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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe bets fear of MAGA GOP tops misery in the lead-up to 2024

I think even the most skeptical of Republicans would concede one thing about senile president Joe Biden, namely that he’s got a talent for easing the average liberal Democrat’s

mind regarding the major political issues of the day. Joe’s folksy manner of speaking and penchant for saying things like “No joke,” or “My word as a Biden” draws the gullible and uninformed to his words like bears to honey, or flies to… well, you know.

But even a seasoned and talented spinmeister like senile Joe can’t get away with the concocted ruse for long. The truth always floats to the surface somewhere along the line, and when it does, the jilted feel even greater resentment towards the pusher of the swindles.

Such is the case, or will be the case, when massive government intervention and out-of-control spending inevitably bring the American economy down. The most recent numbers revealed economic growth slowing to about 1 percent annually, down from more promising figures in the latter half of 2022.

Brainy people see the trend and say things will only worsen as the months go by. All of this comes as depressing news for senile Joe’s cheery reelection outlook. In a piece titled “Recession and the 2024 campaign”, Byron York wrote at the Washington Examiner last week:

“How were Democrats, the party in total control of Washington, able to convince 62% of voters who were troubled by the economy [in 2022] to vote for the party in power? How did they do that? Yes, abortion played a role (and is likely to play a similar role, helping some Democrats, in 2024). But beyond that was Biden's, and his party's, ability to frame the race as a referendum on MAGA, even a referendum on whether American democracy will survive.

“It is already clear that Biden intends to try it again in 2024. And it is the Republicans' task to 1) convince voters that the economy is, in fact, the most important matter in the election and 2) convince voters that Republicans can bring the United States back to prosperity.

“Now, there is growing evidence that economic conditions might make the Republican campaign case both more important and easier to make… ‘We're not making great progress on inflation,’ Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former head of the Congressional Budget Office, told Fox Business recently. ‘The Fed has done a lot and accomplished little.’ And on the possibility of a recession, Holtz-Eakin added: ‘I am among those who is really worried about getting through this year without a recession. I see the second half as very rough.’”

Despite the rosy rhetoric emanating from the creaky jaws of senile Joe Biden these days, the White House must be frantic about the condition of the economy, and similarly must be scared to death of what things could look like towards the end of this year and into 2024, sometimes known as a presidential election year.

That’s when even the casual political follower perks up and pays attention to not only the campaign spots, confetti filled conventions and presidential debates (if there are any, since both Biden and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump have indicated that they may not participate). It’s harder for the politicians to hide from obvious truths at such times, and Biden’s garbled platitudes about “MAGA Republicans” won’t be nearly as newsworthy when the economy is shrinking, people start losing jobs and the dreaded “misery index” steadily climbs.

For those in need of a refresher, the “misery index”, according to Wikipedia, “is an economic indicator, created by economist Arthur Okun. The index helps determine how the average citizen is doing economically and is calculated by adding the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to the annual inflation rate. It is assumed that both a higher rate of unemployment and a worsening of inflation create economic and social costs for a country.”

I’m no economist, but if the prices we’re encountering at the gas pump, box store and supermarket are noticeably rising and folks are anxious about one day finding a pink slip in their work in-box, that’s like misery in a bottle. Where one could take antacid to dampen the effects of a bad stomachache, there’s no over-the-counter remedy for misery inspired by concern over losing their proverbial shirt – and the house along with it.

Politicians attempt to fill the void with promises of “relief” -- more government benefits -- but the added borrowing will only worsen the suffering. It’s kind of like when the cure for sickness was “bleeding” the afflicted in times long ago. And they wondered why many of the patients died from the treatment.

Fear is always the best motivator, and there’s nothing quite like being afraid of the future to stir mass panic among the population. The Democrat-supporting elites will weather the storm just fine, as they always do – but anyone who’s on the margin will think twice and three times and four times, etc. before buying a new home, car, other large consumer item or investing in a promising but risky venture. They’ll simply stuff their cash into a mattress or set it aside for an emergency night at McDonald’s rather than celebrate occasions at a fancier establishment.

Not everyone experiences the phenomenon at once, but the apprehension creeps its way slowly into most people’s consciousness. Remember a few years ago when COVID hit? The panic was tangible as the authorities ordered us to stay apart from each other and wear surgical diapers over our mouths and noses to “slow the spread”. Somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind, most people knew it wouldn’t do anything. But groupthink took over and the Karens emerged from hiding among the cockroaches and normally defiant freedom lovers became meek as lambs.

Many of us are ashamed at being hoodwinked. Never again.

But economic malaise is a different animal entirely. Some Americans will plug what they see as a temporary hole with credit card debt or long-term financing, but they’ll realize quickly that the debts don’t shrink and the exasperation deepens. Many will beg the bank to withdraw equity from their homes or tap their 401Ks, but then they’re just spending their retirement savings early.

As soon as the recession hits businesses, they tighten their belts, stop hiring, lay off the unessential personnel and do everything possible to save cash. Buyers cancel orders, manufacturers cut production, inventories climb and… let’s just admit, many Americans will be in a bad mood. By Christmastime, the establishment media will run stories about how much people have slashed their Christmas budgets compared to last year.

It'll be so bad that even a lump of coal in the stocking might not look so unappealing this year.

Needless to say, a recession – or even a period of stagnant growth – will suck all the hot air out of senile Joe’s excessive boasting balloon regarding job creation since he took office while ignoring all the other horrific signs of struggle among wage earners. Suddenly the idea of millions of illegal foreigners crossing into the country each year won’t look so appetizing to the Democrat powers-that-be. The desperation of inner-city residents will increase the violence and liberal policies can’t be hidden under piles of bodies.

Problem after problem will arise. Government can deal with some of them, but the eroded culture under senile Joe Biden’s “guidance” will have burned in citizens’ stomachs. Americans will grasp that Biden has nothing to offer other than dark speeches about the danger of “MAGA Republicans to democracy” and the threat the Supreme Court represents to abortion factories. Biden’s speeches will contain the mass of the inside of an air bubble – and sooner or later, it will burst.

Meanwhile, the new Republican House majority, under the surprising leadership of Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is showing that the “stupid party” does, in fact, have some ideas to address the spending problem, even if they’re not quite up to the level boat-rocking conservatives would envision. “Turtle” Mitch McConnell is mostly staying out of the debt ceiling negotiations, meaning the chances of another capitulation by the GOP establishment is less likely than ever.

The Republican presidential primary race is yet to fully take shape, but it still looks as though former President Donald Trump has the upper hand. If rumors are true, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on the verge of announcing his candidacy. It may not be apparent now, but the presence of challengers will put Trump in a better position to defend his policies and leave his 2020 grievances in the past.

In hard times, the notion of Making America Great Again should overwhelm the substance-less negativity of senile Joe Biden and the Democrats. Republicans must offer real solutions to the nation’s woes, not the airy platitudes and horror movie imagery the opposition will offer.

If a rising tide floats all boats, a sinking tide has the opposite effect. Joe Biden seemed pleased upon finally announcing his reelection run, but his glee will fade quickly as America’s economic fortunes worsen. The blame game will only carry him so far, and senile Joe has very little political “gas” left in his tank to cover his shortcomings. Misery is hard to disguise.

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