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The Right Resistance: Paranoid Joe Biden embarks on legacy chasing scheme to ruin America

You’d never garner it from the plethora of bellicose statements and excessive arrogance emanating from the White House these days, but Democrats are worried sick.

Buoyed by (some) polls showing that Democrats may survive being swamped by a “red wave” of newly elected representatives and senators from across the fruited plain – and similar surveys indicating that senile president Joe Biden’s approval rating has bumped up a point or two – Democrat candidates and the president himself are going full steam ahead in the fall campaign season, with ambitious liberal pundits and pols forecasting that the party will hold onto its slim partisan advantages in both chambers of Congress, and could even expand their numbers in the hallowed halls if an army of idealistic but naïve young voters and abortion-loving women turn out as hoped.

Conservatives and Republicans don’t agree with the Dems’ overly-optimistic assessment, but that’s part of politics in America today. Both sides use fundraising tallies, candidate name recognition, momentum and history to argue their case and chances of success. Even the Republican establishment (led by senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell) is starting to come around on “candidate quality”, though it should be noted that Pennsylvania Republican Mehmet Oz refused to say last week whether he would support McConnell as caucus leader if the TV doctor outsider wins in November. This is standard election posturing intended to keep the two parties’ respective bases active, interested and engaged heading into the home stretch of what’s shaping up to be the most important midterm election of all-time. But underneath the Democrats’ verbal bravado there’s an undercurrent of alarm – basically summed up as the terrified feeling of losing Congress and then having Joe Biden’s fledgling presidency descend into de facto insignificance.

Simply put, if Democrats can’t hold onto the legislative branch in 2023, Biden will be in major trouble in 2024. And that ain’t good for them. In an opinion piece titled “President Biden’s fear of irrelevancy”, Michael McKenna wrote at The Washington Times last week:

“If Team Biden thought [they were in good shape] or believed the public polling, they would have not felt the need to drag President Donald J. Trump into the campaign. They have good reason to be concerned. When limited to likely voters (rather than the more expansive and less reliable metric of registered voters), the generic ballot test for House races indicates that the Republicans are headed towards a modest majority consisting of about 230 Members in the House next January.

“On the Senate side, Democratic candidates have, to date, overperformed in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, but that has largely been an artifact of their advantage in spending. The political action committees associated with Republicans will eventually rebalance those spending scales. If Mr. Trump decides to spend some of the $200 million he has stashed away, that would improve the situation for the Republicans even more....

“Team Biden knows all this. That’s why the histrionics and the blood red stage and all that jazz the other night in Philadelphia. They desperately need to gin up turnout among those who do not like Mr. Trump. Otherwise, they will be faced with the irrelevancy of a lame duck president whose party controls neither the House nor the Senate.”

Hence the distress and over-the-top hissy fits of Democrats lately. Like a playground bully who uses threats, intimidation and bulging biceps to mask his inability to land a punch – and his glass jaw -- Democrats are usually found boasting that “MAGA Republicans” are evil and a danger to democracy, or something like that.

January 6, 2021 seems like a long, long time ago and absolutely no one is talking about the stupid January 6 Committee any longer. Liz Cheney’s embarrassing defeat last month in the Wyoming GOP primary exposed the lie that many garden variety Republicans were just as upset with the new populist conservative direction of the party as she was, and there’s no reviving the myth that Trump was going away anytime soon.

Joe Biden’s corrupted Merrick Garland-led Justice Department stepped all over Nancy Pelosi’s personal heresy tribunal by raiding Donald Trump’s private home in search of something – anything – that would serve as the basis for an indictment of the MAGA leader prior to November 8 (Election Day) and the probable formal announcement of the former president’s entrance into the 2024 presidential race.

Time is running short for the deep state operators to produce something sufficiently shocking to enrage the easily perturb-able Democrat base, and with the news that a Special Master would be appointed to oversee the documents the FBI stole from Trump’s orbit, liberals are henceforth starved of the usual leak-material that they’d use to gin up indignation and establishment media fixation.

Predictably, there were no “nuclear codes” among the dust-gathering boxes of documents at Trump’s private abode, and trying to cashier the former president based on personal notes from Kim Jong Un won’t ever lead to success. With each passing day the Biden DOJ’s witch hunt looks more and more like… well, a witch hunt, and this can’t be a happy realization for the folks in the White House.

It's gotten so bad for leftists that even wishy-washy RINO Senator Lindsey Graham has been telling Trump that another presidential run could amount to “one of the greatest political comebacks in American history.” This is a far cry from Graham’s reaction towards the end of Trump’s first term when the South Carolinian essentially counseled the president to give up the ghost and move on.

The tide has turned and Democrats can sense it. Their paranoia reveals why they’re desperately grasping at straws to keep power in Congress so that senile Joe’s (most likely) final two years as commander in chief won’t be reduced to using his “pen and phone” to get anything done. As damaging and destructive as the inane “COVID relief package” and “infrastructure law” and the absurdly mislabeled “Inflation Reduction Act” will turn out to be, there’s no legacy contained in them.

If Democrats lose Congress, there won’t be a “Biden-care” or “Biden ‘voting rights’ bill” or “Biden restores the soul of the nation bill” or “Biden’s ‘make the rich pay their fair share’ tax hike bill”. Instead, there’s more likely to be deep delving into Hunter Biden’s filthy personal dealings and a more-than-probable implication of the “Big guy” himself.

The Biden promoters are frantic that senile Joe – and themselves – are destined for being placed alongside Richard Nixon in the annals of American disgraced history. It could get so uncomfortable for them that they would take comparisons to Jimmy Carter as a positive thing rather than referencing senile Joe in the same breath as famous losers. Joe Biden will not only go down as the one who wrecked the American economy, botched the Afghanistan pullout and irreparably divided the nation, he’ll also be viewed as the most corrupt and truth-challenged president ever.

What community is going to name a school after Joe Biden? Or a new federal building? Or a prominent freeway onramp? Will there ever be a “Joe Biden International Airport”? Future tour guides in Delaware will point to the president’s residence and tie-in how Hunter Biden once played in the yard and then steered some of his misbegotten loot to Barack Obama’s vice president and also touch on how senile Joe used his position to enrich himself and his family. And what about “Dr. Jill”? Will the family lament that she’s nowhere near the same vaunted celebrity status of bigmouth Michelle Obama?

The fact is, if Democrats don’t have power, they don’t win. New Republican House panels will accept the opportunity to pay back Democrats for every wrong conservatives have endured since the liberal party retook the Speaker’s gavel in January, 2019. Democrats don’t think about such things, but they must have figured they’d find themselves in the minority again at some point. They’ve found that Republicans weren’t prone to revenge in times past, but today’s MAGA Republicans are a different lot.

Joe Biden sees the writing on the wall more clearly than most. He certainly must hear the whispers from his fellow party members clamoring to replace him as their 2024 nominee. The Delaware corrupt-o-crat’s never lost an election but there’s always the possibility his next candidacy will initiate a new and career-ending trend.

Therefore, senile Joe feels the pressure to get everything done before it’s too late, which helps explain why he wanted so desperately to speak in Philadelphia in front of a blood-colored, flag draped Independence Hall with Marines positioned in the background for maximum propaganda effect. It’s his last-ditch attempt to rouse other like-minded liberals to save his presidency from obscurity. A few points either way will make a heck of difference in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Georgia.

A “red wave” could potentially bring Colorado into the picture as well. No wonder Biden is running scared.

Senile Joe needs to risk a lot if he hopes his party will retain the House. A Republican controlled lower chamber will be empowered to starve funding from executive departments that stray from their constitutional duties. He’ll spend his final two years in the public eye defending himself, his family, his party and his legacy. That’s a big load to bear for the intellect-starved son of a used car salesman from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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