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The Right Resistance: On Democrats, tax hikes, looking in the mirror and balancing your checkbook

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to unite Republicans behind a single political brawl, but

if a Democrat mentions, “We want to raise taxes,” chances are, it’ll work the magic.

While nearly all Republicans support the Pro-life cause and most back ideas such as a strong military and good government measures like a Balanced Budget Amendment, there isn’t another topic that truly gets the GOP’s dander up like numbers in the IRS manual.

That’s why when President Grampa Joe Biden recently got his way and Congress passed another COVID “relief” bill -- and then immediately began talking about raising taxes to purportedly fund the rest of his inane “Build Back Better” campaign scheme -- conservatism’s fiscally minded watchdogs snapped to attention. Very few Americans would actually favor a tax increase on themselves, but Democrats do a great job of making hikes sound survivable and fair when supposedly only the “rich” would be stuck paying them.

If you believe the lie, well… you’re just not very smart, and certainly don’t know your history.

The upcoming rhetorical war is bound to get heated. Naomi Jagoda reported at The Hill:

“Washington is gearing up for a battle over raising taxes as President Biden looks for a way to pay for his agenda while Republicans are planning to dig in their heels ahead of the 2022 elections.

“Biden last week signed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that was mostly deficit-financed. The White House and congressional Democrats are now turning their attention to another economic recovery package, possibly focused on infrastructure, jobs and climate change. A key question will include if and how to pay for such a proposal.

“Biden proposed a slew of tax increases during his presidential campaign that are expected to be on the table as part of the discussions. But they will face fierce opposition from Republicans and business groups, jeopardizing any attempt to pass an economic package on a bipartisan basis.”

Bipartisan basis? Democrats don’t need no stinking bipartisan basis! The whole notion of “bipartisan” anything only rises to the surface when Republicans want something and they can’t seem to corral the votes to get it. At that moment, the media very carefully counts heads to determine which RINOs might be holding out against the greater movement.

Democrats, on the other hand, tend to stick together like too much glue on a third grader’s art project. When they’ve got the congressional majority and enough votes to pass something, they do it, gosh darn it. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and now Majority Leader (granted, it’s only fifty bodies but the “plus one” vote is a guaranteed “yes” from Biden’s trusty friend and sidekick, Vice President Kamala Harris) “Chucky” Schumer rarely fail to deliver when the chips are on the line.

While it’s true that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin occasionally pretends he won’t go along with the crackpot crowd, he invariably caves at the last minute. A terrific example was the COVID-19 “relief” bill, where it took a personal phone call and a ton of schmoozing from Grampa Joe himself to beg Manchin to capitulate, but any normal human being can’t withstand that much pressure. There are an awful lot of liberals out there who want their grift and will stop at nothing to secure it!

In other words, the Democrat Party doesn’t have its own version of John McCain. It’s why they win.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on the liberal party. By proposing tax increases, it’s their way of saying that they care about the exploding national debt and future generations having to pay for this and that bit of spending taking place presently. Of course, it’s all hogwash. Democrats don’t use tax hikes to raise more revenue because one, boosting rates on the productive class tends to have the opposite effect and two, they could never possibly raise taxes high enough to satisfy their voracious spending appetites.

Democrats routinely recite lame excuses like, “I want to be able to look my grandkids in the eye and tell them that we’re attempting to make the rich pay their fair share, not putting your kids’ kids on the line to cover the costs of distributing those welfare checks to illegal aliens right now.”

Then they’ll blubber about “investments” in “permanent” things like education, climate change (green energy) and infrastructure, playing on the foolishness and ignorance of voters who can be gulled into thinking that a huge, bloated, federal government funded project is something other than a payoff to public unions or some liberal interest group.

“Shovel ready” doesn’t exist, unless you’re talking about spoons full of male bovine excrement used to fertilize the tongues of Democrat politicians. These actions produce more and more happy paid-off people, but very little visual evidence of value for the buck.

Therein lies the main difference between the political parties. Though Republicans are far from perfect -- and downright complicit when it comes to overspending and waste themselves -- GOPers believe that cutting taxes provides incentives for ambitious people to invest their own money and realize a greater return while shouldering most of the risk of disaster. Democrats prefer to extract the dough directly from someone who earned it and decide for themselves where to spend it.

Hence, tax increases are necessary! We want more money! The nameless, faceless “rich” have a lot of it! They need to cough it up, baby! And you know how to do it? Just corral all the Democrats in those two chambers in that big white building on a hill in the DC swamp surrounded by a high security fence and guys with scary looking guns, and then tell the president to sign the piece of paper when it’s delivered to his front door! Say it loud, though. The guy ain’t getting any younger!

It's never easy to forecast what will happen in Congress, but here’s my prediction: Democrats will demagogue the tax issue like they always do, which may peel off a wayward RINO or two to vote for their big package (of spending, right?) and tax increases. Manchin and another so-called “moderate” Democrat will join with the Republicans to void the tax increase portion. The two sides will come together on the spending part and agree to stick it to corporations and those individuals making over a million bucks for a tax increase, all so liberals can claim victory.

As a side note, the filibuster isn’t a problem for Democrats here. They can accomplish their sinister aims with “reconciliation,” just like they did with the COVID “relief” farce. (Plus, McConnell threatened Schumer over the filibuster. You go, Mitch!)

The debt will continue to skyrocket and both sides will blame the other for refusing to act in a “bipartisan way”, and that only if they had had a few more party members, the other side would be compelled to gobble up a crow sandwich with a side of ketchup for added edibility.

The tone deafness on the Democrat side is especially astonishing. Americans aren’t dumb. They drive down the street and recognize gas prices have dramatically increased in the past two months. That’s a “tax increase” of its own, with the money extracted from citizens’ pockets with no added benefit to themselves.

And now Biden and the politicians want The People to trust him with more cash to “invest” in liberal pipedream priorities. In this scenario, there aren’t any true winners; but identifying the losers is easy. Simply look in the mirror, then balance your checkbook.

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