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The Right Resistance: If Republicans must state the obvious, why not promote marriage, too?

Everyone who’s followed American politics for any appreciable amount of time knows most politicians like to do two things, a lot: lie, and state the obvious.

The lying part is primarily acted upon by “Evil Party” Democrats such as president senile Joe Biden, and they do so largely because they can’t sell their bogus platforms without making their programs sound as though they’d actually help make citizens’ lives better rather than merely stealing from them, restricting their freedoms or bankrupting them through oppressive taxation.

Take the ongoing furor over “climate change” for example. Democrats tell voters there’s an “existential crisis” caused by an excess of carbon emissions released into the earth’s atmosphere that allegedly warms the planet, which in turn results in polar ice melting (causing oceans to rise), drought, killer monster storms (increased hurricane activity, tornadoes and wildfires fanned by hot, dry winds) or hotter than heck summers like the one we just had.

“Climate change” fright gives said lying pols an excuse to appropriate hundreds of billions of borrowed tax dollars to sprinkle onto Democrat constituents to mitigate carbon emissions and sometimes produce “clean energy”, which really isn’t all that clean when the totality of the circumstances is taken into account (Chinese batteries for EVs, windmills that require a dozen years to actually pay for themselves and solar panels that are extremely expensive to discard or impossible to recycle).

When they’re not lying outright, many politicians prefer stating the obvious about some issues, such as “crime is bad”, or “high taxes hurt family budgets” or “ordinary people struggle when the price of gasoline goes up”, or “clean water is a good thing.” Office seekers are against all the bad things, love the good things, and work to convince voters that they (the politicians) know the difference, right?

Then there are issues that are so obvious that most ambitious politicians practically ignore them because they figure normal people already know the truth and don’t feel a need to be reminded. One such topic concerns marriage: marriage is a good thing because great things come from it, such as social stability, children (supposedly), more tax money (married households earn more) and a tendency to frown upon law breaking.

Why don’t we hear more about marriage, then, particularly from Republicans (otherwise known as the “Stupid Party”)? Democrats are notorious for lying about or denying cultural deterioration, so why shouldn’t GOP candidates take advantage and promote something simple and obvious, like getting married?

Addressing social scientist Melissa Kearney’s new book, “The Two-Parent Privilege,” in a piece titled “On Marriage, an Economist Bravely States the Obvious”, Jason L. Riley wrote at The Wall Street Journal recently:

“[Kearny] reports that in 1960 only 5% of babies were born to unwed mothers in the U.S. In 2019 it was almost 50%. U.S. children are the most likely in the world to live with only one parent. This is an enormous problem, and there’s no such thing as too many books being written about it.

“Still, it’s unfortunate that we’ve reached a point where scaredy-cat social scientists are more interested in being popular than in following the facts, weighing the evidence and reporting the findings. Worse, what keeps you in good standing in academic circles seemingly has more to do with the political correctness of your research and less to do with its rigor or usefulness.

“Whether the topic is family structure, climate change or the New York Times’s ‘1619 Project,’ the intellectual cowardice on display in recent years has been stunning. It’s clear that our intellectual class, like every other special-interest group, has its own agenda and its own blind spots. For too many academic scholars, integrity has become a secondary concern.”

It’s hard to disagree with Riley, this subject should be a no-brainer, yet the academic “community” isn’t far removed from politics where office seekers run away from deteriorating social norms due to fear of losing favor with big blocs of voters, primarily the abortion-loving young and single crowd (again, mostly young females) or haggish limousine liberal suburbanites who believe the government should stay off their bodies except when it comes to terminating pregnancies or mandating individuals to submit to untested vaccines.

Or naming names and taking the African-American “community” head-on by questioning why so many black babies are born out of wedlock, which leads to a host of societal problems.

Are you telling me that strengthening the American family through marriage and two-parent homes wouldn’t help prevent the recent “Flash Mob” robbing phenomenon like what occurred in Philadelphia last week? How many of the hooded thugs shown in the video images grew up in a loving home with a father present and with discipline and values reinforced by both parents?

The few “Flash Mob” participants who were caught by police were young-ish looking black kids. Is it racist to point out that much of the crime perpetrated in inner cities is by fatherless African-American kids, often perpetrating crimes upon other black youth? Lots of people on both sides of the political spectrum talk about murder rates and “gun violence”, but why don’t they just state the obvious, a lack of marriage is a primary driver of broken families?

It seems that the Republican presidential candidates should be doing way more than talking about the war in Ukraine and the threat from China when problems are eating away at the fabric of the country much closer to home. Are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping responsible for America’s crime problems? What can be done at the federal level to encourage people to get married and raise kids?

Stephen Moore wrote another excellent piece claiming that economic growth is the key to climbing out from under the mountain of debt that America has accumulated through decades of a lack of spending discipline from both parties. Moore commented that there simply aren’t enough people to sustain growth into the future and pay for our huge entitlement programs. Why? Because people aren’t getting married or having children.

This is a huge departure from the days when most of us grew up in nuclear families who encouraged old fashioned concepts like the American Dream, finding a spouse, having kids, owning a home, and… staying clear of joining a “Flash Mob” that hits city centers, smashes windows, steals whatever they can carry and deters businesses from servicing populations in poorer areas.

Question: Who doesn’t know any unmarried, marriage-age and childless young adults? It looks to the casual observer like the deterioration of the family has led to many twenty-somethings taking off, traveling around the world, living for the day, not caring about anything other than partying and a good time and “finding oneself” and self-gratification rather than settling down and raising a family to sustain our culture. I’ve seen it. Have you?

Then there’s the rise of invasive technology that effectively emasculates young males and brainwashes them into thinking they don’t need women or to get married. Likewise, for decades, young girls have been besieged by leftist feminists telling them that they can get by without a man, have and raise children without men and their kids would do just as well with only a single (female) trying to instill discipline into the youngin’.

Boys have been affected by the ultra-feminism too. They’ve been lectured on harassment and told that a simple compliment, when delivered in the wrong way or to the wrong recipient, can result in censure and even criminal charges. Heck, until recently, colleges even denied due process to some men accused of rape, the byproduct of “believe all survivors” without hearing the male’s side of the story.

Reality’s gotten so bad that too many young men aren’t dating any longer, instead resorting to Artificial Intelligence “girlfriends” they can construct online. How sick does it get? This piece in The Hill (by Professor Liberty Vittert) talked about the new frightening trend: “[W]ith millions of users, apps have created virtual girlfriends that talk to you, love you, allow you to live out your erotic fantasies, and learn, through data, exactly what you like and what you don’t like, creating the ‘perfect’ relationship. These virtual girlfriends can even be based on real people.”

So much for the old feeling of being too nervous to call up a girl you know – and like – and try to summons the courage to ask her for a date. Now, guys just have to sign up for a Chatbot and voilà! Instant girlfriend who will listen to everything you rant and you’ll never need to learn to talk or converse or anything challenging, like getting married!

This type of false substitute will absolutely destroy what’s left of social interaction for a large percentage of men who’d find it much easier to watch pornography or rely on non-human interactions to satisfy basic human needs and urges, when dating and marriage are the “real thing”.

Here’s thinking the GOP horserace frontrunner could put distance between himself and the residual January 6 crapola that still comes up whenever he’s interviewed by the establishment media by returning to simple – and obvious – subjects like promoting marriage. The thrice married lifelong real estate developer and reality TV star knows all about the subject, and he’s helped raise five kids, including teenager Barron with wife Melania.

Trump didn’t take the perfect road to raising a family, but he could no doubt talk about it. He could even show his human side by admitting he made mistakes. Couldn’t hurt, could it?

Some subjects are so self-evident and clear that we sometimes forget that they need to be regularly broached and addressed by the political class. Marriage has been the bedrock of human society since the beginning of time. America has gotten away from it and the entire country suffers as a result. Republicans have plenty to talk about, why not include the obvious things, too?

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