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The Right Resistance: Parasite Liz Cheney returns from the slime to derail the Trump train

For those of you who figured that longtime Donald J. Trump attack dog (more like a pesky gnat on an elephant’s behind) Liz Cheney had finally dried up and blown away in the wind like so much canine excrement on a hot, dry, dusty avenue, think again.

The perpetual Donald Trump critic and leader of the Republican opposition to the 45th president recently reared her ugly head in the establishment media again, and far be it from Liz to offer an olive branch or measure of peace-making to the figurehead of her father’s (former Vice President Dick Cheney’s) and her party brethren, the woman’s still all about seeking revenge – and even hinted that she is pondering taking her hate-one-man cause further.

In an article titled “Liz Cheney Says She's Not Ruling Out 2024 Presidential Run”, Jack Phillips reported at The Epoch Times the other day:

“During CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ host Jake Tapper told Ms. Cheney that it was likely that former President Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee, to which she ultimately responded that ‘he cannot be the next president.’ She then criticized the former president, who leads in current polls by about 40 percentage points on average.

“Later, Mr. Tapper asked her, ‘You're not ruling out a presidential run?’ No, I’m not, said Ms. Cheney, the elder daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney; She didn't elaborate...

“Ms. Cheney appeared also for an interview with CBS News. ‘Well, what I am doing right now, what I will continue to do, is very much focus on making sure that we get people elected at all levels, who are serious,’ she said, while not directly addressing the presidential race. ‘People who believe in the Constitution. I think we're at a moment in this nation where we certainly have seen we face significant threats internationally. We've got Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, arrayed against us. This is a threat atmosphere that we have not seen, certainly since the end of World War II.’”

Yes, and Liz Cheney is “serious” about stuff, loves the parchment off the Constitution and is just the right adviser to oppose the multitude of evil forces around the globe, right? Are there enough American feet to fill the military boots that would be required for Cheney’s master vision of the earth to come to fruition? Here’s doubting, especially in today’s pathetic Joe Biden-inspired American global position, that such an army exists. And there’s not enough taxpayer money to feed and finance it, either.

It's often said that famous people – and this includes politicians – live in a bubble of isolation, so Cheney’s invisible air chamber must be surrounded by armed guards, therapists, ghost writers and yes-men and yes-women. Cheney is roundly despised by upwards of half of the citizenry, and the other half only likes her for one reason. Non-viable politicians are a dime a dozen these days – if you don’t believe it, ask Mitt Romney about his price tag as an elected official.

Liz Cheney couldn’t run for dog catcher in a red state or town and hope to win. What business is it of Jake Tapper to ask her if she intends to get in the presidential race? Would Tapper and the uppers at CNN drop their affinity for senile Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the ragtag band of socialist stiffs in the Democrat party to bolster a Liz Cheney ’24 campaign? Where would Liz get the backing, Michael Bloomberg? The former 2020 Democrat presidential candidate was fond of making disparaging remarks about women and then bragging about how much he supported them. Liz fits the description nicely, doesn’t she?

While it’s safe to say that everyone who hates Trump was gladdened by Cheney’s most recent establishment media appearance and heartened by her threat to possibly join the 2024 presidential race, current 2024 Republican candidate Chris Christie was probably the most put off by it. As everyone knows, Christie amply occupies the unofficial “Never Trump lane” among Republican candidates, and any space that the rotund former New Jersey chief chooses to fill isn’t going to have a whole lot of room leftover.

There – that’s my Chris Christie fat joke for the day.

Likewise, Liz Cheney, if she mounted an independent run, would need to compete with RFK Jr., “No Labels” and the traditional third party candidates for the relatively small pool of anti-Trump and anti-Biden voters. How would she qualify for the ballot in the fifty states? Who would be her running mate? What’s her platform, anyway? There are only so many “anyone but Trump and Biden” people to go around.

So why, then, would Liz Cheney now be considering a run for president? The reasons are probably too innumerable to list, but among her motivations could very well be (in no particular order): First, Liz’s been watching the drama stirred by the inability/unwillingness of her (past) fellow Republicans in the House and is nostalgic for the rancor and divisiveness that the mere mention of her name engenders. Since the House squabble essentially boiled down to Trump-type Republicans vs. ruling class elitists, Liz Cheney could’ve been knee-deep in the division and hurtful name-calling. But she’s not. More’s the pity!

Second, another, more obvious reason for Cheney to keep the possibility of a 2024 campaign open is relevance. For as ridiculous as Cheney’s various anti-conservative public displays happen to be, she clearly isn’t stupid. Liz understands that her only relation to the swamp – and potential employability – these days is by staying connected to Donald Trump. If you doubt it, ask yourself this question: If, for some reason (legitimate or otherwise) Donald Trump suddenly ceased being not only the frontrunner in the 2024 GOP race but also as a candidate, period, would the Jake Tappers of the good-for-nothing talker world be interested in interviewing her for their establishment media programs?

A Liz Cheney without Donald Trump is like a day without sunshine after drinking orange juice in Florida. Or something like that.

Liz Cheney survives in the corporate media’s eyes because she’s probably the preeminent non-Democrat voice who still opposes Trump and what he stands for. There are others, of course – former Speaker Paul Ryan for one – but none of them carry the weighty emotional punch that establishment loose (principles) Liz does.

Remember when Kevin Costner wore an “I’m for Liz Cheney” t-shirt and proudly displayed it for media consumption? Would Costner – or any other show-boating anti-Trump celebrity – don an “I’m for Paul Ryan” or “I’m for Mitch McConnell” article of clothing to demonstrate a point? If they did, it certainly wouldn’t result in the same avalanche of publicity, and, their liberal fan base would take it as a negative (since it’s a Republican) rather than praising the attention seeking glory hog for it.

According to Phillips’ article, “Ms. Cheney is now working as professor of politics at the University of Virginia and has been working on a book that's slated for release in December.”

No doubt, a best-seller in the making! Liz’s memoir will sell in wealthy enclaves in well-protected (by private security) blue cities, but stacks of her sensational work of fiction will gather dust in most other places. A few copies will be bought by producers of Fox News to help suggest news show guests for the main hosts; otherwise, it’ll be a dud, fodder for fueling your Christmas-time blazes in the fireplace.

Third, Cheney relies on Trump’s specter and audience attraction for establishment media appearances, but also other not-so-political gigs at universities, etc. for her basic income. Not that she’d ever go hungry if she weren’t getting big checks from Trump-haters, but Liz by herself, again, is virtually worthless.

She receives her political life-sustaining nourishment from the blood of others. Liz Cheney is like a political parasite. The Dictionary defines parasite as:

1. An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host.

2. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

3. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

That’s Liz, Liz and Liz! Liz Cheney satisfies all three definitions perfectly, though her patrons likely regard her as doing something useful. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi surely still holds Cheney in high regard for the wayward Republican’s eagerness to further the Democrats’ impeachment fantasies as well as laying the groundwork for much of what Special Prosecutor Jack Smith has used to foster his trumped-up “crimes” against Donald Trump.

Lastly, Liz Cheney is thinking about a 2024 presidential run because her ego is large enough that she thinks she could and should be president. The Cheney family lives forever in the shadow of the blueblood Bush clan despite being the brains and the driving force behind the Bush presidencies. Prior to her fallout with Trump, Liz was actually fairly regarded by the party establishment, having attained the number three Republican position in the House in a relatively short amount of time.

Donald Trump ruined it for the Cheneys. Trump refused to kiss the ring of the GOP establishment, including its family dynasties – and dared to question the party’s commitment to forever wars – which took away their reason for being. Trump can therefore never be forgiven, and the January 6 “tourism riot” provided all of them easy means to morph into anti-Trump media darlings and mercenaries, shameful as it is for everyone else.

It wasn’t surprising to see Liz Cheney come back to comment on national politics, and here’s predicting we’ll encounter a lot more of her in the months to come. It could be said that Cheney helps Trump in an odd way – she’s so obnoxious and unlikable that it makes him seem even more in command of the party. Either way, expect to see Liz whining and griping again soon.

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