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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden’s affirmative action veep is coming back to haunt him

Watching news coverage of President Joe Biden last week, one couldn’t help but wonder, once again, about how much longer the career swamp dweller will actually hang onto the

American political throne.

Biden didn’t do or say anything particularly noteworthy in the various news clips, but the more time passes and the more Joe stumbles and bumbles, the clearer it becomes that Democrats won’t simply sit by and let this flailing incompetent ruin their best chance to turn the once shining and proud United States into a racialist socialist dystopia run by demagogues and liberal idealists. Particularly embarrassing was the footage of Joe behind the wheel of an electric Ford pickup truck and then gushing about how powerful it was… tell me you didn’t think of Michael Dukakis in the tank all those years ago?

At any rate, if/when Joe is tossed atop the heap by his own people, it will leave quite a different pair of boots to fill his closet. Or should I say high heels? But there are rumors that vice president Kamala Harris is having her own unique struggles adapting to her new environment and job description.

In a piece called, “Kamala Harris grapples with unique challenges as vice president”, Amie Parnes and Morgan Chalfant reported at The Hill:

“Four months into her time as vice president, Kamala Harris is still finding her footing in the role. Harris is seen as a major reason why President Biden won the White House, and she’s considered an heir apparent for the Democratic nomination in 2024 or 2028.

“But she has struggled to break through as she juggles an evolving portfolio, adapts to a new staff and builds a relationship with Biden, who has a completely different style than her own. ‘I don’t think it’s been as seamless as it appears,’ said one Democrat who has spoken to aides in the White House about the matter. ‘There have been some growing pains and learning curves across the board.’

“’It feels more like she's an extension of staff, like a chief of staff,’ said one strategist close to the White House. ‘It seems like they go back and forth on whether they want that to be the case. It's clear that they kind of don't know what to do with her.’”

You gotta chuckle at the Biden honks’ apparent indecision on “what to do with [Harris].” Sometimes it’s not a question of what something or someone was designed to do, it’s what it can do (thanks to Apollo 13’s screenwriters for the useful quote). Kamala was designed to act as a figurehead for the race and gender obsessed Democrat Party, a task which she’s fulfilled marvelously, giggling and cackling her way to an election victory without divulging anything substantive in the campaign.

Determining what she can do is quite another matter, however. There certainly weren’t a lot of clues as to her capabilities leading into her selection as senile Joe’s running mate last summer. At the outset of the Democrat presidential race, you may recall, Harris was thought to be one of the stronger contenders for the party nomination -- and even got in the cleanest zinger in the liberals’ first primary debate at Biden’s expense.

But she then faded quickly when a smattering of her rivals (primarily Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard) assaulted her lukewarm record and complete lack of ideological principles. Simply put, to Joe, Kamala was a pigmented female … and little else. She joked about her father smoking a lot of pot while taking delight in jailing small time users in Cali. That’s a no-no in the liberal party. Harris flamed out faster than a meteor hurtling from the heavens entering in the earth’s outer atmosphere.

For all to see, Kamala was the default choice for Joe’s veep. The primary race winner had already blabbered that he would choose a woman, then was further pigeon-holed to go with a black/minority female because of the George Floyd race riots raging across the country. The Golden State’s junior senator fit the suit! Harris was arguably the highest-ranking black female left in the party, so she got the job.

But why the focus on her now? If it were Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar instead of character-less Kamala -- or a Republican of either gender -- would the media care as much?

Can you imagine any news organization, much less a politically dedicated -- and biased -- publication like The Hill doing a story titled, “Mike Pence grapples with the unique challenges as vice president”???? Seriously, what unique challenges are there to a job that, constitutionally speaking, only involves presiding over the senate and breaking ties if one should ever come up?

The most overused quote about the vice presidency originated with two-term FDR VP John Nance Garner, who allegedly said, “The vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit.” If indeed Garner did utter these immortal words, he might reconsider the thought these days. Particularly if you’re a Democrat, the nation’s second-in-line is theoretically worth a lot more. And if you’re a minority woman who identifies as feminist like Kamala Harris does, being senile Joe’s righthand gal is worth a ton of (his) spit!

Here, one could make all sorts of jokes about Biden’s age and his penchant for butchering speech and standard joke punchlines and then insulting his guests if they didn’t get his gist and laugh along. The president called the Coast Guard’s 2021 graduating class “dull” last week because they didn’t respond as the doddering idiot misfired on a well-known funny bone scratcher. Sean Hannity featured Ronald Reagan delivering the same joke in the last half-year of his presidency. There was no comparison… one man is funny, the other is a joke.

At any rate, it’s curious that the media is making such a big deal of Harris’s vice presidency now because they didn’t advance the same kind of reverence and dutiful worship to the last several vice presidencies. Mike Pence might’ve been the most consequential vice president of our times because he was widely rumored to be behind much of Trump’s policy emphasis. Some have said Trump wanted the job of Making America Great Again -- presumably through messaging -- but the details were left to Pence to fill-in. They made quite a team even if the partnership didn’t end well.

Lord knows Biden himself wasn’t much of a vice president, barely fulfilling more than an errand boy’s capacity next to the deeply egocentric Barack Obama. Dick Cheney? He was said to be controlling George W. Bush’s neoconservative foreign policy. And Al Gore? The personality-less liberal drone draped himself in global warming duds and couldn’t get out from underneath his own nasty temper to make a difference.

Even compared to this list of political also-rans and comparative policy lightweights, Kamala Harris doesn’t measure up. Whereas most vice presidents become associated with some signature issue within their administrations, Harris isn’t regarded for expertise in a subject area that matters to Democrat voters. Mike Pence had been a governor as well as a congressman and was well-versed in national and regional policy.

Kamala Harris knows race. And gender. And demonizing conservatives. And doing everything in her power to make political opponents feel loathed and minimized. Who can ever forget how she grilled then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? But being proficient at interrogation doesn’t qualify one for high office. Even ol’ senile Joe looks overly qualified when standing next to his practically invisible vice president stand-in.

If Joe Biden and his people are having a hard time coming up with a proper role for Kamala Harris, it’s nobody’s fault but their own. When you select a person for a position based on his or her demographic characteristics instead of merit and experience, you’re just asking for trouble. This pretty much describes the entirety of the Biden administration.

And we’re witnessing the disastrous consequences.

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