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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ excess and overhype of January 6 equals electoral disaster

I almost got past it -- the “it” being the one-year anniversary of the January 6 riot in Washington, DC. In the previous twelve months I’ve touched on the subject innumerable

times in this space and generally believed there wasn’t much left to say that hadn’t already been said.

That changed yesterday morning with president senile Joe Biden’s “address” to the nation. The questionably elected tyrant revealed the depths Democrats are willing to descend to gain attention, to the extent decent folks should’ve felt compelled to respond with some version of, “Them’s fightin’ words.”

Conservatives already figured the soulless elected Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill would milk the occasion for all it was worth, spewing forth a level of propaganda unseen since, well, any communist dictator’s standard communiques. Liberals didn’t disappoint. If you listened to the moaners collectively, January 6 was akin to the marble building being completely destroyed on the inside and heavily damaged on the exterior, and sounded as though hundreds of people were either killed or mortally wounded, thousands more left maimed and deformed, hospitals overflowed with casualties and armed troops took over the battlefield.

The last part actually came to pass. Democrats described perpetrators scarier than any Iraqi jihadist lurking in an abandoned Fallujah terrorist shelter or Al Qaeda bomb makers operating from some hidden cave in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The people on January 6 were just ordinary Americans, weren’t they? Lots of ‘em were actual veterans, too.

Instead of enduring horrible carnage, America’s lawmakers returned to the House and Senate chambers later that evening to carry out the Electoral Vote counting and formally elect Biden to the presidency. Many of those representatives and senators were stunned into acquiescence, still fully realizing that the vote counting in a number of states smelled funny. Not a single hair was harmed on theirs or their staff’s heads. Scary? Maybe. But let’s put things in perspective.

Don’t be shocked if Nancy Pelosi asks for “reparations” for her snowflake workers.

And who was to blame? Former President Donald Trump, of course. Jeff Mordock reported at The Washington Times:

“The speech was a rallying cry for Democrats to take action on an overhaul of the nation’s voting laws, arguing it is the only effective way to counter right-wing extremism. ‘We saw with our own eyes rioters menacing these halls, threatening the life of the speaker of the House, literally erecting gallows to hang the vice president of the United States of America,’ he said.

“Mr. Biden also tore into Mr. Trump, offering his most searing criticism of the former president to date. He accused Mr. Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 riot by falsely claiming that widespread voter fraud handed the 2020 election to Mr. Biden. ‘We saw a former president who just rallied a mob to attack sitting in a private dining room off the Oval Office of White House watching it all on television and doing nothing for hours as police were assaulted, lives were at risk and the nation’s Capitol under siege,’ he said.

“It was Mr. Biden’s most forcible and personal attack against Mr. Trump’s unverified claims of election malfeasance.”

Let the 2024 campaign commence! Naturally the enfeebled old gasbag half-century swamp dweller president used the anniversary of the rampage to spout such incendiary things. Do you blame him? What other day will there be a captive audience who, for the time being, puts aside real worries about the exploding inflation, rampaging COVID (which Biden promised to beat), the disgusting failure of Biden policy in Afghanistan, the defeat of his Build Back (More) Better welfare agenda and, and…

Why go on, right? This was January 6th, gosh darn it! We’re supposed to be infuriated and filled with trumped up rage about a disorganized and uncoordinated band of yahoos surrounded by thousands of legitimate protesters -- and the Capitol building playing in there somewhere. The “gallows” Biden mentioned was little more than a prop you’d see in a high school tragedy. In so mentioning, it’s obvious the commander in chief has never attended a performance of teenaged thespians, has he?

As I’ve argued a lot lately, if January 6, 2021 was truly an “insurrection”, it was the weakest rebellion of all time. Sticks and stones can break bones but words can never hurt us! The violent element in the mob will be dealt with according to the law. The rest, including many who did absolutely nothing but enter the building and take selfies, are being persecuted like political prisoners.

Biden’s and the others’ gloating reminded me of football rivals gawking at each other after the final gun sounds on the field. The victorious side points fingers, makes obscene gestures and dances around like the good times will never end. The other side sits in silence and can’t believe what they’re witnessing and reply above the din, “Wait ‘til next year!”.

Mordock’s report alludes to the brief reply statement from Donald Trump, who argued Biden was just using the occasion to distract from his faltering presidency. No need to elaborate more, is there? Trump also asked, again, why the “unselect” committee wasn’t probing the 2020 election? It’s a fair question, as there’s plenty to try and figure out.

“Mr. Unity” flunked another test. Lest we forget, Joe Biden promised to “restore the soul of the nation” during his 2020 basement campaign, but the nation’s soul apparently doesn’t include anyone who donned red white and blue Trump memorabilia and attended the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. Less than 1 percent of the day’s attendees were identified and charged despite tens of millions dumped into the witch hunt. Pathetic.

We’re not condoning the behavior of the violent idiots here. There’s bound to be miscreants and troublemakers in every large crowd, and the one last year was no exception. It doesn’t take a genius to know you don’t attack the police under any circumstances -- perhaps except self-defense -- but in most cases if you’re close enough to law enforcement to have them whack you with a baton or shoot pepper spray in your face, it’s best to back off and head in the other direction if you’re able (which was not the case in some confrontations with apparent brutality).

A year’s worth of time and reflection should’ve provided depth of understanding for senile Joe and the Democrat Congress critters. Not a single person has been charged with treason or sedition. There was no “conspiracy” to attack the capital. The protesters weren’t carrying firearms or deadly weapons. They didn’t go there to stop anything, knowing it was a fruitless endeavor. They weren’t Samurai on a suicide mission; no one charged the police officers’ guns. Many of them, such as the so-called “QAnon Shaman”, Jacob Chansley, was caught on video asking the officers if it was okay to enter the senate chamber.

They were neither patriots nor criminals. They were individuals caught up in the moment.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that at least some in the January 6 crowd must’ve also attended Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017. I was there that day, and the only violence or damage inflicted was from leftist kook/Antifa “protesters” who broke store windows, torched a limousine and generally cut and ran when confronted with the authorities.

Among the crowd, there was nothing but order five years ago. Even when an imbedded protester started shouting during the beginning of Trump’s inaugural speech, there was no violence. One big dude with a gray beard and wearing a “Bikers for Trump” leather jacket got in the idiot’s face and shouted “Shut the *)(&)&) up!” but there was no physical altercation. When the noisemaker wouldn’t stop his diatribe, one man in a suit calmly pushed the individual to the back of the assemblage, the crowd separating to let them pass like Moses’ parting the Red Sea.

There was no biblical allusion to last year’s mess. Conservatives recognized that the visual of Trump supporters walking through the Capitol -- and some of them scuffling with police -- was damaging to Trump’s reputation and not helpful to the cause of finding out exactly what happened in the election. The melee only provided fodder for weak fools like Biden, Pelosi and Chucky Schumer to claim that they were right all along about Trump.

And, worse than anything, it stigmatized all loyal Trump backers as kooks who would disrespect American institutions just to demonstrate how angry they were about the establishment gaming the system to beat Trump. Millions were livid. But we understood that trashing the Capitol wouldn’t solve anything.

President senile Joe and Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer predictably tried to make the anniversary of January 6 into a day to sell their stupid “voting rights” constitution trampling farce, but it didn’t work. As more information trickles out regarding what really happened that forgettable day, Americans will recognize the ruse. And they’ll be furious.

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