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The Right Resistance: Phony folksy Joe leaves us wondering who is the real manager in charge

Can I speak to a manager, please?

How many times have you been on the phone trying to accomplish what should’ve been a mundane task and been told by an underling on the other end of the line that said solution to said problem isn’t available because of x, y or z, weak excuses akin to a child’s “my dog ate it” response when queried as to why his or her science project was late. Even in this age of universal information availability, it’s amazing how little people purport to know about their jobs or duties. And the old adage that the customer is always right no longer applies.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. With many, many businesses enduring labor shortages we often receive a perfunctory “We are experiencing larger than normal call volumes, but we assure you that your call is important to us and we will get to it as soon as possible.” Then a computerized voice intervenes, “the approximate wait time is 146 minutes.” Pressing zero only exacerbates the dilemma. Maybe it would be better to go straight to requesting to speak with a manager (assuming you could even access a human being to demand it).

There’s a similar kind of frustration Americans feel these days, living in a country with a government that isn’t up to the job and an establishment media that doesn’t complain about it nearly enough. President Joe Biden’s fifth month in office begins today, and despite the media’s best efforts to make the Democrat appear competent and in charge of not only his own faculties, but the executive branch in general, it’s clear from hearing him speak off the cuff that someone behind the scenes must be running the operation in his stead.

Biden’s folksy banter with reporters appears quaint to some, but the man’s been a high ranking member of government for a half century… and he’s president of the United States now. Pull back the curtain, people, who’s really managing this circus? Where’s the manager?

In a piece titled, “Biden's 'Uncle Joe' moments feed Republican claims someone else is in charge”, Naomi Lim wrote at The Washington Examiner:

“Republicans contend Biden's sometimes-doddering ways are calculated to obscure his liberal priorities as he, his aides, and their congressional allies take advantage of narrow majorities on Capitol Hill before the 2022 midterm elections.

“Biden's folksy reputation and low-key approach to the presidency belies the political transformation being spearheaded by his administration, according to Republican strategist Jeanette Hoffman... ‘To his credit, it's really kind of brilliant because it deflects a lot of the Republican criticism because people are like, 'It's Joe Biden,'’ the Marathon Public Affairs president added. ‘It's kind of like this 'Weekend at Bernie's' presidency: He's this old guy, and everybody else is pulling the strings in the background. He definitely knows what he's doing. This is very calculated.’…

“Biden's public speaking tics have received more attention since he moved into the White House, given he is now the leader of the free world. Republicans have particularly seized on his habit of suggesting that he will get into ‘trouble’ for answering questions or for forgetting his mask, when the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommended wearing one, despite being a details-obsessed executive manager behind the scenes.”

Calculated? Joe Biden? I must admit, in the multitude of times I’ve commented on Joe Biden the politician, the presidential candidate and now president, the thought never occurred to me that he was being dumb on purpose. Of course, the whole “Uncle Joe” persona has always been a ruse, masking the acidic personality of the man from Delaware who was elected prior to his 30th birthday. Joe turns the phony façade of “common-ness” on and off far too easily. Here’s thinking he’s really about as approachable as a possum on your back porch eating the cat’s food.

At the same time, it only makes sense that there’s a manager back there someplace. Joe seems like a hireling on his first shift at the phone bank, but he’s not completely lost. The Republican strategists in Lim’s article suggest he does know what he’s doing to some extent, but the part about his saying (to the media) that he’s “already in trouble for taking questions” is surely genuine.

The presidency -- or any position involving issue command, lucidity and policy depth -- is simply too challenging for dimwitted dunce Joe Biden. Being advised to act dumb is probably above Biden’s ability to sell an audience. So, if he’s not handling the proverbial unscreened phone calls, who, then, is really making the decisions?

Many have surmised that Biden’s is really a shadow presidency, and that Barack Obama is using his longtime vice president as a puppet to represent and advocate for the causes that he wasn’t able to accomplish in his eight years in the president’s chair. The Big O mostly stays out of the limelight, pretending to be the traditional former president who would rather garden and paint portraits (like George W. Bush) rather than get out front and draw attention to himself.

Let’s not forget, Joe Biden is likely more personally popular than the cold and aloof former community organizer and best friend to leftwing radicals like Bill Ayres. Obama probably just makes a quick call to Biden to get him to dance like a trained carnival bear wearing a costume and a funny hat.

Former first lady Michelle Obama might also be adding her own input, laying the groundwork for a future Obama and cronies dynasty. Michelle’s been rumored to be the Democrats’ ace-in-the-hole presidential candidate, the one who could take on a popular Republican incumbent and instantly command the loyal backing of every feminist, #MeToo screeching, Black Lives Matter hooting, transgender-loving, goody-seeking Democrat voter from coast-to-coast.

The Clinton dynasty failed because Bill Clinton’s wife was awful. Michelle is like the anti-Hillary. She’s the type that’s invited to appear on liberal talk shows and the host actually wants her there. As far as political skills, Michelle is much closer in talent to Big Bubba Bill than her own husband. Her facial expressions are polished and designed for sympathy and to attract the gullible. Add her doe-eyed looks to the equation and you’ve got a budding Democrat party leader, when she decides it’s time.

For all we know Michelle could have a direct connection to the Oval Office to instruct senile Joe to ramp up the racism scare whenever she feels he’s straying too far from the approved topic list.

The most likely Biden maneuverer is, drumroll please, vice president Kamala Harris. Despite being appointed to be unsophisticated Joe’s border crisis czar, the former senator from California hasn’t bothered to visit the region. Could it be because she can’t be spared to be away from Joe for too long? The Democrat powers-that-be recognized Harris can be trusted to whisper all the right big government, socialistic, Republican and Trump hating vitriol to the old goat, right?

Being puppet master just might turn out to be Kamala’s greatest strength. How else would she have gotten so much mileage out of being Willie Brown’s mistress all those decades ago?

The final good candidate for Biden “manager” is Bernie Sanders. The communist sympathizing Vermont senator was just a bit too gracious when he voluntarily bowed-out of the Democrat primary race a little over a year ago. As the true angry curmudgeon that he is, “The Bern” could’ve made a real stink about being cheated out of the nomination again. After what happened to him in 2016, Sanders was almost as anti-party establishment as Trump was for the Republicans.

Could it be that maybe Biden’s handlers made a secret deal with “The Bern” to leave all big decisions in limbo until they obtain his say so? Stranger things have happened, like having a 78-year-old broken down fool being chosen as a Democrat presidential nominee, then pulling the wool over the eyes of an entire nation during a pandemic to get the loser elected.

No one truly knows whether Joe Biden is actually the manager in charge in the White House. His artificial public image wouldn’t necessarily provide the clues to solve the mystery, either. Sooner or later the walls will collapse and the incompetent president will be exposed for the fraud that he is. And we’ll all be left wondering how it came to be.

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