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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden, the victim of the cruel bigotry of impossible expectations

Another week, another record low for senile president Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

The bad news arrived the other day via a poll that showed senile Joe bottoming out at an eye-popping thirty percent in terms of his favorables for handling the economy. Ouch. This basically means that none of the damage control the president and his handlers have offered the past few weeks and months has staunched the bleeding. Lots of smart people are speculating where the bottom might be found for poor ol’ Joe – or even if there is a bottom.

Could there ever be a time when a president has a zero rating? Thanks to the bumbling dunce in the White House today, maybe we’ll find out! Jeff Mordock reported at The Washington Times:

“President Biden‘s overall and economic approval numbers have fallen to the lowest level of his presidency, dropping below the worst poll numbers for former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, according to CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey.

“Just 30% of Americans approved of Mr. Biden‘s handling of the economy, a 5-point drop from the previous survey in April, according to the poll released late Monday. The poll found the president’s economic performance is supported by 25% of independents, 6% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats, a stunningly low number within the president’s party.

“That is significantly lower than either of Mr. Biden‘s immediate two predecessors. Mr. Trump’s lowest economic approval rating was 41%, and Mr. Obama bottomed out at 37%. Overall, Mr. Biden‘s job performance earned a 36% approval rating, just 1 point lower than Mr. Trump’s worst rating. Mr. Biden‘s disapproval rating among survey participants was 57%.”

I must admit, I was surprised the numbers were even that high. When the inflation rate shot up to over 9 percent a couple weeks ago, whatever goodwill was left for Biden’s stewardship of the economy should’ve evaporated like rainwater on hot pavement after a summer thunderstorm – there’s a lot of mist and fog there, but no substance.

This is awful, isn’t it? Why won’t Joe just call it quits? It’s a well-worn subject, so it doesn’t require a great deal of additional analysis, but one aspect of senile Joe’s precipitous approval ratings collapse hasn’t received its due attention. Democrats keep waiting for their president to “take one for the proverbial team” by announcing that he isn’t running for reelection, but there really isn’t any practical way he can capitulate only a year and a half into his first constitutional term.

Wednesday marked the one-and-a-half-year point in Joe Biden’s White House stay. By all objective measures, his presidency is effectively done. Like we could forget, presidential candidate Joe promised to make everything peachy again if the American people would only hold their noses and vote him into office. Therefore, there was no margin for error in a Biden presidency from day one.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden had lied up, down, sideways and diagonally about the condition of the American economy, as had all Democrats in support of supplanting Donald Trump in office. They lied about the reasons for the country’s improved economic growth under Trump’s stewardship; they lied about the benefits real people were enjoying from the Trump tax cuts; they lied about the way regulation slashing had helped businesses expand, hire more employees and increase wages.

Democrats further lied about energy production and the myriad of positives that full development of the oil, gas and coal industries were creating for the economy. They lied and failed to acknowledge that greenhouse gas emissions were going down faster in America in recent years than they were in the supposedly “woke” green economies of Europe. They lied by ignoring the fact China and India would never cut their own noses off to spite their faces – by curtailing or ceasing the development of coal-burning power plants.

Democrats then lied about what was really going on at the southern border and how the Trump administration’s policies were working to control the inflow, and how the situation was stable at the very least. They lied about where the illegal invaders were coming from; they lied about the reasons why so many were coming; they lied about Trump’s attempts to trade legal status for the DREAMERS in exchange for reasonable and needed reforms to legal immigration.

Democrats also lied about America’s improved standing in the world based on Donald Trump’s get-tough positions on NATO, international trade deals and his remarkable progress in the Middle East in convincing Arab nations to cooperate and recognize Israel to serve as a counterbalance to the always antagonistic Iran. They lied about Trump defeating ISIS. They lied about the progress he made with North Korea in his meetings with rogue dictator Kim Jong Un.

Democrats especially lied about COVID – how severe it was (or wasn’t), where it came from (the Chinese military’s bioweapons lab in Wuhan), how to treat it (with inexpensive drugs that were already commonly available), the effectiveness of vaccines and the necessity of closing schools, businesses, mask mandates and how to “live” with the problem. They lied about various Republican governors’ successful campaigns to keep businesses and schools open while society learned to cope with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus.

They lied about the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, which developed the vaccines in record time. Democrats lied about Trump’s relationship with Dr. fuzzball Anthony Fauci. They looked the other way when then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent COVID infected seniors into care facilities, exposing everyone in them to the potentially deadly bug.

All of that blather and the president still contracted COVID-19, which he tested positive for yesterday. Here’s hoping for a full recovery!

Democrats lied and lied and lied and lied some more in 2020. They lied until their voices were hoarse. They lied until their tongues practically dried up and fell out of their mouths. They lied until it wasn’t possible to lie anymore.

And these were the conditions under which senile Joe came into the presidency. It’s difficult enough to cover one falsehood, isn’t it? Just the sheer amount of lying one has to do to make a single lie make sense is hard for anyone, even accomplished liars like 99 percent of Democrats today. Big Bubba Bill Clinton is arguably the only one who was ever any good at it. (What is the meaning of “is”?)

They lied about Joe Biden – papering over the fact he wasn’t even very good at politics. No wonder the idiot couldn’t possibly handle the degree of backtracking and targeted fibbing to account for all the lies he and his fellow Democrats had told for years. The expectations placed on him were enormous. He’d covered his hide all these decades by plagiarizing, hiding in the shadow of Grade A professional liars like the Clintons and Barack Obama and wasn’t used to anyone asking him questions and demanding real answers.

In other words, senile Joe Biden is the victim of the cruel bigotry of impossible expectations.

How could Biden have possibly improved the Trump economy? Democrats’ only answer is for government to spend, spend, spend regardless of where they’re sending the checks. Liberals extended the period of time Americans could stay at home, purportedly because of being terrified of contracting COVID. They wanted to dump more hundreds of billions into federal “climate” programs. They hoped to pay off the accumulated student loans of the young and stupid who never anticipated what it would mean to borrow tens of thousands of dollars that they would be required to pay back.

Democrats gambled that reversing Trump’s immigration policies would improve their lot with Hispanics and therefore guarantee themselves ruling majorities forever.

They bet the mythical house that Americans had become as “woke” as they were, and that even sensible people got on board with the heinous George Floyd/Black Lives Matter riots of 2020. Democrats miscalculated in the grandest blame game of all – namely, that citizens would see Donald Trump as the man behind all the dis-unity.

That’s why Joe Biden can’t tell the public that he’s not running for another term – or at least he can’t do it now – because such a concession would cement his place in the history books as the worst president of all time. Needless to say, that’s a legacy no president craves, especially one with an ego the size of Joe Biden’s. The half-century swamp dweller convinced himself he’s a political savior for the country, and he’s not about to concede the phony impression that America’s foibles are everyone else’s doing – but not his.

Senile Joe could potentially resign, citing health reasons, but this would have the same effect on how he’s remembered. Richard Nixon quit, remember? Does Joe Biden want his name mentioned in the same sentence with Tricky Dick? Heck no!

Senile Joe also recognizes that if he were to pull out of the 2024 Democrat primary race early that the move would pave the way for Kamala Harris to assume the top spot. The two appear to dislike each other and they’re having a hard time disguising it. Biden likely figures that he fought his way up the promotion ladder from the beginning, serving six terms as a senator and then eight more years as Barack Obama’s errand boy.

“Go pick up my lunch, Joe – and don’t take too long in doing it.”

Harris got in good with California power brokers (Willie Brown, etc.) and then became a “woke” affirmative action senator and used her female gender and skin color to pressure Democrat decision-makers into selecting her as senile Joe’s running mate. Kamala’s utter lack of smarts and experience has helped drag Biden’s own approval ratings down, since no one – not even Democrats – would want her to succeed him as president.

There’s no way out of senile president Joe Biden’s popularity dilemma – he’s stuck in a vortex of negativity and his list of friends is shrinking by the hour. Biden and his fellow Democrats are merely getting what they’ve earned – a severe rebuke from the American public. It’s a grand payback for all the lies they told during campaign 2020. Now, there’s nowhere to go but down.

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