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The Right Resistance: It’s official – Dems want J6 surveillance video pre-labeled as disinformation

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. And if you’re a Democrat and you don’t initially succeed, keep trying until everyone gets so sick of your whining that you finally get what you want.

Or so it seems regarding the Democrats’ incessant bellyaching over Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s recent decision to allow Fox News host Tucker Carlson (and his staff) to view thousands of hours of government security camera footage from January 6, 2021. In case you’ve been trapped under a heavy object since before the capital “tourism” riot, that’s when Donald Trump supporters were let into the building by the police on duty – and a few of the red, white and blue-clad MAGA protesters behaved badly. Many of them were subsequently pursued by the Joe Biden “justice” department for the crime of being alive and in the vicinity when Congress convened to rubberstamp the results of the 2020 election.

Democrats – and a handful of wishy-washy Republican losers like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – sought to turn the incident into their holy grail of hate for anyone who backed or voted for the outsider president Donald Trump. Most, if not all, of the narrative from January 6 onward presented only one point of view – that of the Democrats and their establishment media soulmates.

A number of Fox News hosts offered alternative interpretations of the political happenings of the time which contradicted much of what Democrats insisted upon Americans believing. Now liberals are so desperate for silence they’re beseeching the owner of a Republican-leaning media network to personally get involved and put a stop to any perspectives Democrats disagree with.

In a piece titled “Schumer, Jeffries ask Murdoch to stop Fox hosts lying about 2020 election”, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reported last week:

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries have sent a letter to Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch asking him to stop Fox News personalities from ‘spreading false election narratives,’ warning they could lead to ‘further acts of political violence.’

“The Democratic leaders focus on Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has received exclusive access from Speaker Kevin McCarthy to review security footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol...

“’We demand that you direct Tucker Carlson and other hosts on your network to stop spreading false election narratives and admit on the air that they were wrong to engage in such negligent behavior,’ they wrote. They argued that spreading ‘false propaganda’ could embolden future attacks against lawmakers and public officials and ‘broadly weakens faith in our democracy.’”

What “faith in our democracy” are they talking about? So… Chucky and Hakeem (the dream?) are terrified of spreading “false propaganda”? What do they call every plank in the Democrat platform? How about widely disseminating the fairytale that “climate change” is “settled science” and “renewable energy” will supplant the need for fossil fuels within a few decades?

Or the “false propaganda” that a baby in his or her mother’s womb is just a “tissue mass” and abortion is really “reproductive healthcare”? Or the unquestionable fiction that human beings can change their biological sex and deserve to be treated as their chosen gender when their DNA cannot be altered, making transgenderism the biggest farce since the advent of “The View”?

The list of leftist Democrat pipedreams masquerading as public policy goes on and on. For two of the party’s most prominent and visible elected leaders to go begging the leader of a contrarian news network to gag the nation’s most popular and credible cable host screams of desperation and fear. Are these morons seriously suggesting that there are groups out there who will watch Tucker Carlson’s report and plan a real “insurrection”?

While it’s convenient to suggest that Democrats are only concerned about Fox hosts like Tucker gaining a glimpse at the security procedures in the vaunted “Temple of Democracy” (their words, not mine), there must be much more at play here.

No one favors revealing the capitol security protocols themselves, only to see whether the police violated their duties on that fateful afternoon in early 2021. Whereas Democrats always come out strong when there’s any hint of excessive force against a member of their protected demographic or racial classes – you know, criminals like George Floyd, drugged out losers like Michael Brown or multi-felon Rodney King – they suddenly morph into guardians of “blue” rights when the preyed upon subjects are Trump supporters.

Where was the outrage over the unjustified murder of military veteran Ashli Babbitt? Won’t the security camera coverage merely expose the truth of what happened to her and finally give her family peace that she might not have died in vain – or at least without adequate explanation?

Democrats never seek to shed light on anything they find unpleasant – or that calls into question their sincerity for the crackpot causes they push every day.

Why do you think Democrats were so hesitant to touch on the recent environmentally disastrous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio? It’s because the region voted heavily for Trump in 2020, is populated by poor white people with no affinity for “woke” causes and because the accident happened on Joe Biden’s watch, that’s why.

But what is even more sinister on Schumer’s and Jeffries’ part is the larger mission to keep the public from receiving answers from government authorities on any matter that liberal deep staters prefer kept quiet. If someone like Tucker Carlson comes out and questions the official chronicle that’s emanating from the mouths of establishment spokespeople, the assertion instantly becomes a “conspiracy theory” to be squelched before the general public’s attention could be diverted away from their spin.

Didn’t FBI Director Christopher Wray admit just last week that the FBI has thought, for some time, that the notorious Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus came from a bioweapons lab leak in Wuhan and not from the innards of some mutated pangolin from a wet market? In essence, Wray gave credence to everyone, including myself, who argued that the virus was most likely intentionally “manufactured” and released to kill people in the United States and the west?

Even today, liberals are conducting a rearguard (butt covering) maneuver to maintain the myth that the virus just “happened” and groups like the World Health Organization aren’t corrupt to the core by covering the Chinese government’s role in all of this. Don’t forget how Democrats demagogued the CCP virus issue to death in 2020 and basically won the election because the American people were kept in the dark as to its true origins.

Meanwhile, Democrats championed Dr. Anthony “fuzzball” Fauci and savaged Trump for advocating for a much quicker reopening of the economy. Democrats blamed the hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to COVID on Trump’s policies. If you don’t remember, just replay footage from the 2020 Democrat convention and you’ll be even more disgusted at the lies and sell-jobs from the who’s who of liberal politicians and Hollywood celebrities.

Why aren’t Chucky and Hakeem complaining about liberal networks spreading that disinformation? What about the effort to suppress news of Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Democrats hope to keep all of this away from the eyeballs of the public, too, but if anything, their very public anti-Tucker crusade will only drive more viewers to Carlson’s upcoming reports on the January 6 footage. If “Chucky” Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries are begging Rupert Murdoch to put restraints on Tucker, there must really be something there, right?

While they’re at it, maybe Democrats could implore Murdoch to command his underlings to cease talking about their own phony Russia, Russia, Russia 2016 election interference and “collusion” narrative as well. The shameless Democrat leadership has never acknowledged that the whole Hillary Clinton-generated investigation was false and unmerited.

Chances are Carlson’s team will produce a flawlessly-researched and eloquently argued piece that refutes some if not most of what Democrats and the media claim went on that day. Instead of depicting Nancy Pelosi as a steadfast leader and brave soul in the face of danger, the “true” facts will reveal a host of mistakes made while conjuring more questions than answers.

Why didn’t Pelosi accept Trump’s offer to call in the National Guard prior to the January 6 massive protest? Why haven’t Democrats pushed the FBI and police to investigate the mysterious pipe bomber who allegedly planted explosives at the Democrat National Committee building? Why weren’t the police appropriately staffed? Why did some officers go beyond their training and abuse various Constitution-protected political protesters?

And, why didn’t Pelosi’s January 6 committee focus on the protest itself and merely gather facts and testimony rather than conduct a blatant Trump-centered political witch hunt?

Silencing Fox News hosts such as Tucker Carlson will only exacerbate the already super-heated tensions between the two political viewpoints in America. Sunlight and free speech are the only means for citizens to perhaps regain trust that we’re being told the truth. We need more openness, not less. Democrats can’t stomach the people knowing what happened on January 6.

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