trump loses the 2024 election, he will not accept the results and will ‘do anything to try to win.’


“Trump’s contention of his loss in the 2020 election has continued more than three years after Biden was sworn into office and has led to two criminal indictments for his alleged actions. Biden hit at the former president in an interview with the New Yorker in which he declared that ‘Losers are never graceful… I just think that he’ll do anything to try to win. If — and when — I win, I think he’ll contest it. No matter what the result is.’…


“Biden made one of his main pitches that he would defend democracy and questioned how the country could reelect Trump. ‘How can we, as a democracy, elect anyone president who says violence is appropriate?’ Biden said. ‘It’s like you’ve all become numbed by it.’”



Or himself when he’s boasted a number of times that he’d like to take Trump out behind the gym and beat him up.


As Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again, Joe.” Is there a soundbite or social media quote out there where Trump has ever said violence was appropriate? It’s an obvious lie that the establishment media talkers paper over in furtherance of their accepted narrative that Trump ordered the January 6 melee when the then-president is on the record telling the crowd to “peacefully protest”.


Democrats are the ones who sanction and condone violence. Remember how the summer of 2020 was all about miscreants and anarchists venting their “rage” brought on by Trump’s leadership and George Floyd’s demise? The leftists are the ones taking over city blocks and burning down government institutions, with powerless police officers compelled to stand back and watch the travesty lest they intervene and be accused of racism and other “woke” crap.


The world has gone to hell thanks to Democrat “sore losers” who encouraged the rioting, statue desecration and removal, destruction of norms and a rethinking of the entirety of American culture, where people aren’t even free to defend their persons (see Rittenhouse, Kyle) any longer.


Besides, if Joe Biden thinks that losers are never graceful, he speaks from long experience with the Democrat party. Democrats are a united bunch, and they don’t take losing sitting down. They’re like the unpopular scroungy kid in elementary school who takes the kickball and runs away rather than accepting that his side lost. Democrats are spoiled children who throw tantrums.


It seems like an eternity ago now – at least within the context of the first quarter of the twenty-first century – but Al Gore’s antics over the 2000 election set the tone for what’s taking place now in terms of intense distrust of election outcomes. It’s a long-forgotten fact but Gore actually buzzed George W. Bush to concede the election when the early media calls of Florida going for the Democrat ticket turned out to be in error and Republican Bush maintained a razor-thin margin that didn’t look like it would be overcome.


Gore subsequently undid his concession and Democrats launched into an all-hands-on-deck mission to dig up the necessary votes to reverse the official result, going so far as to argue that Big Bubba Bill’s veep actually won the election because “dangling chad” ballots weren’t counted properly and Ralph Nader’s Green Party votes should’ve been awarded to the Democrats because people mistakenly selected Nader when they supposedly meant to choose Gore.


Democrats also made a pitch to reject overseas absentee ballots that weren’t mailed or received by the deadline – and slightly increased Bush’s advantage. From Wikipedia: “A count of the overseas ballots later boosted Bush's margin to 930 votes. (According to a report by The New York Times, 680 of the accepted overseas ballots were received after the legal deadline, lacked required postmarks or a witness signature or address, or were unsigned or undated, cast after election day, from unregistered voters or voters not requesting ballots, or double-counted.)


In other words, Democrats, back then, were more than upset that established procedures were allegedly not followed when it came to counting ballots from military members, etc., and didn’t have any qualms about “voting rights” and “making sure every vote counts” when the votes in question derived from probable conservative sources. Toss ‘em out! Toss ‘em out!


My, how the tables have turned since, with organizations under leftist billionaires like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg teaming with Democrat local officials in liberal jurisdictions to guarantee that votes were collected and counted, integrity provisions be damned. The attitude towards Election Day-only voting and the hazards of vote-by-mail have completely flipped, with Democrats now championing the counting of every ballot regardless of questionable origin or validity.


Democrats are okay with dead people and illegal aliens voting when it’s to their advantage. Legitimate ballots from the military? Not so much.


Who can forget how Democrats refused to acknowledge George W. Bush’s valid election because it was perceived that the U.S. Supreme Court tipped the result to the Republicans by ordering the Democrat recount to stop at some point. 2000 was the election where liberals learned to keep counting and counting and counting until they achieved a result that they liked.


Now, in our time, we’re all-but stuck with near-universal mail-in balloting and those states that passed laws boosting voter integrity have been relentlessly slandered by senile Joe Biden, cackling Kamala Harris and a results-oriented corporate establishment media that couldn’t give a lick about reporting on the same kinds of serious irregularities in 2020 that threaten the fairness of the upcoming general election in November.


Even after Gore eventually was forced to give up the election ghost in 2000, the stinky aura of taint persisted, though Democrats put many of their concerns on hold for the 2008 and 2012 elections, which leftist “community organizer” Barack Obama won by challenge-proof majorities. Obama took years to produce a valid U.S. Birth Certificate, but the journalistic powers-that-be didn’t put up much of a fight to vet him.


Then Trump made waves in the final presidential debate of the 2016 cycle, announcing that he wouldn’t automatically accept the declared result of the upcoming election, which set off a storm of protest from Hillary Clinton supporters who accused Trump of stoking the fires of suspicion in peoples’ minds. Who knows, maybe Trump knew that something was amiss, but Crooked Hillary and Democrats used the wavering to concoct the “Russian collusion” farce that plagued and held down much of Trump’s presidency.


The “sore loser” Democrats spun the deep-state created Russia-Russia-Russia rumors into a full-blown impeachment effort, though Robert Mueller himself admitted that he hadn’t even heard much of the damning evidence pointing to Democrat complicity. Liar!


Where’s the objectivity now, Democrats? Biden, as exposed by the recent Special Counsel’s report, might not even remember the actual sequence of events in his life and therefore, his present reality is based on whatever the cobwebs in his noggin suggest that it is. Biden is notorious for telling gigantic “fish tale”-style whoppers that never happened. If you listen to senile Joe long enough, he’d probably even say he recalls standing on the moon lander’s ladder when Neil Armstrong uttered his “One small step for man, one giant leap for all mankind” quote.


The still partially-functioning part of Biden’s brain understands that he and his fellow party members must lay the groundwork for making their own claims that the upcoming election was “stolen” from them, because senile Joe said it himself, that common sense people would never vote for a candidate who advocates violence, right?


Hillary Clinton used a similar line of persuasion, that Trump couldn’t have won the election because he is so off-putting and personally repellant that a sane citizen couldn’t possibly vote for him. Democrats I know have told me the same thing, as though mega-attended Trump rallies and all the Trump signs displayed everywhere were plants by the MAGA fascists to make gullible people believe that Trump’s movement is just a well-put together ruse.


As I’ve noted a number of times, Biden himself has never lost an election, so he’s not had the chance to experience the feeling of being told that he was beaten. So how then, does the mentally faltering Delawarean understand what losers do? There are few things on earth as permanent and lasting as a Democrat politician in a blue jurisdiction.


Democrats know that they can’t win this year’s election with a corrupted, lying “loser” like senile Joe Biden. So they’ll cheat – and imply that Republicans and Donald Trump are the ones doing the law breaking. And conservatives had better be prepared.

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