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The Right Resistance: Kamala Harris and the Democrats’ world of reflections and illusions in 2024

Ever been inside one of those old-time funhouses where there’s a hall of mirrors and everywhere you look it seems to either lead to a dead end or even worse, take you back to where you started?

A “Hall of Mirrors” is sometimes described as, “[A] place where participants can get lost in a world of reflections and illusions.”


There’s a similar no-way-out “Hall of Mirrors”-type dilemma facing Democrats these days as even now, more than a week since the first-in-the-2024 cycle CNN presidential debate, there are loud calls from a growing contingent of liberal party members imploring the Bidens (both senile Joe and his bossy wife, Dr. Jill) and others with influence to do something about incumbent senile Joe Biden and his never-say-uncle refusal to remove himself from this year’s quadrennial presidential election ballot.


Polls taken after the June 27 event haven’t necessarily signaled irreversible doom for Democrats, but the surveys have generally indicated that Biden himself has suffered damage to his candidacy for his inability to not only defend his administration’s supposed “accomplishments” (this is Democrats we’re talking about), but also his future capabilities to take the party’s case to Donald Trump, a man they maintain is so vile and personally compromised that he only cares about himself and his golf handicap.


As a side note, how many times have Democrats and Trump’s intra-party foes attempted to brand him as a selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic celebrity who’s only entered the political arena to bolster and increase his own legend so as to make lots more money? Too many to count, which is strange considering the vast amounts of dough their lawfare obsession has deprived Trump of in terms of his assets.


News reports have been particularly interesting for Americans searching for clues on how Biden’s personal status will impact this year’s election winner. A host of stories came out last week regarding the Biden family allegedly holding a meeting at Camp David where they either (depending on the report) begged him to get out of the race or pleaded with him to stay in, consequences to the country and the Democrat party be damned.


Whatever the case, the four-day Independence Day weekend didn’t appear to quell the fascination with senile Joe’s daily schedule, mental acuity or stubborn refusal to recognize how sidelined he really is.


And then there’re a few voices who think Kamala Harris is the Democrats’ savior. In an opinion piece titled “Kamala Harris Should Be the Democratic Nominee for President in 2024”, former “moderate” Ohio congressman and briefly a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Tim Ryan wrote at Newsweek:


“Those who say that a Harris candidacy is a greater risk than the Joe Biden we saw the other night and will continue to see are not living in reality. It is not just utterly preposterous for the haters to say that, it is insulting.


“Vice President Harris could carry a much more convincing Democratic message than President Biden, especially on the abortion issue, which will be a decisive topic in the fall. She would boldly tell Donald Trump that his hands have been on enough women's bodies without their consent and ensure that American women are protected from his attempts to control their health care decisions.


“She would energize the Black, brown, and Asian Pacific members of our coalition. (Read Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, Miami and Milwaukee.) She would immediately pull the dispirited youth of our country back into the fold. And a vibrant campaign that shows her strength, personality and intelligence will have Democratic and Republican suburban women feeling much more comfortable with her than either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. They will give her a chance.”


Simply put, this is one of those Democrat pie-in-the-sky utterings that defies common experience and events of the past how many years? It’s time to break out the ol’ laugh test for Tim Ryan, because his glowing tribute to Kamala Harris most definitely fails it!


Take Ryan’s reference to Trump above -- “his hands have been on enough women's bodies without their consent”, blah, blah, blah. They’re just unsubstantiated rumors fanned by tabloid publishers and sensationalists looking to make a buck off of Trump’s playboy past character. But considering Harris’s well-earned reputation for sleeping her way to the top in her premarital days, how many hands have been on Kamala with her consent? The Democrats would do well to not relitigate the “Trump’s a cad” line of persuasion from Crooked Hillary’s campaign of 2016.


In addition, I’m sorry, Tim. I don’t really know much about you but this op-ed you’ve put together touting Kamala Harris’s talents and smarts sounds like it was a writing assignment produced at the order of a high school composition teacher whose idea it was to write about an unnamed Democrat female subject -- and to make it sound as though the column could apply to just about any of them.


“Fill in the blank” for the name. How about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Hillary Clinton? Maxine Waters? Nancy Pelosi? Dr. Jill Biden? Minnie Mouse? Wouldn’t all of these gals have talent descriptions similar to what Ryan put down for Kamala?


When readers actually peruse the text and try to plug in Kamala Harris’s name as the recipient for all of this slobbery praise, they choke and cough. The Kamala Harris that Americans have come to know and dislike over the past four years doesn’t sound anything like the person Tim Ryan featured in his column. Harris is the woman whose famous retort, “Well, I’ve never been to Europe either, what’s your point?” to NBC’s Lester Holt’s question on her border knowledge arguably got her started on the road to public relations ruin, and it’s been steeply downhill ever since.


Perhaps Ryan forgot that Harris removed herself from the 2020 Democrat presidential race before the caucuses and primaries even begun that year. Therefore, Kamala didn’t earn a single vote that counted as well as no delegates, no endorsements (that I recall) and left the contest only with her gender and skin color intact.


Democrat voters didn’t take to her back then because of her off-putting personality, horrible record, hypocrisy, and, frankly, because Harris was just plain obtuse. And perceived as unelectable, especially when there were better candidates in the primaries including senile Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Kamala was a blank tablet whose biggest claim to fame had been interrogating Brett Kavanaugh during his senate confirmation hearings.


If Ryan got his wish and Kamala Harris took over as nominee, all Trump and the Republicans would need to do is review tape of then-Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s virtual undressing of the now vice president’s bare naked (devoid of substance, that is) candidacy and the rest would be history. As soon as Harris was exposed as a nothing hypocritical shill of a politician by Gabbard, the California Democrat’s standing in the race sank like a stone in a very deep pond.


Kamala has labored on the chain of reasons to dislike her ever since. To borrow Jacob Marley’s line from “A Christmas Carol”, it is a ponderous chain!


Kamala Harris gives credence to the old saying that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation but only a moment to ruin one. Politics is a hard business for someone who’s not overly bright and not especially articulate. Tim Ryan swears that she’s “cool” and likable on a personal level, but how would the public ever find out? Can you imagine Kamala Harris drawing large crowds on the campaign trail? Who’d want to see her screech?


In addition, if Kamala were to assume senile Joe Biden’s current position, Democrats would be spending most of their time and resources attempting to concoct her a new brand rather than simply concentrating their energies on Trump alone.


Harris would be saddled with all of the negative associations voters currently have of the Biden administration – high inflation, mounting debt, attachment to “woke” culture causes, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, etc. – plus would add her own bugaboos to the mix. Kamala has been Joe Biden’s “border czar”, which puts her in the center of the storm as far as illegal immigration policy is concerned.


Harris was also tasked with representing the Biden administration in the Democrat Congress’s “voting rights” effort which would’ve codified universal mail-in voting as well as federalized control of elections. It would have been a disaster for the nation and elections integrity.


In other words, there’s plenty of issue “ammunition” to use against a Democrat nominee Kamala Harris. It’s not exactly as though she’d be political tabula rasa for leftist spinmeisters to weave into the ultimate Democrat “White Knight” candidate without the baggage of octogenarian senile Joe Biden. Democrats see Harris’s even-worse-than-Biden approval ratings and understand that the chore of trying to make Kamala popular would be even more arduous than it would attempting to revive the nearly-destroyed candidacy of Biden himself.


Democrats would have to put Americans through a real life “Hall of Mirrors” to create illusions that may stick to Trump and elevate Kamala Harris to serve as a viable presidential candidate. Some Democrats probably surmise that they’d only need to carry on the ruse for so long before early voting begins and the Democrat machine takes over… but are they that good at fraud and deception?


For a long time, conservatives have thought that Republicans and Donald Trump must win outside the margin of fraud to ensure victory this year. That fact doesn’t change regardless of whether Biden or cackling Kamala Harris is functioning as Barack Obama’s political heir.


Time will reveal whether some Democrats are successful in moving to replace senile Joe Biden as their party’s nominee this year. The Republican National Convention begins in a week and soon attention will shift back to the Donald Trump show and Americans will disregard the strife in the liberal party. For a time. As for Kamala Harris? She’s the same empty pantsuit she’s always been.

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