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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden is falling down. Will Democrats crash to earth with him?

(To the tune of the old English nursery rhyme: “London Bridge is falling down”):

“Senile Joe Biden is falling down, falling down, falling down. Senile Joe Biden is falling down, my fair Democrat”.

According to Wikipedia: “[The rhyme] deals with the dilapidation of London Bridge and attempts, realistic or fanciful, to repair it. It may date back to bridge-related rhymes and games of the Late Middle Ages...” With apologies to the unknown original creator of the children’s verse, some contemporary folks are starting to notice similarities between the dilapidated condition of the American president and the legendary English bridge that many a child grew up crooning about. Biden is so physically challenged these days that one never knows when or where poor ol’ senile Joe might be falling down, falling down, falling down again.

As one observer pointed out regarding the president’s most recent journey to the floor, none of the members of his secret service detail seemed particularly shocked by the man’s sudden stumble, possibly indicating that Joe’s vertically challenged bad habit has manifested itself before – just not so remarkably in front of a graduating class full of future military leaders. No doubt the Secret Service’s higher ups have advised their underlings to be “at the ready” whenever Biden travels anywhere. For all we know the old fool’s regularly been falling down, falling down, falling down on his way to the White House dining room for his morning coffee and newspaper, too.

Seeing a frail 80-year-old man take an unprompted spill is never funny, so I’m not pointing to this episode to generate a chuckle. At least not intentionally. But the longer time goes on and the more senile Joe’s mental – and physical – wellbeing erodes, the greater the likelihood that there could be/will be changes at the top of the 2024 Democrat presidential ticket next year. The possibility seems to be eating at the Democrats who surmise their entire reason for being revolves around keeping Biden’s mouth moving long enough to beat Donald Trump – or whomever the GOP nominates in 2024 – and therefore keep the gravy train chugging down the tracks.

What if the president takes a tumble on his journey to the podium to accept the nomination?

Consternation is too mild a word to describe the feeling in Democrat circles these days. In a piece titled, “Biden fall reignites fears on age, successor; Democratic Party downplays need for backup”, Seth McLaughlin wrote recently at The Washington Times:

“Behind the scenes… party insiders say activists are fretting about Mr. Biden‘s age, and say other Democrats are certainly waiting in the wings and sussing out their options — albeit under the radar and in the discreetest of fashions. Democratic Party officials see the polls that show most of their voters would rather see Mr. Biden sit this race out, citing his age as their chief concern.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom and Rep. Ro Khanna, both of Californians, are backing Mr. Biden but also have been raising their national profiles in campaign-like fashions. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who won the 2016 Iowa caucuses and finished a close second in the New Hampshire primary, is ripe for another run, as are some of Mr. Biden’s other former primary rivals such as Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Cory A. Booker of New Jersey.

“Others say the party would have to look toward recent winners from competitive battleground states. Leaders with ground organizations in place and national brands that could energize donors and voters. Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, and Govs. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania and Roy Cooper of North Carolina could lay claim to that mantle.”

Gee, and I thought there were a lot of Republicans running against Donald Trump this time. Speaking of nursery rhymes, should poor senile Joe take another Humpty-Dumpty-like “great fall”, all the dolt’s limousines and consultants, shills, grifters and deep state men probably couldn’t put his campaign viability back together again.

Another senile Joe faceplant means the floodgates could very well open and a putrid and toxic ooze of wannabe leftist slime would flow out of Democrat headquarters. Based on McLaughlin’s list alone, is there a single pol in Democrat-land who could lay claim to an electoral mantle? Here’s thinking Democrats would prefer to reconstruct Biden’s slipping (pardon the pun) reputation rather than change political pitchers in the middle of an inning if Senator Raphael Warnock is the best hurler they could come up with.

Besides, generally speaking, I’m kind of stumped as to why the always-opportunistic Democrats don’t concoct a way to tie Biden’s falling sprees to one or more of their fantasy leftist agenda items and then threaten the American people with doomsday scenarios if the federal money spigot is partially turned off by a change at the top next year. Couldn’t liberals say, for example, “Climate change is an existential threat; if the earth’s mean temperature warms another thousandth of a degree, polar bears will die, storms will intensify and octogenarian old idiots will hallucinate about sandbags in front of them and trip over imaginary barriers.”

Or, “If we don’t allow abortions as a healthcare right, eighty years from now there will be millions more liberal morons making fools of themselves in front of their progeny at family gatherings. And a lot more broken hip replacements, man.” Or, “We Democrats are fighting to dump more money into America’s entitlement programs so lying jerks will have the indefinite opportunity to trip over their own feet for centuries to come.” And, “We’ll need to forgive the med school loans of millions more doctors along with legions of new lawyers to treat and represent the enormous uptick in slip and falls.”

Shameless Democrats would do anything to win, and by all appearances, the majority of decision-makers seem to believe senile Joe is the best one to appear on the ticket. Make no mistake, however, the microsecond that senile Joe Biden loses his usefulness to the leftist clowns who run the Democrat party – a.k.a., the out-of-touch billionaire donor class – there will be calls to “replace” him on the party ticket.

Who knows, maybe then Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or Corey Bush would get her chance. Or Maxine Waters – now there’s a signature Democrat for ya!

Yes, his Colorado Springs fall was embarrassing, but Biden has likely had worse snafus that were never reported. All of this kerfuffle over falling might be surfacing because the Delawarean doofus is losing his appeal with Democrats. Everyone knows many principled conservatives weren’t thrilled with the debt ceiling deal that was thrown together by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the president’s representatives, but liberals were even angrier at senile Joe for “caving” on so many of McCarthy’s demands when (they said) he didn’t have to.

Shouldn’t Republicans have just been forced to agree to a “clean” debt increase? Has Biden lost his touch as a negotiator? Isn’t it time to get rid of him? How to do it? What about bringing up the age issue, again, to make the case that Democrats need to change horses in mid-race to counteract the presence of the heinous Donald Trump and the other Trump stooges?

Could it be that Biden is starting to be seen as just another broken down old white hack who wore out his welcome and stayed too long? After all, old white kooks like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi get passes from the naysayers simply because they still spout the leftist narrative and don’t go on TV like senile Joe did to praise a “bipartisan” deal that basically introduces the concepts of spending caps and welfare reform into the American vernacular.

Does the McCarthy/Biden “deal” mean Uncle Sam will stop blowing money or that deadbeats (average Democrat voters) might have to get off the couch to work? Not necessarily, but perceptions are everything to those who rely on the dumb and ignorant portion of the American public to remain in power.

One suspects that the potential excuses to replace Biden will only grow as the months go by and the list of Democrat policy triumphs dwindles to near zero. The vast majority of the summer campaign season news buzz will involve the ongoing Donald Trump vs. the world Republican presidential contest. No one will be talking about Biden unless he does something stupid – or collapses again. The establishment media will do its best to keep focus on how the GOP-led House is trying to starve poor people to death, but there’s only so much that can be done by the talkers to fool people.

Democrats instinctively understand that, one way or another, they are most likely stuck with Joe Biden as their 2024 nominee. To try and develop an “alternative” this late in the game would one, look desperate, and two, be very hard to pull off. Senile Joe would need to be almost completely incapacitated for liberals to make a switch work, and there’s no way he would agree to bow out on his own.

The question of who would replace Biden is one Democrats would prefer not to think about these days. But every senile Joe stumble, bumble, gaffe or fall just brings them one step closer to openly declaring that something needs to be done about their president’s age and mental and physical conditions. There’s no easy solution in Democrat-land today. They made their bed – now they must lie in it.

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