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The Right Resistance: How to name a Democrat bill in tomorrow’s filibuster-free Senate

In a Congress not too long from now in a city not that far away…

People are preparing themselves for the “Extend Each American’s life by a thousand years Act,” followed by the “Creating zillionaires Act” and “Death to all racism, sexism, xenophobia-ism, homophobia-ism and deplorables-ism Act”, more uniquely referred to as “DTARSXHDA”.

Or, broadening the logic a bit, how about “The Equal Rights for Transgenders, Illegal Aliens, Oppressed Tinted People, Convicted Felons and Freaks and Geeks of all Stripes Act”? And then there’s the “Ending Bigoted Religions Act”, EBRA, which would reinterpret, in acceptable modern “woke” language, direct quotations from the Bible and declare the entire book no longer protected by the First Amendment. How about a “People don’t kill people, GUNS DO act,” which would establish a ten thousand day (the purported length of the Vietnam War) waiting period to buy a pellet gun as well as ban any scary looking rifle longer than eight inches?

Not to be outdone, Congress could declare that anyone who attended the January 6 Trump rally -- and whose cell phone was picked up by a cell tower near the Capitol Building -- was subject to being added to a watch-list and entered into the FBI’s new data registry for potentially dangerous treasonous insurrectionists. Who knows, this probably has already taken place.

Think it can’t happen? Look at the hopelessly mislabeled bills currently rolling through the legislative process like unencumbered illegal aliens streaming across the U.S./Mexico line and thumbing their noses at the U.S. Border Patrol. Most notorious is H.R.1/S.R.1, which Democrats called the “For The People Act” (they’re joking, right?) which supposedly would expand “voting rights” by creating universal mail-in balloting, abolishing state voter ID requirements, establishing mandatory same-day voting registration, trampling on privacy rights of charitable donors and would allow congresspeople to give themselves a huge raise with campaign donations, among other heinous things.

And don’t leave out the “Equality Act”, which would pound so-called protections for certain classes of human beings based on their own personal impressions of their sexuality and gender into statutory law. Any legal challenges to biological men calling themselves women and using public restroom facilities or participating in gender-specific sports would be prohibited. “Equality” would be defined by the most liberal members of society. The rest of us? We can eat cake!

That cake better be vegan and dairy-free, though. There’s a movement afoot to demonize beef and cattle farming, purportedly because it’s cruel to animals and fosters climate change. Yup. Cows fart -- a lot -- just like humans do! You can’t make this stuff up.

Not to be outdone, some leftist dreamer (now the mainstream of the Democrat Party, mind you) will invariably introduce the “Saving the Planet Act” which will phase out all production of fossil fuels within three or so years, mandate federally paid-for solar panels on every rooftop, erect windmills in every backyard and provide for electric vehicle charging stations in every garage and car port. The law will set fines and jailtime for anyone caught possessing a gasoline powered car. It’ll be the realized truth of rock group Rush’s “Red Barchetta”, where the song narrator’s uncle kept his 50-odd-year-old car from a “better, vanished time” hidden from authorities.

If this sounds fantastic and unrealistic, you shouldn’t put anything past today’s Democrats, led by doddering Grampa Joe Biden. America’s chief executive appears to have forgotten his reverence for the Senate’s cherished traditions, including the minority-protecting filibuster. Joe spent 36 years haunting the halls of the upper chamber, rubbing elbows with the likes of Teddy Kennedy, Chris Dodd, John McCain and Robert “KKK Grand Wizard” Byrd, but now he can’t recall why preserving the filibuster might be good for American unity.

“President Biden staked out new ground in the battle over the filibuster [last] week, saying for the first time publicly that he supported changing the practice...

“He didn’t embrace calls to do away with the filibuster altogether, but he backed what’s become known as the ‘talking filibuster,’ a throwback idea that would require those who want to derail a bill to have to actually hold the chamber floor. The old-style filibuster — with a senator talking for hours on end, sometimes to the point of physical exhaustion — was the standard in the Senate for most of the 20th century until the rules were loosened in the 1970s.

“Mr. Biden, who had previously stayed out of the fight over filibusters, is facing massive pressure from his political left to get involved. In an interview with ABC News, he announced his new support for the talking filibuster. ‘That’s what it was supposed to be,’... ‘It’s almost getting to the point where democracy is having a hard time functioning.’”

Almost? Almost? To be fair, it’s not exactly as though former President Donald Trump and a boatload of Republican senators didn’t openly advocate for scaling back the filibuster when they had the majority in recent years, but the GOP movement was nothing like what Democrats propose today. Republican senate leader Mitch McConnell was always against removing the practice, recognizing that one day his party would be in position to need it.

In other words, if someone had moved to ditch the filibuster for legislation, it wouldn’t have come close to passing under the Kentuckian’s watch.

Now, with Biden’s stated support to limit filibustering to “talking” or even to scrub it entirely, there will be enormous pressure on the two Democrat holdouts -- Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) -- to move off their rocks and join with the cool crowd to pass Nancy Pelosi’s and “Chucky” Schumer’s most sinister schemes. Schumer himself said if his merry band of liberals, climate cutthroats and gender-bender protectors ever got the power, they would “change the world (and America).”

The above-mentioned acts will only be the beginning, too. Don’t forget that other Democrat agenda items have only been temporarily moved to the side to work on the blue state bailout (sometimes known as the Biden COVID “relief” bill) as well as the push to establish a permanent liberal majority (otherwise called the “Let Illegal Aliens have their say Act”, H.R. 1) and codifying special privileges for sexual deviants (or, “Have you hugged your transgender colleague lately Act”, -- a.k.a., Equality Act).

The next round of transformative Democrat proposals likely includes the Green New Deal, statehood for Washington DC and Puerto Rico (or the “Ha Ha You’re Going to have to Elect Five More Republican Senators to Compete With Us Act”), expanding the Supreme Court (the “Toldja ya shouldn’t-a confirmed Amy Coney Barrett Act”) and finally, slavery reparations (or, the “Now we’re gonna buy the woke crowd a present Act”).

For his part, McConnell promised a “scorched earth” strategy if Democrats actually go back on their word and pull the plug on the filibuster, but it remains to be seen what his threat would entail. Objecting to every single Senate action (most of which require unanimous consent) would ground the place to an absolute halt. (Remember when Rand Paul refused to give unanimous consent to the budget a few years back? That was just one action.)

Republicans could stop an awful lot of harmful things from going through, but how many? Would Schumer and crew just find other means to change the rules and get their way? Would the apathetic American even understand what was going on? How will this be resolved?

Better make way for some weirdly-named bills if Democrats kill the filibuster. How about, “The Sky’s the Limit Act”?

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