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The Right Resistance: Democrats calling in Obama to try and salvage faltering Joe’s reelection

In yet another sure sign that the Democrat party establishment is worried sick about the sinking poll numbers and manifestly flailing candidacy of president senile Joe Biden, comes news that the “Big O”, Barack Obama himself, has begun taking much more of a personal

role in counseling his struggling Democrat successor in the latter’s quest to win reelection… or at least do something.


Obama’s voice and mug is turning up a lot more lately along with other familiar faces from the Democrat recent past, anything to perhaps take voters’ minds off the name that will, in the absence of some drastic change event, appear on this November’s election ballot. Senile Joe will head the ticket, and how goes Biden determines the rest of the party’s success.


If senile Joe’s polls are in the tank, it doesn’t bode well for Democrats taking back the House of Representatives, maintaining control of the senate or firming up power in the states where they currently hold it, either.


Is it time to stomp on the panic button, or merely call in the proverbial cavalry to mount a charge to save the Democrats? In an article titled “Pulling the strings: Obama telling White House what he would do as Biden doubts grow”, Jack Birle reported at the Washington Examiner:


“Former President Barack Obama has reportedly had regular talks with President Joe Biden as Biden’s election rematch with former President Donald Trump gets closer. Obama, whom Biden served as vice president under, has also made calls to several top aides at Biden’s campaign, according to the New York Times, in an attempt to help stave off Trump, who is leading Biden in most swing-state polls.


“The report, citing an anonymous senior Biden aide, noted Obama has ‘always’ been concerned about a Biden loss. Biden and Obama, who have had a complicated relationship over the years, have been seen campaigning together more frequently as the 2024 election looms…


“With Trump holding polling leads in nearly every swing state and beating Biden in most national polls, a reversal of where polling was four years ago for the two men, Obama appears to be taking a more hands-on approach to ensure another four years for Biden.”


This is one way to interpret Obama’s reentry into the process. Another way to see it is Obama’s stepping in to try and avoid a disaster which would drag down his own legacy along with the current president’s. Yes, it’s basically just a grand rear-end saving campaign for both of them.


Obama also clearly sees his old vice president and good-natured errand boy as requiring his counsel and guidance due to the much older man’s not possessing a common-sense bone in his body. Senile Joe’s whole administration is falling apart – foreign policy is a mess, domestic policy is weighed down by inflation and rampant economic pessimism, and the culture… it’s showing signs of undergoing a massive reflexive correction after years of leftist excess.


And we haven’t even mentioned the southern border crisis. Even liberals are beginning to notice how bad things have gotten down there. And they’re after Obama to intervene before Biden’s polls become so awful that there’s nothing that can be done to stave off Trump.


Should we feel sympathy for Barack Obama?


After all, the pressure on him must be enormous and overpowering. As the last viable Democrat political family (which includes wife Michelle, of course) Obama must field multiple calls daily from donors, heads of leftist interest groups, “progressive” Democrat candidates, corporate heads, Democrat establishment media personalities and former administration personnel still toiling in the Biden camp demanding that he rise up, become more visible and potentially act as a kingmaker – or queenmaker – for the one to succeed Biden and make the world safe for modern government-controlled democracy.


Sure, the Clintons – Big Bubba Bill and sidekick Hill, the one who didn’t quite make it to the top of the mountain to cement the name Clinton in the annals of American history right alongside Roosevelt and perhaps Adams (definitely not Harrison) -- still receive the occasional establishment media spotlight. They’re asked polite questions about being relegated by Donald Trump to the dustbin of the past and also whether senile Joe is too old, which Hillary confidently deflects because she’s only a few years younger than the Delawarean.


No, the Obamas are pretty much on their own these days, the last of the go-to Democrat old guard to potentially provide the seed to return to a time when liberals could simply wave a hand and the crowd would swoon and anoint them with the power to halt the rise of the oceans and heal the wounds created by American systematic unfairness to non-privileged classes.


Not even the Democrat leaders in Congress offer much respite from the unrelenting stress, because “Chucky” Schumer, though very effective at advancing the leftist legislative cause, is so off-putting and unappealing that Democrats would never put him out as a party frontman. Nancy Pelosi used to command her own contingent of loyal media sycophants, but, as she recently pointed out, she’s even older than senile Joe Biden himself.


Needless to say, Hakeem Jeffries is still a virtual unknown on the national scene. The establishment media doesn’t even bother asking him about anything other than lending an opinion on how dysfunctional and ineffective the shrinking Republican House majority is. And the GOPers do a pretty good enough job of displaying it all on their own.


So that leaves the Obamas, who seem still engaged yet also hoping to put as much distance between themselves and stepping back into the spotlight as possible. Barack, during his time in the White House, acted like the ultimate political glory hound, but he also appeared heartily glad to clear the mansion when his time was up.


Lots of people say the Obamas – both of ‘em – are anxious to make a new play for power, the houses in Georgetown, Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard (among others, I think) not satisfying their daily needs to live well and be adored by half the world. It’s safe to say they’re both deeply admired by Democrats and globalists the earth over. Leftists never had a better “climate change” advocate in the seat of power. Not even senile Joe fits the description – he falls asleep at conferences and appears more interested in pumping up his electric vehicle pipedream than he does creating imagery of worldwide doom if the elites don’t take over and save the planet first.


Biden doesn’t give the impression that he cares too much about anything these days – except maybe ice cream and defending himself against waves of criticism that he’s too old and cognitively deteriorated to function. He’ll pay lip service to the typical Democrat causes – including the newer, leftwing ones – but anyone challenging his enormous ego is what really drives the fool to the point of animation.


Obama never needed to go so far. Whenever Barack got upset, he could always get the Democrat machine to organize a rally where he would speak without a suit jacket, wave his hand and command the room like he always did, advancing outlandish claims like that his administration was scandal-free – and people would just go along with it.


The crowds cheer for senile Joe, too, but it’s not quite the same, is it?


The Democrat audiences show up and cheer on cue, but it’s more through a sense of obligation and duty rather than the worshipful atmosphere of the Obama years. Barack always brought an aura of capability and vitality that Biden never really had – and certainly doesn’t possess any longer. I’ve said it before, but people watch Biden these days with morbid curiosity, waiting for his next highly noticeable gaffe or physical snafu.


It's not exactly a bedside death watch, but the people aren’t there to listen to what he has to say, put it that way.


So what can Obama do? Beyond giving advice and a pep talk, there’s nothing that can officially be altered. It’s been my theory for a long time that senile Joe, ever suspicious of everyone around him, is especially wary of the Obamas. Why? Because Barack n’ Michelle represent one of the only real threats to Biden’s presidency and reelection campaign.


Think about it. Just by making public comments, Barack could completely upset the balance. Democrats are in circle-the-wagons mode to protect senile Joe’s reputation, but if Obama suddenly joined the chorus of those calling for Biden to step down and step away, Joe’s protective barrier would evaporate instantaneously.


Biden realizes this. It must be a terrible prison for the current president to play up to the man who gave up power over seven years ago, but senile Joe has no choice in the matter. The 81-year-old is likely getting dictates and demands from his wife, as well, and Dr. Jill is probably not fond of others entering their sphere of influence.


Obama represents the only true threat to Biden’s candidacy from the inside. It’s not the pesky House Republican investigations – or Special Counsel Hur’s embarrassing findings – that could undermine Joe Biden now. Similar to the lawfare engulfed Donald Trump, the public is barely paying the proceedings any mind. And the establishment media won’t bother reporting the truth that comes out from the digging.


In Barack Obama’s hands alone is Joe Biden’s ultimate fate. The moment that Barack thinks that Biden is doomed, he’ll be gone before anyone can mutter, “Bring on Gavin Newsom”. Or “Call Michelle in from the other room.”


Despite their sunny and optimistic outward appearances, Democrats are frantic about senile Joe Biden’s pathetic approval ratings. No one who’s sunk as low as Joe has ever come back to win the presidency, and time is ticking down. Not even running against the popularity-challenged Trump can save them this time. That’s why they’re calling in Barack Obama from the political bullpen.

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