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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden can’t keep using Trump to distract from his corruption

December is here, the midterm elections are over, senile president Joe Biden’s party didn’t lose nearly as many congressional seats as polls predicted (and liberals anticipated) and the

chief executive himself must have breathed a sigh of relief that his fellow faction members are no longer after his scalp – at least in public -- and he can therefore contemplate running for reelection in two years.

All of this and yet there is no peace in Biden-ville. Far from it, in fact. With China’s people practically erupting in the Far East over oppressive totalitarian – and deadly – government COVID lockdowns and America’s railroad workers inching ever closer to what would certainly amount to a devastating, freight system-clogging nationwide strike, poor senile Joe can’t get any rest ahead of the stressful Christmas holiday.

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has initiated a mano-y-mano fight with the normally indestructible Apple and folks the world over are talking about Free Speech as though it’s worthwhile rather than simply trusting “science” and passively accepting the advice of “experts” these days. There’s no more getting away from his COVID policy for senile Joe. Having ridden Americans’ Chinese Communist Party virus fright to victory two years ago, now the illogical Anthony Fauci-fostered terror is more like a noose around Joe’s neck.

If you’re a Biden advisor, what would you tell him to do? How about resorting to his default position – making the media conversation about Donald Trump! In a piece titled “Biden steps up the jabs against Trump”, Amie Parnes and Alex Gangitano reported at The Hill:

“The president’s uptick in jabs directed at Trump comes as the former president has lost some support and influence within the Republican Party, with lawmakers and officials holding off on endorsing his latest White House bid.

“’I think that President Biden understands that Trump is wounded and is facing a lot of pressure from inside of his own party, never mind the Democrats,’ a Biden ally said. ‘When your enemy is flailing, let them flail and Biden understands that and I think is making sure that Democrats are paying attention.’

“Biden’s jabs are politically motivated, the source argued, and are another way to energize the Democratic base and put the spotlight on Trump’s recent issues. ‘Stirring the pot, keeping Democrats engaged and chuckling, and being amused by Trump’s foibles and his challenges and his legal challenges particular—I think those are politically intended,’ the ally said.”

Of course Biden’s jabs are politically motivated. Everything in senile Joe’s cobweb clouded brain bears some correlation to his standing as Washington’s chief mirage creator. If the narrative were left solely up to the broken-down old goat president and his main mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre, the entire planet would surmise that Donald Trump is the center of all evil and the Biden White House is the headquarters for everything good.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, to Joe, it’s as though Trump and Republicans are the evil Sith Empire and Democrats are purveyors of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. The bad guys wear black or red (how fitting!) and the good guys wear white… or some light color. Fashionably speaking, you can’t get away with donning white during the wintertime anyway, can you?

Why talk about that other stuff? The budding railroad strike has to be particularly offensive to Democrats since blowhard Joe already declared that his prowess as a problem-solver and conciliator had resolved the issue once and for all a few months ago, only to have it crop up now when Americans are planning their online holiday purchases and gearing up for an inflation dampened Christmas.

Here's thinking no one sings, “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad [NOT!], all the livelong day!” near the Oval Office these days.

I’ve personally heard of shortages already taking place, specifically Children’s Tylenol being hard to locate. When you’ve got a little one who’s in pain and no relief to be found, it’s a stretch to blame Donald Trump for the shortage, even if the New Yorker did stupidly agree to host a dinner at Mar-a-Lago with an idiot like Ye (Kanye West) and the fool’s openly anti-Semitic dinner companions. Trump continues to exercise poorer than poor (putrid?) judgement when it comes to public perceptions. This kerfuffle won’t be a fatal error (to his campaign), but how much more will people stand for?

Do his recent dinner companions indicate Trump is now all-in with inane white supremacists and insane former rappers? Not necessarily, but the incident provided an opportunity for his haters to talk about racism – right up Joe’s alley – rather than the fact Trump did more for Israel in four years than Obama and Democrats ever did. And more than senile Joe would do in a hundred lifetimes given that he remains beholden to radical Muslims (Iran) for oil and the increasingly vocal (and anti-Semitic) Democrat members of Congress.

Similarly, senile Joe will do anything to deter more discussion on the situation in China, which has exploded in protest over President Xi Jinping’s unfathomable lockdown policies, including in some cases welding the doors to high rise apartment buildings shut. What, you mean people don’t like such dictates? Who knows, maybe Joe is jealous that he couldn’t get away with something so drastic here in the U.S. No wonder he’s savaging Trump now and hoping citizens will change the subject to the 2024 presidential race.

The Biden administration’s tepid reaction to the protests, violence and regime crackdowns in China has stimulated debate as to why Biden himself won’t speak out more forcefully in favor of the ordinary citizens who just want their freedom and basic right to protect themselves. As would be expected, any time Biden holds back where China or Ukraine is concerned it leads to suspicion over his family connections (through son Hunter’s laptop) to the corrupted governments.

Naturally, senile Joe doesn’t want anyone bringing up his policies towards China, since he’s likely limited in terms of what he can say in response by the “dirt” that the communists have on him. Xi may not have brought up Joe’s complicity in their recent face-to-face meeting, but you can bet intermediaries have let it be known that Chinese tolerance for American intervention won’t go well for the compromised side.

Biden’s diversionary tactics aside, whatever he says – or hints – about Trump today won’t have any effect on the 2024 race. Democrats are still deciding among themselves about the wisdom of senile Joe making another run. The doddering dunce just crossed the 80-year-old threshold a couple weeks ago, and in his situation, he’s definitely not getting any younger.

Forget senile Joe finding the Fountain of Youth – he’d be thrilled to just leap into the Fountain of Middle Age. His wife will forever walk in the shadow of Michelle Obama, a Democrat First Lady who didn’t come across as a phony doctor air-brain who always seems to be directing her husband’s every action like “Dr.” Jill does. And while she hasn’t been talked about in the media much lately, what to do with the walking embarrassment that is Kamala Harris?

No matter the 2024 combination, Democrats are feeling better about their chances of retaining the White House after last month’s elections. The party didn’t surrender any senate seats (waves of early and mail-in voting helped save their skins in several key states) and losses in the House were minimized despite the liberal party losing the “popular vote” by three percentage points and three million votes.

Not to claim that 2022 was a “moral” victory for the GOP, but by no means should Democrats be ecstatic about their results, either. Speaker Nancy Pelosi retires in disgrace having lost the House majority twice after four years in power each time. At best they’ll have a one-seat majority in the Senate, and who knows what kind of pressure Senator Joe Manchin will face to switch parties to provide himself a better shot at retaining his position in 2024 (when he’s up for reelection)?

Joe Biden’s approval rate is still mired in the low 40’s and the vast majority of voters in America remain dissatisfied with the direction of the country.

If you’re a Democrat, what’s there to like? No wonder liberals and the establishment media (redundant, I know) would rather switch the subject from their own troubles to talking about Donald Trump. Democrats can’t escape the scrutiny for long, and with an incompetent, corrupted party leader, it’s only a matter of time before the conversation returns to their chronic ineptitude.

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