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The Right Resistance: Failure is the only option when Kamala leads border crisis and voting rights

The proverbial fly on the wall.

I don’t think there’s a human being on earth who’s truly envious of a pesky fly, except perhaps when there’s a conversation somewhere that is impactful and at its core, interesting. The parties to the back-and-forth believe they’re completely alone and can therefore speak freely without fear of backlash and consequences from the meaning of their words. They wouldn’t notice a tiny fly on the wall, would they? How many fateful historic decisions have been made where things would’ve come out differently if there weren’t absolute secrecy at hand?

Naturally, there are such conversations taking place all the time, even in today’s everyone-knows-everybody-else’s-business smart device and social media dominated landscape. The FBI can’t bug every indoor and outdoor space, and when two or more people get together to trade ideas, there are ways to ensure confidentiality. Some have recently suggested that smilin’ Joe Biden -- and/or his handlers -- are purposely (if not surreptitiously) setting up gal pal vice president Kamala Harris to fail.

Say what? Why would Democrats do such a thing when their party’s identity-politics-driven electoral future probably lies with someone like Harris’s female gender and ethnically tinged skin? The notion seems preposterous until you really think about it.

“Harris might have a tougher job than any modern vice president before her. She works for a 78-year-old president who, I believe, will not seek a second term. Harris is already the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2024, making everything she does – and every assignment she is given – fodder for political attacks. And the job is not exactly a glide path. In 1988, George H.W. Bush was the first vice president in more than 150 years to be elected to succeed the boss...

“As Harris conducts meetings with leaders in Guatemala and Mexico, the White House is stressing that her mission is not to fix immigration at the U.S. border but rather to address root causes prompting thousands of migrants to flee north from Central America and Mexico. When Biden was vice president in 2015, Obama gave him responsibility for a similar program that provided $1 billion to Central America. His efforts were largely wasted, as immigration continues to be an almost impossible challenge for both Democratic and Republican administrations...

“[A]t a time when many Trump voters continue to believe that Democrats stole the last election and Democrats can't corral their own senators to support the voting rights bill they view as crucial, Harris can hardly count on running in 2024 as the person who protected the vote.”

Funt makes several interesting points in his piece, but one can’t help but conclude that Democrats and the media are already laying the groundwork, not only to mask Harris’s astonishing policy ineptitude, but to provide a soft landing for her when she inevitably flames out. Can’t you hear it now? “Kamala Harris was tasked with solving the insolvable and deserves enormous credit for taking on what amounted to political kamikaze missions with no hope of returning to base.”

But did Biden really do this intentionally? It’s an interesting theory, isn’t it? Could an eavesdropping fly confirm or disprove it?

The hypothesis may or may not be true -- that they’re deliberately sending Harris into situations where she’s in over her head -- because they’ve more than likely already discovered she wasn’t capable of doing much in the first place. That realization might’ve come last summer when Kamala was first tapped to be senile Joe’s running mate. Or it could’ve occurred when the Democrat won the White House and actually had to plan a transition and they were stunned at how little the freshman California senator knew about anything. Or it might’ve arrived a few weeks or months into the new administration when the vice president’s cackling idiocy was highlighted on a more frequent basis by the media.

It’s ironic how many, many people -- including conservatives -- have speculated that Democrats were secretly plotting behind the scenes to rid themselves of doddering, mental capacity challenged Joe Biden in order to legally and morally install Harris on the throne in his stead. Now, however, such talk has almost completely ceased because liberals grasped somewhere along the line that DC establishment stooge Biden is preferable to an unlikable air brain like Kamala.

The woman has about as much substance as the inside of a birthday party balloon, without its temporary and buoyantly pleasant nature.

All of this was imminently predictable. Harris was billed as a party rising star and presumed major contender for the Democrat presidential nomination when the primary race began over two years ago. The party’s infamous two-night first debate was at the end of June (2019), remember? That’s when Kamala, from two lecterns away (Bernie Sanders was in between them), looked straight at poor ol’ Joe and implied that he worked and hung out with racists in his senate days. The moment stunned the frontrunner. Hilarity (from conservatives) ensued.

As history tells us, Biden’s candidacy eventually recovered but not before throwing all liberals into a tizzy over the possibility of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination and likely losing the election to Trump. Despite her fleeting moment in the spotlight, Harris’s poll numbers slunk to practically nothing and she unceremoniously pulled herself out of the race a couple months prior to the Iowa caucuses.

Harris’s political stock rose only when Biden painted himself into a corner and leaned on gender and race to select his political soulmate. Now look what it’s gotten him?

The proverbial fly on the wall might shed light on the Biden controllers’ deliberations, but something must’ve been afoot to hand the spiraling-out-of-control border situation to the desperately short-witted Kamala, who had never demonstrated any specific expertise -- or even particular interest -- in the subject. Her big mouth boss practically swung open the golden door to the entirety of Latin America (and the world?) during last year’s campaign when he demagogued Donald Trump on immigration.

It was music to the ears of anyone down south who was on the fence about making the dangerous and expensive journey. If Biden wins, we’re going!

No wonder many of the alien newcomers don Biden campaign paraphernalia -- maybe they even voted for him! If I had no justification for squatting on the U.S. border, I’d be sending every possible signal that I came because Joe beckoned me to do so. The illegals may not be highly educated but they’re not dumb. And now they have Kamala Harris as the face-woman for the entire opposition effort. If that ain’t an open invitation to come, what possibly would be?

By the same token, Harris allegedly asked for the assignment to work with Democrat senators to pass “voting rights” legislation, the cause célèbre of a rabid left that saw how effective federally mandated mail-in voting was and works tirelessly to make it everlasting while demonizing anyone who advocates for elections integrity. Maybe Kamala herself hopes to ensure plenty of cheating when it’s her turn to run for Joe’s seat in the White House.

We probably can’t prove one way or the other whether Joe Biden and his lackeys ever meant to sabotage a future Kamala Harris run for president in advance by assigning her impossible policy operations. We don’t have a fly on the wall, after all. What we do know is that the vice president will screw things up regardless, simply by nature of being herself. Where she is concerned, failure is the only option.

--Courtesy of Three Dog Night -- Here’s a theme song for our vice president. She’s never been to Europe (or the border), right?

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