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The Right Resistance: Mar-a-Lago raid and senile Joe Biden’s ‘wins’ equate to a big 2022 for GOP

The old saying goes that you reap what you sow, and if that’s really true, then Democrats have sown a huge whirlwind of ticked off conservative and Republican voters this week and they’ll reap the foul-smelling crop in a little less than three months – and again in 2024.

By purposely invading Donald Trump’s residential space for no apparent high crime or reason, Democrats have now virtually guaranteed the 45th president will run again in 2024. After sending in the FBI goons to sift through the former president’s personal belongings, liberals had better be able to show something pretty damaging – or else they’re going to get swamped. Cable news commentators and Republican politicians repeatedly used the term “Banana Republic” to describe the Joe Biden Justice Department’s determination to cross the line, and if Trump’s backers weren’t already angry enough over the aftermath of the 2020 election, just wait to see what happens now.

The tackiness of the whole episode was way beyond the pale. Who knows? The feds even looked into Donald and Melania’s unmentionables drawers searching for something salacious to feed to the idiots at CNN and MSNBC so they could have more sleaze to pin on the former first couple. Perhaps heinous liberal talker Joy Reid and the hags at “The View” can flash some item of the former first lady’s lingerie and weave a wild story about its connection to January 6 and the capital tourism riot.

For a man with an ego the size of Trump’s, he can’t and won’t take this ginormous personal slight sitting down. If there was any shred of doubt left regarding a potential third Trump presidential run, it was dispelled the moment he heard (the family was at Trump Tower in New York City at the time) that Joe Biden’s stormtroopers showed up at the Mar-a-Lago front door demanding that they be permitted to ransack the premises for “evidence”.

For what it’s worth, the White House claims it wasn’t warned in advance that this historic invasion would transpire. Anyone believe them? One would surmise that before an executive agency would commit a public relations blunder of this magnitude that its higher-ups would at least consult with the boss. Perhaps they did -- but Biden hadn’t yet taken his meds that day and just forgot about it.

At any rate, the utter insult of the incident is likely to have lasting fallout. We haven’t heard the last of this, folks. In a report titled, “FBI raid turning Trump into a ‘martyr,’ roils 2024 presidential race”, Stephen Dinan wrote at The Washington Times:

“Republican lawmakers have rallied to Mr. Trump in the wake of the FBI’s action on Monday, which reportedly concerns a search for documents that he was supposed to have turned over to the National Archives when he left the White House. House GOP lawmakers say if they capture control of the chamber in November they will investigate the FBI and Justice Department. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy instructed Attorney General Merrick Garland to ‘preserve your documents’ in preparation for the probe.

“Analysts say they expect rank-and-file GOP voters, and perhaps others, to share Republican lawmakers’ skepticism of such an unprecedented action against a former president amid a heated campaign season. ‘An FBI raid against an ex-president, who brought unprecedented prosperity and no new wars, is a cheap shot typical of banana republics,’ wrote Raghavan Mayur of tippinsights, an offshoot of the TIPP Poll. ‘If history is an indication, making Trump a martyr will only strengthen him, the opposite of the outcome the left has wanted for the past seven long years.’

“Oddsmakers did slightly dim the former president’s chances in 2024, though the GOP overall remains the more likely victor, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gaining ground overnight as news of the FBI’s operation spread.”

Far be it from me to disagree with the oddsmakers, but I think Trump’s chances considerably improved with this unsightly intrusion on his privacy and stature as a former president. The Americans who already hate Trump aren’t likely to change their minds based on a federal law enforcement overreach, but those who supported him in 2016 and 2020 will be infuriated beyond measure.

In America, you just don’t do this type of thing to former presidents. Prudence and unity is likely the reason why Trump held off on going after Hillary Clinton in 2017 after he took office. The president knew he couldn’t possibly gain anything by such a gesture, and I believe he was correct to call off the proverbial dogs as far as Hillary and Big Bubba Bill were concerned.

Democrats are obviously trying to make Trump so toxic that he wouldn’t even think about running again. Not only have they failed, I think they’ve bolstered his chances of winning again.

You do have to hand it to liberals in one respect – they have steel nerve. To raid the well-known home of a former president purportedly to seize records for the national archives (if you believe this, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Liz Cheney’s Wyoming to sell you) takes a certain degree of verve, not only because it silently professes an unflinching belief in the rightness of your position but also because you’re displaying ballsy indifference to the major public relations ramifications and electoral consequences of such an action.

Liberals must’ve wagered that Trump is so reviled by the American public that sane voters would sit passively by and allow – or even cheer for – the gross invasion of privacy of someone who merits it simply for having held the office of president. Imagine, if you will, a Thomas Jefferson administration sending a federal investigatory force to raid John Adams’ farm (Peace field) after the Massachusetts man left the White House (in 1801) in search of records regarding the formulation and imposition of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Or what if Dwight Eisenhower decided on a whim to order the FBI into Harry Truman’s sphere of influence to seek documentation on the government’s behind-the-scenes deliberations over dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan?

The optics of the Mar-a-Lago raid alone were terrible, essentially turning a bombastic walking controversy of a man into a sympathetic character. Predictably, Democrats seemed overjoyed over the notion of Donald Trump being all-but stripped down in front of the jeering leftist portion of the public, but here’s thinking independents and marginal voters won’t view it as so hilarity provoking.

This embarrassing (for the country) scene had corrupted and vindictive Joe Biden’s gnarled old fingerprints all over it. Maybe senile Joe surmised that Trump had even more incriminating documents on son Hunter contained somewhere within the New Yorker’s Florida sleeping quarters. After all, Biden sent FBI thugs after Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe to stave off a leak of daughter Ashley’s “my-dad-inappropriately-showered-with-me” diary, didn’t he?

If anything embarrasses senile Joe, send in the goons! There’s precedent for it. But the establishment media will do anything to try and make the president look clean, won’t they?

As a side note, I don’t know why the establishment media was crowing so gleefully over senile Joe’s “victories” last week. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi openly defy the regime when she blatantly ignored senile Joe’s official opposition to her visit to Taiwan? If Biden were as powerful as the media now insists that he is, why would a prominent member of his party thumb her nose at him and potentially trigger World War III at the same time? And the spending bills he signed will only serve to pour expensive gasoline on the inflation fire, deepening the already severe recession. No matter. Senile Joe can’t sustain any momentum for long and more than likely, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice is going to indict Donald J. Trump.

A close friend wrote me an email suggesting that a formal charge for Trump would end up benefitting the Republican Party, but not necessarily Trump himself. Rather than synopsize it, I offer his reasoning in full:

“I think the DOJ purge would actually be a gift to the GOP in both the midterms and in 2024. First, it actually gives shelter to those in the party who would like to rid themselves of the DJT albatross but are afraid of his rabid base (see the primaries).

“Next, whatever fervor that's been roused on the Left due to overturning Roe v. Wade, it will be compensated for by an equal and possibly greater turnout of offended Trump voters who will vote, and most likely donate with vengeance against anything with a ‘D’ after the name.

“Finally, it will remove an awkward stumbling block from up-and-comers (DeSantis, Cruz, Haley, etc.) who don't wish to primary against Trump personally, and having an indicted candidate up on a debate stage is a bridge too far for most on the Right.

“Any indictment, when coupled with the Jan. 6 Committee's performance, will have poisoned the waters beyond what 95% of GOP is willing to abide. Ironically, the Left will have succeeded in what it had long hoped to accomplish (defeat the dragon that dared defeat Hillary) while simultaneously providing cover for the Right to start clean and run against an unpopular, doddering incumbent and leveraging The Donald's indignant supporters, who will work to retake Congress and the Presidency if for no other reason but to begin their own investigations into abuses and scandals perpetrated by Democrats.”

It's an interesting thought. Democrats always think with their corrupted hearts rather than their heads. Indicting Trump won’t necessarily take him out of the 2024 conversation, and even if it did, there are a host of good conservative Republicans waiting to harness the grassroots energy and take over the party nomination.

If you’re a Democrat, watch what you reap, because you’ll end up gargling whatever you’ve sown.

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