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The Right Resistance: Hate, anger and wrath – It’s all Biden and Dems have to offer in ‘24

Last week I attended an end-of-the-high-school-year academic honors recognition ceremony whereby a good friend approached afterwards and asked, “Say, did you see Biden’s Morehouse College speech”?

Said acquaintance understands that I follow the political happenings of this nation reasonably closely for my vocation, which clearly prompted this particular entreaty. I replied that I’d caught bits and pieces of Biden’s commencement address at Morehouse on various news entities, but hadn’t digested it all, mostly characterizing the couple minutes of nonsense I did see as standard boilerplate Democrat-speak intended to enrage a key Democrat constituency – in this case, black men – with hopes of providing a spark for his flailing (according to polls) reelection effort.


Unfortunately, it now seems to be customary for institutions of so-called higher learning to invite self-serving liberal politicians like senile Joe to conduct virtual campaign rallies touting their agendas to the budding minds of the young and ambitious new graduates. Having endured a few of these borderline waste-of-time rituals myself over the years – thankfully, none with presidential level Democrat orators – I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the teleprompter fueled propaganda events rarely draw much reaction from the bored-to-tears audiences who’ve become conditioned to blatant pandering regarding leftist causes from the guest lecturers.


For example, I attended a ceremony a few weeks ago whereby the speakers behaved themselves and spoke about duties and service and all those good things, but several of the attendees stood up when their relations’ name was called out only to shout “Free Palestine!” and the like while family members clapped along. Such is life in 2024.


And who could forget a couple years back when then-new vice president Kamala Harris spoke to the exiting class at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, cackling when she felt the urge and sounding tough when appropriate to present the dire need for the graduates to combat “climate change” and other leftist made-for-politics topics that concern the elites, grifters and government contract seekers – but no one else.


But Biden’s speech at Morehouse was different, even from Kamala’s precursor. Slightly. Senile Joe’s discourse stood apart from what many of us observed in college graduation spaces throughout our experience. Instead of congratulatory in theme while presenting an aura of hope and promise for the future for these mostly young adults, senile Joe Biden’s pre-written diatribe was packed with wrath, emotion and anger.


After viewing the balance of Biden’s Morehouse appearance, I was aghast that the president of the United States would be so blatant in fanning hatred towards his and the graduates’ fellow Americans. I then realized – again – that hate, lies, distortions and rage are the only things Democrats have to offer post-college kids and the American people in general.


If you can’t beat ‘em at the ballot box, scare the heck out of the voters beforehand. It’s the credo of the Democrat party.


I wasn’t the only one who noticed the out-of-place nature of Biden’s show. In an opinion piece titled “Biden’s Demoralizing Speech to Morehouse Grads”, the Wall Street Journal’s Jason L. Riley wrote:


“When Mr. Biden took the stage on Sunday, he didn’t see an audience of black men with limitless opportunities awaiting them. Instead, he saw an audience of black victims who should question their prospects. ‘You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and there was a reckoning on race,’ Mr. Biden said. ‘It’s natural to wonder if democracy you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street?’ ...


“Given that Mr. Biden lacks Mr. Obama’s unique standing among blacks, let’s concede that these comparisons aren’t entirely fair. They do, however, offer insights into what Mr. Biden believes black people want to hear from their president in an election year. Mr. Biden’s speech revealed someone who doesn’t believe that black people can or should be held to the same standards as other groups. He believes they want to be told constantly that racial inequality is entirely the fault of others and the responsibility of others to address. He believes they need lectures from him about racism.


“If the president’s slipping support among black voters is any indication, he’s wrong on all counts. And if Morehouse College can’t do better in choosing a commencement speaker next year, just replay Mr. Obama’s address.”


As Riley noted, Barack Obama spoke at Morehouse eleven years ago, and his speech contained much less “blame them” language and was directed more towards urging the college graduates to cease using race as a crutch and improve their lives while taking responsibility and accountability for their own fortunes. I didn’t hear the “Big O’s” speech, either, but it sounded as though Obama’s was more of what a commencement address should be.


But, also as I indicated earlier, hate and blather and victimization is all senile Joe Biden has to offer, especially stereotypical Democrat voter blocs. He’s got nothing else to say. Biden doesn’t serve as an example to anyone except possibly the micro slice of the American citizenry that desires a government-only career and also doesn’t give a hoot about personal achievement or leaving the world a better place than where they found it.


Rather than relaying his own road to success and pinpointing crucial moments and values and ethics that helped him on his own journey to being a better man, senile Joe Biden only brags on the number of elections he’s won or political committees he’s served on or world celebrities (a.k.a. “leaders”) he’s met or influenced. Or commencement addresses he’s been invited to deliver. Biden certainly could speak to how many lies he’s told, but I’m not sure he himself is capable of separating fact from fiction any longer. Not that he ever was.


Everything about senile Joe Biden is phony, a false construction in a liberal political consultant’s brain. It’s to the point where Biden can only do one thing – exaggerate -- about the accomplishments of others or bash his partisan opponents. How many buildings has he built? How many paychecks has he signed or been responsible for? Has Biden ever known what it was like to live in want or need or wonder how his company’s payroll could be met?


Does Biden understand how government dictates impact employers? Ever since Obamacare was passed, the cost of private healthcare has shot up. Does he get it?


Here’s thinking that part of senile Joe Biden’s motivation for bringing such a dark, negative and hateful message was in hopes of attracting national establishment media coverage to vastly expand the broadcast range of his words, destined to reach millions of eyes and ears rather than merely intending to persuade a thousand or so graduates and guests at a downtown Atlanta college institution.


Biden’s tone at Morehouse – and subsequently, to the NAACP – echoed that of his much ballyhooed (among liberals, at least) State of the Union address at the beginning of March. Recall how the embattled commander in chief used his annual appearance before Congress to berate his political opponents, and to do so rather loudly and obnoxiously, a strategy he’s repeating more and more these days.


It's one thing to be bitter about the changes the nation is undergoing in recent times, but it’s quite another to be responsible for a lot of those awful developments (Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, destruction of the southern border, skyrocketing inflation, erosion of American culture, distrust of government institutions, etc.) and then lay the blame at the feet of one’s ideological opponents.


Senile Joe has always been a low-down dirty liar, but his pathetic poll standing seems to have turned him into the bitter old coot that everyone says he’s become. Or, as I’ve argued, the cantankerous empty soul he’s concealed for decades. Technically speaking, wasn’t senile Joe partly responsible for Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogan?


Contrast Biden’s mannerisms with those of Super Bowl Champion kicker Harrison Butker’s speech to the graduates at Kansas’s Catholic Benedictine College where the overtly humble professional athlete spoke regarding values and obligations to fulfill their Catholic responsibilities and faith to make good citizens. As many people know, Butker drew wrath from leftists the world over for daring to advise the new Benedictine degree holders to observe religion and tradition.


Very un-Biden-like. For his efforts, Butker drew a (mostly) standing ovation from the graduates and their families and friends attending. Traditional conservative messages typically engender appreciation from the “silent majority”, most of which are afraid of speaking out for fear of being chastised and branded by the woke culture enforcers. Like Joe Biden.


In addition to race, Democrats do offer other fear tactics, such as scaring young women into believing their “rights” are being taken away by state legislatures setting limits on abortions. Or forecasting that the originalist Supreme Court would declare that birth control was unconstitutional as the offshoot of judicial activists and their substantive due process proclivities. But what state wouldn’t immediately pass a bill on the subject?


And there’s the regular senile Joe refrain that the “rich” in the United States aren’t “paying their fair share” because tax rates are too low – and that Republicans protect the wealthy by advocating for tighter fiscal responsibility and government spending restrictions rather than boosting tax rates to confiscatory levels.


Is that all they’ve got? One has to wonder. And until the American public rejects the fearmongering, it will continue. Everyone knows Democrats have little shame in distorting facts and statistics to foster a victim’s mindset among their constituencies. Hopefully, it will end at some point.


Senile Joe Biden’s disgraceful commencement address at Morehouse College shouldn’t have surprised anyone, since he’s been spreading the same race-baiting hate message since the beginning of his political career. Biden has uttered many overtly racist things in his decades in the swamp, protected by a reputation as a Democrat and given a free pass. Senile Joe must be held accountable in November.

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