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The Right Resistance: Ignoring and discarding the Democrats’ calls for ‘Mercy!’ in the midterms

Do you feel sympathy for the Democrats?

Think about it. Have you ever been to a sporting event where the numbers on the scoreboard became so lopsided in favor of your favorite team that you almost felt sorry for your rival? Or can you envision a scenario where a punishment for an enemy was so severe that you screamed for clemency, even though the perpetrator deserved every abuse he received and, arguably more?

One theatrical depiction demonstrates the concept. In the classic historical thriller “Braveheart”, there’s a scene near the film’s conclusion where the English authorities, under the direction of the near-dead King Edward the Longshanks, were determined to shame and execute the captured Scottish rebel, William Wallace. The Scot, ably played by legendary actor Mel Gibson, vowed to endure any torture his captors subjected him to without uttering the word “mercy” -- which was precisely what the inquisitors hoped he would submit to saying.

The famous scene proceeds with the sadistic English executioners putting Wallace through heinous tortures to compel him to bend, including disemboweling him in front of the shrieking large crowd of ghoulish onlookers. ‘Dang, that must hurt – he ain’t gonna recover from that even if they stopped right now’ is what everyone must have been thinking at the moment. As would be expected, the prisoner was visibly out of his mind upon being hanged, stretched and having his entrails removed from his midsection with a rusty hook.

The sickened crowd chanted “Mercy! Mercy!” to no avail. They just wanted the pain over for the man, even though they’d jeered and thrown rotten vegetables at him just minutes before.

To make a long story short, Wallace held out and the lead executioner finally gave the go ahead to behead the poor soul to belatedly end his misery. Mercy! Mercy!

Forgive me for the lengthy analogy, but today’s political situation reminds me a little of the rival team getting its butt kicked or of a dreadful enemy acting pathetic and destined for infamy amidst circumstances that will end his life. Such is the case with today’s Democrat party, led by hapless senile president Joe Biden and his equally wretched band of liberal congressional leaders.

Based on polling, nearly all the electoral forecasts are bad for the Democrats these days as they stare at the daily/weekly formation of a historic wave reminiscent of the force that engulfed Herbert Hoover and the Republican Party in the early 1930’s, one that could and probably will sweep them out of power.

Of course, the Democrats are somewhat conditioned to dramatic course reversals, having gone through two of them – one in 1994 and the other in 2010 – but the movement brewing for 2022 looks ominous even by comparison. Various conservative leaders have cautioned against overconfidence, lest the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the political direction of the faltering United States passes by without capitalizing on it. But the Democrats are starting to look like they’re fifty points behind in the fourth quarter with a defense that emotionally quit in the first half, or like the cinematic William Wallace shortly after his guts were callously deposited on the floor by his tormentors.

Will it be that bad? One can only aspire! Mercy, anyone?

“Midterm election years are almost never good for a president’s party. Even before the calamitous events of the past 10 months, Democrats knew the first midterm election of President Biden’s tenure in office would be a challenge.

“But the cascade of catastrophe that has so dented what little American optimism remained in the waning days of the pandemic and the associated economic recovery has even the most optimistic Democratic Party strategists and pollsters staring into an unprecedented abyss. Their standing, about five months before voters head to the polls, is worse than it has been for any president in modern times, by almost any indicator.

“A new study compiled by Gallup comparing widely used barometers of midterm attitudes since 1974, which has made the rounds widely in Democratic circles this week, underscores just how bad the atmosphere has become.”

Wilson’s article contains a Gallup chart that shows various data points for Presidential approval, Congressional approval, U.S. satisfaction and Seat Change (in each midterm election). Simply put, the skies to the west and north look ominous for Democrats. An umbrella might not be sufficient to protect from the hailstorm to come. Seek shelter – there’s a tornado, hurricane and tsunami approaching!

It certainly looks bleak for the Democrats, with their spinmeisters and consultants weakly pointing out that Republicans aren’t exactly popular either. That may be true, but when the totality of problems is added up, there’s no doubting that Democrats are on the outside looking in – or the bottom looking up. How’s the view from down there, Kamala?

Further, I believe the polls indicating that Democrats still possess a ghost of a chance are badly skewed, primarily because one of the liberals’ formerly reliable constituencies, Hispanics, are abandoning the party faster than you can say “Latinx” or other condescending term to describe the stereotyped Democrat voting bloc of welfare loving immigrants. What, you mean humans of Hispanic origin aren’t wild about government policy based on “climate change”, high gas and food prices and promises of more race-and-sex-based preferential treatment for black women, homosexuals and transgenders? Say it isn’t so!

If Hispanics vote for national Republicans in similar numbers as they did in last week’s Texas special election, there’s no way Democrats will compete in areas with significant Hispanic populations. There’s going to be a lot of Democrats cursing in Spanish in November this year, folks.

But should we pity Democrats like a vanquished rival for their apparent unfortunate destiny? The only example of where I felt sorry for my “enemy” school came in the annual football clash last November, when my alma mater, Ucla, played our usually superior foe, USC, and embarrassed them. The game started even enough, with the Trojans taking a 10-7 lead into the second quarter. Ucla then scored three consecutive touchdowns in a seven minute span and the rout was on. The injury depleted USC squad labored under an interim coach and didn’t resemble a school with a proud athletic tradition at all. They were a sorry sight. A joy to watch for my side!

Ucla wasn’t having the greatest of seasons either, but to lay this kind of hurt on USC in their home stadium wasn’t expected. I thought of the friends and relatives who cheer for the other team and, almost, felt sorry for them -- hopefully a feeling they experienced themselves when the roles were reversed in past years while ‘SC rolled to big margins (it’s happened more than I care to remember). The final score last year was Ucla 62, USC 33. But it arguably could’ve been worse/better.

Will Republicans undergo a similar sort of “remorse” on Election Night this year? Almost certainly. This year feels a lot like 1994, when Rush Limbaugh’s radio broadcasts highlighted the liberal gobbledygook of the Bill Clinton administration and helped the Newt Gingrich led GOP to smashing ballot box success and a House majority for the first time in 40 years.

2022 also shares similarities with 2010, when the Tea Party movement was in its heyday, where decent Constitution-revering Americans were up in arms about the Democrats’ tyrannical Obamacare fiasco. When liberals get their claws on the levers of power it’s hard for them to restrain themselves. Does this sound anything like what’s happened in the past year and a half?

But perhaps the would-be victors shouldn’t gloat too much. Adding to my tale from above, USC has since hired a high-profile new head coach and received transfer commitments from several supposed “stars” (including a leading Heisman trophy candidate quarterback) at other schools, so their team should be drastically improved from last season. Who knows if the new nucleus will return the Trojans to their glory days, but however it pans out, Ucla is very unlikely to earn another blowout victory like last year’s. I guess this means I should savor the good fortune while it lasts.

And Republicans shouldn’t squander their golden chance to tie every single Democrat candidate at all levels to the failed national agenda under senile Joe, San Fran Nan and cryin’ Chucky. Democrats think they can tap into anticipated public angst over the reversal of Roe v. Wade together with findings from the stupid January 6 commission to squelch the bleeding.

Oh yeah, Democrats are also praying for gas and food prices to decrease and that there won’t be a recession caused by the FED jacking up interest rates to try and tame rampant inflation, too.

If wishes were fishes, right?

Personally, I think Republicans should run up the score this year on the Democrats and not feel a smidgen of guilt about it. Unlike in a sporting contest – or a movie depiction of a famous execution – there aren’t any extraneous circumstances to indicate that the liberal party deserves our compassion. They’ve overplayed their political positions, impeachment rhetoric and the exploitation of the January 6 incident to the point where they warrant a good shellacking.

They should get nothing, and like it.

And it will feel great to see Nancy Pelosi figuratively frog marched out of the House Speaker’s chair for the final time. Ditto for seeing “Chucky” Schumer being forced to say compulsory nice things about “the need to work together” and “respect the rights of the minority” when he’s returned to his previous status as minority leader.

I can’t wait for November 8. No mercy!

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