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The Right Resistance: Kamala ‘Stand-in’ Harris intensifies worries over Grampa Joe’s hooky playing

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event or theatrical performance anticipating seeing a “star”

or a headlining actor perform and then were dissatisfied because a backup or an understudy filled-in instead, you understand how many Americans across the country must feel when Vice President Kamala Harris shows up in place of “the big guy,” President Joe Biden.

It’s not that Harris isn’t capable of chewing the fat with regular guys and gals or delivering a fine speech fed from a teleprompter, just like Grampa Joe occasionally does. And it isn’t that Biden himself is such a mesmerizing and charismatic presence that missing an opportunity to witness his uncanny and unique ability to butcher words or grit his teeth equates to squandering the encounter of a lifetime, but shouldn’t the president present his own administration’s case for his agenda rather than leaving it to his much less “experienced” second-in-line?

Aside from the fact Joe’s prolonged absence from view looks funny, it dredges up questions about who’s actually in charge in the White House as well as fosters worries about the president’s stamina and mental wherewithal. If the guy is too challenged to make personal appearances a mere two months into his first term, how can he be counted on to represent the country abroad if the need arises?

No wonder Democrats are continuing the COVID-19 ruse (that it’s still so dangerous, that is). It gives them a great excuse to trot out Kamala and argue that the vaccinated president must stay away to the maximum extent feasible so as to set a good example for the ignorant and blighted public to observe. And for all those obstinate yahoos who still refuse to get the vaccine? Well, they’ll be hunted down and exposed for their intransigence!

As for now, Harris seems to be enjoying her moment in the spotlight. In a column titled, “President-in-waiting? Harris seizes spotlight with Biden's future uncertain,” Seth McLaughlin wrote at The Washington Times:

“Vice President Kamala Harris is racing across the nation promoting the coronavirus relief package and stressing the importance of vaccination, giving many voters their first good look at the possible president-in-waiting.

“The focus on Ms. Harris is growing with each passing day given that she is a heartbeat away from the presidency — and that heart belongs to a 78-year-old who might not seek a second term. Ms. Harris’ role in the White House remains a work in progress and without a designated portfolio of duties.

“For now, the 56-year-old former U.S. senator and California attorney general mostly serves as President Biden’s stand-in and understudy. She is a regular presence at the president’s daily intelligence briefing and has made several calls to foreign leaders in Mr. Biden’s stead.”

All stuff Kamala can put on her resume, correct? Oh, that’s right! She doesn’t need a resume to sell to liberal voters, because all Democrats care about is her gender and what she looks like! How else could a politician whose main claims to fame were putting marijuana violators in prison and serving as California pol Willie Brown’s mistress decades ago have advanced so far? Seeing as she’s a “woman of color,” Harris fit the proverbial pantsuit and narrow list of criteria for Biden’s running mate.

Recall how Harris was so “popular” that she quit the Democrat primary race a month before the first ballots were cast. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for her political allure.

When Biden’s rulers presented him with her name, he must’ve sheepishly nodded and replied, “Isn’t she the young chick who busted my butt over bussing that one time?”

Now that she’s in office, the Democrat powers-that-be are sending her across the country to meet with small business groups and citizens at vaccine clinics, an expensive public relations campaign that likely isn’t fooling anyone. According to McLaughlin’s article, Democrats are even considering making her the face of their new infrastructure push because she needs an issue to be identified with. Whereas Grampa Joe was the Big O’s righthand man, the last person in the room (probably because he forgot to leave) and his “bag man” whenever arms needed to be twisted on Capitol Hill, Harris is yet to establish herself as having any value at all.

Yes, she’s allegedly leading the administration’s “outreach” effort to women’s groups and minority communities, but many of the people in those categories are already staunch Democrat supporters. Like Biden himself, Kamala’s been in government her whole life, so talking with real people isn’t her forte, is it?

Besides, after four years of the supposedly hated oaf Donald Trump, aren’t people reasonably expecting to see Biden himself? Do they know he’s not coming? Some NBA teams have instituted a practice of announcing ahead of time when a non-injured star would be taking a night off to rest. Otherwise, imagine the shock and horror of Johnny or Suzy “Woke’s” parents when LeBron James doesn’t emerge from the locker room tunnel for opening warm-ups. They paid all that money for courtside seats and their hero was too fatigued and wasted to run up and down the court for a couple hours to entertain them? The sadness is tangible!

Do grassroots Democrats experience similar anger pangs when Kamala’s mug pokes out of Air Force Two? Or could it be that many of them already assume Harris is the one calling most of the policy shots from in back of the big stage, cowering behind the figure of doddering Grampa Joe to advance the most radical leftist agenda of any presidency in history (thus far)? It doesn’t take a genius to surmise this is taking place, with the figurehead commander-in-chief suffering all the opposition’s slings and arrows, leaving Kamala looking pure as a bride on her wedding day, unrestrained by worries and free to flash that phony smile to her greatest -- and practiced -- ability.

For his part, in his time, Trump couldn’t wait to be free from the confines of the White House to go out among the citizens and tout his Make America Great Again agenda. He did so armed with the knowledge that what he was selling didn’t require a big snow-job to get people to love it. Talking about a border wall and energy independence and job creation and America First trade agreements were enough to get people excited. And he did most of the heavy lifting himself, though Mike Pence represented the team effort well when called upon.

It sounds like Biden’s handlers are searching for something for Harris to do while desperately attempting to make her likable enough to assume the top job if Grampa Joe wakes up one morning and can’t remember how to put his slippers on. By the looks of it, that day isn’t far off.

It’s safe to say a lot of voters are experiencing a severe case of buyer’s remorse at Joe Biden’s lack of sharpness in office. The people who might’ve been on the fence chose Grampa Joe because of his reputation for getting things accomplished through force of personality. Putting Kamala Harris in that role doesn’t work. Even if she is Biden’s understudy, she’s a poor substitute.

And the “fans” are bound to be awfully unhappy when she’s filling in for him on the road.

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