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The Right Resistance: Deciphering the 2024 election winner along the sunny shores of Maui

Can Donald Trump win?

We’ve posed the question before. A lot. Some people are tired of hearing it and many more good folks are heartily sick of answering it (with responses all over the spectrum depending on who’s uttering the opinion). With each new revelation in the president senile Joe Biden government’s investigation into the former chief executive, the case supposedly mounts – for the naysayers – to shout that Trump is too damaged politically to cross the magic Electoral Vote threshold as he did on Election Night, 2016.

With only a few weeks remaining until the first scheduled Republican primary debate (on August 23, in Milwaukee), the discussion isn’t likely to evolve much between now and then, either. Congress will supposedly soon be heading into their annual summer recess with the same pressing budgetary and debt issues mostly unresolved from last year or the year before that, the two chambers pretty much split down the middle with partisan control.

The House has been making excellent headway with its various investigations into the Biden family crime syndicate’s dirty drug, sex and business transgressions. Presidential son Hunter Biden looked to be high as a kite – tripped out on coke? – during the White House Independence Day fireworks extravaganza. Senile Joe’s little boy was darting to and fro pointing and gesticulating and acting like, well, people act like when they’ve got controlled substances surging through their bloodstream.

The current White House dweller maintains his light schedule, frequent vacations and generally tries to stay out of sight as much as possible these days. For a man who seemingly couldn’t get enough camera notice during his fifty swamp years of hair plugs, brain operations, embarrassing gaffes, tons of rear-end covering (mostly for himself and his family) and a colossal cavalcade of lies, the 80-year-old sure prefers to stay inside lately.

Joe’s issues don’t appear to be getting any better. Perhaps people should start asking whether Joe Biden himself can win in 2024? After all, he’s got nowhere to go but down. In a piece titled “Doubts and Questions About Biden Will Only Grow”, A.B. Stoddard wrote at Real Clear Politics recently:

“It’s not just that critical parts of the Democratic coalition are disappointed and apathetic and may not turn out to vote – but data shows some Asian, Hispanic, and black voters are beginning to support Republicans instead. John Della Volpe, polling director at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics and an expert on youth voting, recently wrote that young voters are increasingly identifying as independents, not Democrats, and are becoming disillusioned with politics as a means to create change. ‘Nearly every sign that made me confident in historic levels of youth participation in 2018, 2020 and 2022 – is now flashing red,’ he wrote.

“Biden also appears to have forgotten that, in an election he only won by fewer than 44,000 votes in three states, the support of Never Trump Republicans was critical. Recent reporting by NBC News shows the Biden White House has ignored many of those Republicans who stepped up to endorse him (except for Cindy McCain and former Sen. Jeff Flake who both became ambassadors in his administration) and that they aren’t interested in supporting him again next year...

“The Biden campaign can raise a lot of money and hold lots of ribbon cuttings at factories and try to rehabilitate Harris – but nothing will calm the jitters building in the party about the increasing likelihood of a second Trump term.”

Well stated, indeed. With the sheer quantity of animus that exists out there towards Donald Trump, Democrats can count on liberal worrywarts the world over (no doubt including China, Iran, climate change idiots, etc.) opening up their bank accounts to ensure that the liberal party has all the resources it might need to wage a second installation of “The Big Steal” from 2020.

It doesn’t matter a lick that broken-down old corrupted goat Biden is the pol standing behind the White House podium at current. The leftists long for the days of Barack Obama but they’ll settle for Biden as long as he’s the one whose signature carries the herd. Many Americans wonder whether Biden can even read some of the materials he’s given – but his White House handlers have him well sequestered like any care facility staff manages its patients.

Who knows? Perhaps the Democrats recruited directly from an old folks’ home, the employees used to sudden eruptions from the eternally aged and discontented residents. If Joe ever exhibits any chronic pain, maybe they could rub some legalized CBD (non-high inducing cannabis) on his boo boos and he’ll be all happy again. If the cream doesn’t work, how about THC (high inducing) gummies instead?

All joking aside, Biden’s mental and physical condition is sending tremors up the spines of Democrats, who, perhaps with the exception of Nancy Pelosi (who described senile Joe as a “kid” last week), are beginning to acknowledge that sixteen more months is a long time at the president’s age and there needs to be a “contingency” plan to deal with the possibility that Biden could be incapacitated when the time arrives to pass the torch, either literally or figuratively.

Up until recently, it’s safe to say, Democrats comforted themselves with the generally accepted conclusion, even among many Republicans, that Trump couldn’t possibly win. They anxiously awaited the polling fallout from Trump’s dual indictments and arraignments (with a third likely on the way) and anticipated that the public will have finally had enough of the “Bad Orange Man” when Americans saw visuals of Trump appearing in courthouses before judges with real black robes.

“Yeah! Just wait until the jury convicts him and he must serve prison time!” they’ve fondly claimed, not accepting the fact Trump swore he’d never leave politics and that he’d be more than content to act as president from whichever hoosgow the Biden authorities brought him to. Hunter Biden won’t be there – or Joe himself – but it’s not impossible to imagine a host of Trump administration personnel shuffling around the place conducting business while their boss lives out the process.

Or Trump will merely pardon himself. I don’t know exactly how it works. But Trump isn’t going anywhere where he can’t do the job the people elected him to do no matter how many Merrick Garlands and Jack Smiths lay down on the tracks before the onrushing train.

The harder Democrats try to chop off the head of the snake the longer it grows. The more they heap legal blather on top of itself the more the Trump forces consolidate and their resolve intensifies. While senile Joe’s campaign rationale will only deteriorate, Democrats are helping, in a big way, to ensure that Trump’s will steadily rise. That must be frustrating at Democrat headquarters these days.

Americans are disillusioned. You can see it in the survey Stoddard cited above, where the formerly static “young voters” bloc is increasingly identifying as independent rather than as Democrats. Why? What do Democrats really represent? Is it Pride Month “celebrations” on the White House lawn where freaks haul out their fake boobs and wave them at the octogenarian president? Or out-of-touch liberals – as they always do – going way over the top in forecasting “climate change” doom at the expense of economic growth and a future for the kids coming out of college?

We personally know of would-be first-time homebuyers who’ve been all-but priced out of the market because they can’t save enough money for a down payment and then can’t afford the current interest rates. Sure, money borrowing was pricier at times in the past but the low supply of available homes is worsening the phenomenon.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans think our country is on the wrong track, and the belief is deeply ingrained. And the feeling is everywhere, including, as we discovered, on vacation this month. Against my better judgment, on our recent trip to Maui, my son took it upon himself to randomly survey the party affiliation and leanings of some of our fellow resort guests he encountered.

The results: total surveyed: 65. Republicans: 42

Democrats: 6

Libertarians: 5 Non-voters due to citizenship: 4 Refused to identify/answer: 8

This was an upscale resort with what appeared to be a fairly homogenous American population, I’m guessing they originated from all over the country but mostly the west coast. Still, to most of the ones who were willing to say anything and enthusiastically “out” themselves as Republicans is remarkable.

Would the same courage have manifested just a couple years ago? Would over two-thirds of visitors have identified as Republican or libertarian after January 6, 2021? These people didn’t say the word “Trump”, yet it’s become “safe” again to talk about honor in attachments, quite an attitude shift from 2020 when folks weren’t even permitted to come out of their houses or take off their masks or say anything nice about the previous administration, much less speak freely about political beliefs to a teenaged stranger.

Does my son’s unscientific Hawaii questionnaire mean Trump can win and Biden… can’t? No. But there are shifting political sands and the ones who were formerly so confident that the 2024 result was preordained if such and such was a candidate – are wrong.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are confident that they’ll win if their names appear on the 2024 ballot again. Both sides can’t be right and both cite different sets of data and historical precedent to support their conclusions. But talking with the people sometimes leads to alternative deductions. Here’s hoping that those who visited Hawaii recently have a leg up on the future.

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