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The Right Resistance: Joe should provide the border patrol ATVs and stun guns for the next invasion

It’s safe to say there were a lot of people throughout the ages who made history and didn’t have a clue at the moment of truth that what they were doing in a fairly innocuous capacity would even be noticed much less engulf them in fame or notoriety… or controversy.

One glaring example was Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of six Marines raising the Stars and Stripes over Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima in February, 1945. According to legend, Rosenthal didn’t think much of the photo when he first snapped it, disappointed that the Marines’ faces couldn’t be seen in the black and white image. Needless to say, the American public felt otherwise, and to this day, Rosenthal’s simple spur-of-the-moment inspiration remains one of the most legendary actions of all time. Several horse-mounted members of the United States Border Patrol found themselves at the center of unsolicited (and unmerited) attention last week, not because they’d done something spectacularly life-changing like the Marines did or Rosenthal pressing the shutter button on his camera all those decades ago at Iwo Jima. No, the federal agents drew outrage and scrutiny from small people simply for riding their horses among a group of illegal aliens, trying their darndest to get the Haitian “migrants” to turn back and return to Mexico. They riders probably didn’t realize they were being filmed, but in this day and age of smart phone cameras, the possibility always exists. No doubt they also didn’t consider what they were doing to be offensive or unethical in any way. It’s an overused explanation, but they were “just doing their jobs.” It’s not as though the riders were brandishing long Indiana Jones-like bullwhips in the process of directionally-influencing the Haitian invaders. The agents were merely trying to get the aliens to go back from where they came. Did the unnamed agents fathom they would be slammed as cruel and insensitive by their own president and leftist members of Congress? Hardly. But this is senile Joe Biden we’re talking about. Morgan Chalfant reported at The Hill:

“President Biden … decried the scene of border agents chasing Haitian migrants at the southern border as un-American and vowed to punish those responsible. “’To see people treated like they did, horses barely running them over and people being strapped. It was outrageous. I promise those people will pay,’ Biden said after a reporter asked if he took responsibility for the situation at the border, which he answered that he did. “Biden noted that the Department of Homeland Security is investigating the situation and emphasized ‘there will be consequences.’ ‘It’s an embarrassment. It’s beyond an embarrassment. It’s dangerous, it’s wrong, it sends the wrong message around the world or sends the wrong message at home. It’s simply not who we are,’ Biden continued.”

Really, Joe? Who the heck are we, then? One wonders whether the president actually saw the footage of the alleged event, because at first glance it just looked like a few federal border agents on horses trying to get in front of illegal aliens to obstruct their free movement on American soil. Whose rights were being assaulted? The alleged “whipping” incident never occurred. The only living, breathing creature subject to a strap were the horses themselves. If this constitutes an “embarrassment,” who was embarrassed? Was it the incompetent government authorities who refuse to control the nation’s border? Can’t you just hear the Chinese, Russians and Mexicans laughing at us -- AGAIN? Talk about embarrassing. I’m plenty embarrassed by Biden’s cluelessness, indeed. Besides the optics, what did Biden mean when he said “I promise those people will pay.” Therein lies the difference between Democrats and their twisted “woke” interpretation of today’s real issues and what’s really going on out there in the vast lands beyond the Washington capital. Did Joe mean the migrants themselves would “pay” for breaking the law? With what? Money? Jail time? A sternly worded letter to the Haitian junta? That’s not how Donald Trump would’ve reacted, and it’s the reason why the outsider former president is still so beloved by the average, hard-working American. Trump always sided with Americans. No questions, no hesitation, no wavering. Does the description fit senile Joe too? The ones who actually have to put up with the consequences of illegal immigration -- meaning everyone in the country -- are more fit to sit in judgment as to who was in the wrong in Texas. They realize that those same individuals who were crossing the border and running in the water will most likely not face any kind of legal repercussions for committing crimes. They’ll be given a court date -- maybe -- and perhaps provided transportation to the interior of the country, or simply released for the Texas locals to deal with. Some of them might be deported. But even sending them back to Haiti is deemed cruel and inhumane by weak-kneed liberals. Rep. Maxine Waters thought chasing the aliens on horseback was “worse than what we witnessed in slavery.” What about the perpetrators? Did those scoundrels have a negative COVID test at the ready? Did they carry proof of vaccination? Where were their masks? If COVID is the threat that Biden and Democrats insists it is, weren’t the border patrol riders risking their lives to do their jobs? Did they go back to their base and have a “Heroes Work Here!” sign in front? You see, Joe, the “normals,” as conservative bomb-thrower Kurt Schlichter would label them, see those gallant green-clad men on horses doing whatever they could to enforce the law as heroes. That was my take. At the same time, the level of sympathy for illegal aliens in the process of breaking the law is about zero among the citizenry. If the border patrol were setting up machine guns and mowing down “migrants” like wheat beneath a scythe, there might be compassion for the trespassers. On a scale of one to ten, with one being nothing at all and ten being a capital offense, the border agents at issue here rate a zero. Not only did they not do anything wrong, they were doing one-hundred percent right. The border patrol is so pathetically undermanned, anyone still out there serving is heroic, not a criminal. Biden’s dissing of the horse-mounted agents is a repetition of what occurred last summer during the George Floyd “peaceful” protests, riots and mayhem, when liberal politicians couldn’t wait to coddle the miscreants and blame the police for “systemic racism”. Where was Biden when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were terrorizing citizens and establishing “autonomous zones” in the middle of cities? Who knows what senile Joe would really say about the situation if he weren’t being leaned upon so heavily by the “woke” police bashing, race is everything crowd. Would Maxine Waters be so outraged if the color of the migrants’ skin wasn’t black? Is it okay to detain brown people from central America and the Middle East but not descendants of Africans from Haiti? What’s the distinction? Democrats aren’t making much sense these days, but what’s their motivation for making champions out of illegal aliens and villains out of the border patrol heroes fulfilling their duty? The bottom line: Democrats are using this incident as a distraction from their other scandals, including their non-existent immigration policies that have led to or will lead to two-million illegal border transgressions this year. Joe Biden has never had great political instincts, but his statement about the Haitian migrant situation and “this is not who we are” is absurd. How do he and his handlers expect the public to react?

What Joe might’ve said: “We’re reviewing the incident to see if there were any procedures or policies that were violated. I do know that there’s a real crisis in that region of Texas and the hard-working federal officers are overworked and outmanned. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices. My administration will address the manpower shortages and get the border patrol the resources they need to enforce the law.

“And next time we’ll provide fresh horses for additional patrols. If there’s international outrage over the ‘whips’, maybe we’ll just give them ATV’s and stun guns instead.”

Senile Joe Biden made a fool of himself when he criticized the horse-mounted U.S. border patrol agents for simply doing their jobs last week. Democrats have enough political problems as it is, they certainly didn’t need to compound their malaise by defending illegal Haitian border jumpers. How much more out-of-touch can they be?

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