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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden fooled millions in 2020; Americans have woken up ever since

In the world of professional sports, just because a team does very well – or especially poorly – one year doesn’t mean they’ll maintain (or heighten) their performance level the next season. I think every team’s general manager would concede that they can’t just do the

same things from year to year and expect incremental improvements each period.


In sports, players age, get lured away by other teams, submit to their oversized egos, demand huge salary boosts due to one stellar season’s heroics and lose focus due to “other” things going on in their lives. Recent Masters champion Scottie Scheffler’s wife, for example, is due to give birth to the couple’s first child, who the world’s number one golfer admitted will instantly become a higher priority in his daily existence than has been his golfing career.


Can Scheffler sustain the intensity and excellence in an incredibly mentally demanding profession where one simple mistake can mean the difference between winning it all and not even making a cut? We’ll see.


Likewise, politicians can’t be complacent, either. The political public opinion “game” is more challenging than any athletic contest, and complacency not only brings losses on the playing field – or voting booth – it opens up the country to an alternative which can literally ruin lives. Such is the case in this year’s election, most likely pitting former president Donald J. Trump and broken-down current president senile Joe Biden.


In the latter’s example, Biden can’t hope to win a second term by doing just what he did in 2020. But the corrupted swamp pol also can’t hope to win without retaining his support from the previous election. In an article titled, “Biden Has to Win Back His 2020 VotersWilliam A. Galston wrote at the Wall Street Journal recently:


“Since leaving the White House, Mr. Trump has fired up his base but done little to expand it. This explains why national surveys show him with roughly the level of support he received in November 2020. By contrast, if polls are correct, Mr. Biden’s share of the popular vote has dropped by 5 to 6 points since 2020.


“To narrow this shortfall, Mr. Biden may be able to persuade a fraction of former Trump supporters—mainly those who favored Nikki Haley before she dropped out of the race—to join his cause. But his best chance of re-election lies in bringing most of the voters who supported him four years ago back into the fold. If he isn’t able to do that, he’ll lose...


“[S]upport for Mr. Biden isn’t yet strong enough to re-elect him. To close this gap, his campaign will need to remind voters why they rejected Donald Trump in 2020, hit hard on abortion and threats to democracy—and hope that the news on inflation, interest rates and foreign conflicts between now and November is positive enough to reduce public discontent with the president’s performance.”


For those who’ve paid attention, senile Joe is fond of telling and retelling the tale of 80 million Americans supposedly choosing him for the next president last time around. Such stoic figures fail to account for the evidence of mail-in ballot induced fraud which silently (or not so silently) propelled his basement-based campaign to victory over a man who attracted controversy but otherwise proved to be an effective commander-in-chief.


American elections are what they are – after all, voters allegedly previously opted for a zipper challenged lying scumbag from Arkansas as well as a golden-tongued community organizer from Chicago as president in the recent past. One wonders if people actually wanted these Democrats to preside over the world’s leading economy – or whether the Republican alternative in each example was just that poor.


This is for historians to ponder but still makes for invigorating dinnertime conversation at parties and family gatherings. No wonder the general rule is to never bring up religion or politics in polite company.


But Galston’s argument makes sense, since senile Joe will need to keep the fools who voted for him in 2020 onboard with his 2024 campaign to maintain a prayer of earning a second term. Biden is no athlete, but his next “season” better be as productive as his last one, or he’ll be spending the rest of his days eating ice cream and telling whoppers to whomever would listen at his beach house in Delaware.


Or perhaps he’ll be in jail, though no federal prosecutor under the current regime appears willing to try the “well-meaning elderly man” for the crimes he’s committed. All of the Democrats’ “no one is above the law” pontificating only applies to Donald Trump.


Therefore, Biden’s only option is to attempt to hold on to the voters who chose him four years ago. Of course, back then senile Joe enjoyed favorable political winds brought on by panic-stricken Democrats who took advantage of the COVID pandemic and frightened group-thinkers who in turn pressured their legislatures to jigger poorly monitored mail-in balloting from coast-to-coast. Not only did the post office become the vote carrier of preference, most states allowed up to two months for participants to send in their ballots.


It's been wondered before – how many Democrat ballot casters had died or left the country by election day? Similarly, what quantity of low-information voters were coerced by an interest group or NGO to go with the poorer choice?


And, can Biden count on the social conditions being similar to 2020’s in 2024? The summerlong “protests” involving the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis drowned out most of the legitimate debate involving issues, foreign policy, tax schemes or border proposals. It was said that only illegal immigrants could break into this country and be allowed to stay without proving their vaccination status.


Will the 2020 ballot casters whose kneejerk migration to senile Joe Biden stick with him four years later? Glance at Facebook these days and chances are you’ll find a post or two that contrasts gas prices then and now, or depicts some aspect of Americana that’s changed rapidly in those four years. With awful Palestinian protesters shutting down major bridges and intersections without condemnation from the president himself, will voters’ frustrations boil over – and force them to select the true law and order candidate this year?


Survey after survey seems to show greater numbers of African-American and Hispanic voters expressing their frustrations with old and decrepit Biden, yet the incumbent remains in a virtual dead-heat for the popular vote lead. How many welfare-dependent idiots are there in Los Angeles and New York City and Philadelphia to cancel the votes of millions in the heartland who suffer under Biden’s policies?


To make matters worse, there appears to be no legal recourse to bring the Democrats to justice. Seeing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer all-but cancel the House’s vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last week – how can the country get border security with the current executive rulers in charge?


Therefore, without COVID to scare people to death or impose process limitations to force accountability on the Democrats, with inflation slowly creeping up again, a world with two hot wars already burning and more possibly on the way, who in their right mind would even consider voting for senile Joe Biden again?


Democrats and their establishment media allies are bent on weakening Trump through the legal process, with the New York City judge presiding over the absurd “Hush Money” case even ordering the former president to skip his son’s high school graduation to be in the courtroom listening to motions and false testimony against him.


Here’s thinking that Americans won’t go for Biden again, or at least not the 80 million who purportedly did so in 2020. It’s highly unlikely that many of Trump’s 2020 voters will have been persuaded to join the other side in the interim, either. Senile Joe’s entire campaign message is based on scaring fence-sitters into voting against Trump rather than opting for four more years of the current governing lineup.


A winning sports team may bank that they’ve got another season or two of top production left from the team’s veterans. But there’s no guarantee that the good times will last – and neither should Biden count on Americans’ goodwill. It’s not just that the current president is seen as too old and physically and mentally infirm to carry on, his policies themselves aren’t popular. Polls show Biden with an advantage only on abortion, which isn’t a subject with total agenda appeal.


Will Americans be willing to put up with inflation, high interest rates, a southern border in utter disarray and “woke” nonsense for another term to save a woman’s legal ability to terminate her own unborn child? The blue states where abortion is already widely available are already safely in senile Joe’s “win” column.


If it can be said that Trump has only secured his base (and no one else), the same is true for Biden (a.k.a. abortion voters). The disgruntled Never Trumpers and Nikki Haley supporters should come back to the Republican side. Here’s thinking Haley herself will probably get around to endorsing Trump sometime around the Republican convention. Nikki has no true political principles, but she does have ambition, and she knows she has no prayer in 2028 without making a play to appease the MAGA voters who constitute the foundation of the “new” Republican party.


Plus, the Democrats’ naked lawfare will backfire on them. Wait and see.


Senile Joe Biden, like a flash-in-the-pan sports league winner, can’t hope to pull a 2024 repeat of his 2020 anomaly without getting his old voters onboard. The main problem for Biden is he has nothing new to offer people. More government spending will only generate more inflation, and Americans are worried about the future. They were happier under Trump – and they’ll go back to MAGA in November.

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