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The Right Resistance: Democrats ponder a senile Joe for Hillary Clinton swap. Would it work?

Okay. We didn’t devote much attention to it last week, but with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and Americans now begging on the doorstep of December (even if it’s still a few days

away), it’s time to get serious about the 2024 party presidential races – and specifically, Joe Biden’s age as a factor in who the Democrats are planning/willing to nominate.

Everyone familiar with today’s American politics knows that current president senile Joe Biden is in his eighties. What fewer folks realize, or care to know, is that senile Joe had a birthday a week ago. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. turned 81 last Monday with a ceremony at the White House marked by a large (it would have to be big, right?) birthday cake decorated with the requisite number of candles to denote each of his eight-decade-plus years.

Photos from the party were released to the press showing the elderly Biden seated beside a huge glob of fire – with the actual cake somewhat obscured beneath it. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York wrote an unintentionally (or was it intentional?) humorous account on the optics of Democrat operatives portraying their doddering dolt doofus old coot positioned in proximity to the fully engulfed burnin’ birthday Ring of Fire.

How dumb do liberals have to be to fail to grasp how additionally damaging it would be for the public to glimpse senile Joe astride the fiery embodiment of his single most pressing personal issue? Voters – especially Democrats – aren’t paying close attention to Biden’s legal/criminal woes, but everyone understands that senile Joe is ancient by presidential standards, and that burnin’ pile of flower and water only made it look like they’re trying to torch the executive mansion to the ground… perhaps in order to mount an insurance claim?

At any rate, Biden’s numerical age continues to be a topic of political conversation, especially since former president Donald Trump maintains a seemingly insurmountable advantage in the Republican primary race. Trump isn’t exactly youthful himself, though he’s remarkably vigorous in his late 70’s, and fewer – much fewer – have the same concerns about mortality and vitality with Trump that they do about senile Joe.

As always, the question inevitably fades to, “Who would fill Biden’s shoes if he were to suddenly take himself out of the running?” Or, “Who would Democrats choose to challenge Trump?” How about… Hillary Clinton? In an article titled “Hillary Clinton Among Top Picks to Run in 2024 If Joe Biden Doesn't: Poll”, Tom Ozimek reported at The Epoch Times last Friday:

“A recent poll shows that failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is among the Democrats' top picks for the party's primary if 81-year-old President Joe Biden decides not to run in 2024 due to age or other factors, such as fitness for office.

“Most of the 2,000-plus respondents to the Harvard-Harris poll said that they have doubts about President Biden's mental fitness to serve as commander-in-chief, while more voters said he is worsening as president rather than improving...

“Amid swirling doubts about President Biden's fitness to continue to occupy the White House, pollsters asked Democrat voters who their pick would be if President Biden decides to opt out of the 2024 race. The top pick was Vice President Kamala Harris (24 percent), with Ms. Clinton in second spot with 13 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was third (10 percent), followed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, both with 7 percent each.”

Anyone notable missing from the list? The poll participants apparently didn’t list Michelle Obama as a possible replacement, but if and when senile Joe summoned the courage to admit to the world that he’s too feeble and absent-minded to give it another go, certainly someone in the Democrat chattering class would initiate the drum beat for the Obamas to swoop in and save the socialist cause from being obliterated by Donald Trump.

It should also be noted that the same survey that showed Biden’s age as a concern for voters also suggested Americans want someone other than Trump, too. Ozimek additionally wrote, “At the same time, strong majorities across the political spectrum agreed that the country needs ‘another choice’ other than a matchup between President Biden and former President Donald Trump.”

This is a well-worn topic and there’s no need to rehash it here. The “anonymous Democrat” or “generic Republican” always looks more attractive to a survey partaker who’s confronted with either/or choices that include unpopular figures such as Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Trump’s MAGA forces love his style – and platform – but there’s little doubt that a majority of Americans still haven’t taken to Trump’s spiel.

Biden is unpopular because he’s revealed himself as nasty, corrupted and stupid, and all of these characteristics are apart from his age. Joe Biden has always been nasty, corrupted and stupid, traits the establishment media has purposely hidden through its fawning coverage of Biden’s “Lunch-bucket Joe” faux persona. This will not change in the coming months. Democrats find themselves backed into a corner with Biden, since he clearly still believes he’s the best/only one to stop Trump. Again. And a good many of the Democrat higher-ups, the people with the power, are going along with Biden despite the volumes of evidence indicating that Americans have had it with him. These misguided Democrat malcontents buy into the Biden mystique, namely the impression that senile Joe equates to electoral magic.

This feeling once applied to the Clintons as well, though Crooked Hillary was so awful in 2016 that she couldn’t even defeat a Republican with a moral rap sheet a mile long and a reputation partially earned through appearing on reality TV to say the catchphrase, “You’re fired”. Trump is synonymous with controversy, but so are the Clintons. Big Bubba Bill managed to lie his way through his eight years and retain the country’s goodwill (at least from Big Government types and DC swamp dwellers), but his wife wasn’t nearly as proficient at the doing.

But still, some Democrats hanker for another Hillary go ‘round even though she recently showed that she hasn’t brightened her worldview one iota from her 2016 “deplorables” pronouncement. Hillary said conservatives and Republicans who like Trump and believe in his agenda were akin to “cult members” who would need to be deprogrammed.

Make no mistake, senile Joe Biden, the Obamas and pretty much every Democrat outside of Tulsi Gabbard (though she’s no longer identifying as “D”) and maybe Joe Manchin feel the same way as Hillary does about conservatives. Democrats seem to think that desiring limited government, fair trade, strong military, “America First” foreign policy, strict immigration enforcement and an originalist judicial orientation is the same as being crazy. Donald Trump is the face of the movement, but if the grassroots weren’t inclined to go along, he’d have no political power whatsoever.

Pollsters can conduct all the surveys they want – and even float Hillary Clinton’s name – but there’s no possibility that the Crooked one will supplant Biden. Hillary will be 77 a couple weeks before next year’s election, which doesn’t alleviate – by much – the voters’ fears that the Democrat leadership is too old.

Plus, Hillary is more unlikeable than Biden himself, and may even be more offensive than cackling vice president Kamala Harris, if that’s possible. Theoretically, part of Hillary’s appeal as a presidential candidate was her tangible connection to her husband’s presidency, and we’re eight years further removed from the 1990’s than we were in 2016. For all we know, Hillary’s just been sitting around moping these past two presidential terms, probably drinking a lot of wine and popping up whenever she’s invited to spew more venom on the Republican who she hates the most.

Biden was elevated in 2020 because he was supposedly well-regarded by old-guard Democrats as well as the newer breed of Democrat socialist/communists. Hillary fits in perfectly with the latter group, though the union/tradesmen who have since adopted Trump as their leader would never drop him for a switch to Hillary’s radical leftist agenda.

Hillary would therefore begin a possible 2024 candidacy missing a piece of the coalition that came together to edge-out Trump in 2020. Clinton would definitely keep the strongest Democrat supporters – African-American women and unmarried young white women, also known as the strongest of abortion lovers – but who would halt the slippage of other traditional Democrat groups, such as Hispanics and Black men?

A good argument could also be made that Kamala Harris herself has become the new female face of the Democrat party now that Nancy Pelosi has stepped to the back bench and Hillary has all-but disappeared from the national news. Harris’s status as a minority candidate trumps Hillary’s phony feminism as well. Not only does Kamala identify as female with pronouns “she” and “her”, the leftist Californian fits the “woke” part, too.

Kamala is every bit as angry and off-putting as Hillary is, but the current veep’s even more “attractive” to the hard-left Democrat base because she’s part black (the other part being Indian). Her idea set is anything that the most mind-numbed civilization-destroyers want it to be. It’s hard to conceive of someone who would be worse than Joe Biden – and Harris is it.

Like Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris would never receive the Democrat base’s blessing – they’re both wholly unelectable. Most Democrats would name-drop a Biden alternative… until they conclude that the 81-year-old is all they have. Is it now Joe Biden or bust?

It seems obvious that Democrats will keep up with their search to settle on someone to step in to replace visibly deteriorating senile Joe Biden should he finally hear the whispers all around him and remove himself from the 2024 race. Some may try to “draft” Hillary Clinton as a replacement, but Democrats would soon discover that the embittered old crow was no cure for what ails them.

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