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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden can’t hide from his past to game the future on entitlements

As if it were possible, in their never-ending pursuit of political power, Democrats are dipping even lower these days trying to scare the most vulnerable American citizens into accepting that Republicans are bent on depriving them of their means to live.

Last week during senile president Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, and in the days following, the mentally faltering chief executive toured the country planting the seeds of discontent where there previously weren’t any. In the process, the half-century swamp dweller appears to have forgotten about everything he used to believe… or at least once pretended to believe, on entitlement reform.

It’s all a lie. But what did you expect? In a piece titled “Biden’s vow not to touch Social Security, Medicare belies long record of proposed entitlement cuts”, Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times:

“Joe Biden was for cutting entitlements before he was against it. As a senator dating back to 1984, and as vice president, Mr. Biden embraced proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare to balance the federal budget. He often declared support for balanced budgets when he was up for reelection.

“Now, as the president who is likely running for reelection, Mr. Biden is vowing never to reduce entitlements. He has staked out the position in a battle with House Republicans over spending cuts and raising the nation’s borrowing limit. The 80-year-old president knows that seniors love a pledge against cutting entitlements, and they tend to be the most reliable voting bloc. Mr. Biden repeated his promise [last week] in the swing state of Florida, where 21% of residents are seniors, the highest level in the nation.

“’I know that a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare,’ Mr. Biden said at the University of Tampa. ‘If that’s your dream, I’m your nightmare. I will not cut a single Social Security or Medicare benefit.’ How times have changed.”

Yes indeed, times have changed, and apparently senile Joe Biden can’t recall – or is just flat out lying for political expediency purposes – that he too, once upon a time, recognized that systemic adjustments were demanded from a federal entitlement system that’s rolling downhill towards disaster with worn out brakes and little hope of decelerating without a major overhaul. Or cutting. Or slowing the growth. Take your pick of the hard medicine.

Boyer’s article details the multitude of times since the mid-1980’s where then Senator and then vice president Joe Biden spoke on the urgent necessity of reining in the entitlement programs through means testing or automatic freezes in cost of living payments.

Of course, Biden’s said a lot of things over the course of years and also has taken contradictory positions on practically every political issue of consequence. It’s allowed senile Joe to triangulate for his campaign sales pitches, only now, he’s beholden to the whacked-out lefties in his party and has very little wiggle room left to toss out whoppers and get away with it.

Soundbites, electronic records and video aren’t Joe’s friend. Or perhaps he figured he’d hidden all the most damaging stuff beside Hunter’s classified documents in the ‘Vette garage.

Meanwhile, everyone who paid attention to the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections understands Biden is referring to Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal to sunset all federal programs every five years, which would have forced Congress to do its job and examine massive spending initiatives so they don’t robotically renew indefinitely. Sounds like good common sense, doesn’t it?

Scott himself said he wanted to look at entitlements to see how they could be saved, not cut. Or ended. But touch the proverbial “third rail” and a shyster like senile Joe Biden will make it sting every time. The man is shameless, but we already knew that.

Since it seems almost certain that Joe Biden plans to run again in 2024, Democrats are bending over backwards trying to find things to like about the broken-down, fibbing to a fault old goat who can’t seem to remember what he had for lunch much less the reasons why a Chinese spy balloon traversing the entirety of the United States is considered a bad idea by most.

Democrats can’t talk openly about their true agenda – otherwise recognized as higher taxes, class warfare, divide (by race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, regional loyalty, historical connections, etc.) and not conquer, open borders, “woke-i-fy” the military, budget busting (forgiveness of student loans, keeping the COVID emergency declaration in place, climate change boondoggle programs), foreign policy fecklessness and rear-end covering, among others – so they’ve apparently decided to take off after single-income seniors to scare them back into the “We’ll give you more and you shall therefore embrace all of socialism” mold.

It's a classic case of misdirection. The world witnessed a few bits of “misdirection” during last Sunday’s Super Bowl, but the trick play Democrats are now engaged in is more like, “Hey, look up there! No, not THERE (where another Chinese spy balloon is wafting overhead)! THERE! The Republicans want to eliminate social security and Medicare! I’ve got proof! Call my office! One guy said he wants to review every program every five years, and that translates to cuts and cancellation favored by the whole lot! Trust me! I’ve been a senior citizen for like, a hundred years, so I know all there is to know about needing a lot of dough!”

Some nervy Democrats even insisted Biden made dupes out of the Republicans who boisterously objected to his filthy lies during his State of the Union address last week. Seriously? Joe Biden steering the debate and controlling the message? Relatively speaking, hardly anyone watched the SOTU much less gave credence to senile Joe for setting the nation’s agenda. The plagiarizing president stole and then took credit for more populist MAGA ideas, then Democrats blamed (some) Republicans for acting unceremoniously (they’re looking at you, Marjorie Taylor Greene) in the midst of his hour and twenty-minute tribute to his vanity.

The always reliable for an out-of-touch liberal perspective John F. Harris wrote at Politico: “It’s little wonder that Republicans in the crowd were irritated. The whole evening was evidence that even a president with low approval ratings has a much louder voice and more potent ability to frame the debate than they do.”

Nonsense. Biden played to the gullible and uninformed (i.e., Democrat voters), not to those who truly care about the downward direction of the culture and finances in this country. Senile Joe’s was ill-conceived and executed theater, nothing more.

The biggest problem I have with senile Joe – and this applies to nearly all Democrats – is his lies and distortions come so fast that it’s almost impossible to make note of and then refute them in real time. For example, Biden said he “cut the deficit” from his predecessor. Not that Donald Trump was a cheapskate by any means, but most of the spending came in the last year or so of his administration and was agreed to by both parties purportedly to combat the COVID ruse. When there’s a $4-5 trillion shortfall in one year, it’s easy to pare it down in the next, isn’t it?

Biden and his Democrat colleagues can’t run on what’s really happening in the country – much higher inflation, much higher interest rates, dwindling household savings, exploding credit card debt, a fentanyl crisis spurred by out-of-control illegal immigration and a non-existent border, Chinese spy balloons passing above unhindered, etc. – so they instead pick and choose one highly emotional issue and then pound it like Mohammad Ali on his opponents in his prime.

And then, as some of the post SOTU commentary indicated, go after a few Republicans for their lack of gentlemanly or gentlewomanly decorum during the old buzzard’s nationally televised talking points.

It’s just the latest media and Democrat iteration of, “Don’t vote for Republicans because they’re mean! Don’t listen to them because they’re not sitting down with George Stephanopoulos on his show and sticking to having a half dozen liberals watching the back-and-forth.”

The truth is, entitlements, like many, many items in the federal budget, are a huge problem with few politically palatable solutions. Senator Rick Scott, like Joe Biden at various points in his career, tossed out the subject to see whether people were in a reasonable enough mood to pause and figure out what needs to be done.

Instead, Joe Biden proposes to hike taxes on the top earners. Same story, different day. He wants a wealth tax, too. Why doesn’t senile Joe just send in his ill-begotten gains from Hunter’s business dealings as a goodwill gesture? Then maybe he’d have a sturdier leg to stand on.

The Social Security/Medicare problems won’t be solved by politicians from both sides trying to make hay – and votes – over which party hopes to cut the most. Americans can’t avoid the inevitable forever. Thankfully, hardly anyone listens to Joe Biden – and his lack of credibility isn’t enhancing his chances to be reelected. Be thankful for that!

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