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The Right Resistance: Conservatives stumped why Republicans aren’t far ahead going into 2024

Who out there is confident to insist that the 2024 election will be a blowout (in either direction)?

Regular political watchers understand that changes in party favorability usually occur slowly. For example, a president may experience a big jump or drop in approval based on a national or international happening that takes place, supposedly beyond his or her control. Many remember when the Muslim terrorist-perpetrated 9/11/01 attack transpired that then-president George W. Bush experienced a surge in popularity, with around 90 percent of the country approving of the way the second Bush president handled the immediate aftermath of the world-altering events.

The crisis-fostered good feelings didn’t last long, however, as partisan bickering soon resumed and the nation returned to a more or less even split between those supporting Democrats versus the folks backing Republicans – an impasse that endures today. Such is the nature of American politics, where nationally speaking, the country splits pretty much down the middle. There’s a similar attitude towards the next presidential election, as well as Congress, where Republicans currently enjoy a narrow majority in the House, and Democrats work a one-seat margin in the senate. Yes, gridlock influences everything that government does.

The reasons for the divide aren’t difficult to explain, yet Democrat apologists are hard pressed to rationalize why Americans aren’t in greater love with the current ruling regime in the White House.

In an article titled “Why Democrats aren’t far ahead heading into 2024?”, Stuart Rothenberg wrote at Roll Call recently:

“Because the country is almost evenly politically divided, the 2024 elections are bound to be very competitive, no matter what Biden’s job approval or Trump’s favorable/unfavorable ratings are. Most Americans think the U.S. political system is not working well, and most have little or no confidence in its future. And when asked how they feel about politics, most Americans responded ‘exhausted’ and ‘angry.’

“Those views help create a mood of pessimism, which is rarely ideal for the party holding the White House. Democrats repeatedly assert that Republicans are unable to govern, which admittedly is a reasonable point of view given the GOP’s behavior. But voters don’t have much more confidence in the Democratic Party. So the 2024 election is likely to be close because the country is evenly divided along partisan lines.

“Events over the next year are unlikely to move most voters, since voters see and hear what they want. And half the country believes the baloney that Republicans are shoveling about socialism, sexual identity, and Joe and Hunter Biden.”

Baloney? Baloney? What about the malarkey (senile Joe Biden’s word) Democrats are shoveling about “MAGA terrorists”, “threats to our democracy”, “January sixth was as awful as Pearl Harbor”, “Republicans love Vladimir Putin” and “illegal immigration isn’t a problem and the border is secure.” And what about Democrats defending the gender defenseless, namely the proposition that “men can be women and women can be men.”

Can the average Democrat define “What is a woman?” Can a man be pregnant and have a baby? What say ye, Stuart?

Let’s not forget Stuart Rothenberg predicted, in 2009, that the chances of the GOP regaining the majority in the House of Representatives in 2010 was “zero”. The longtime Roll Call mouthpiece has made many other whopper false predictions, so Rothenberg’s forecasting power rating should hover around “zero”. He lives and works inside the DC swamp, so take everything the liberal says with a major block of salt.

That being said, Rothenberg’s probably right about the 2024 election’s result being close. The gist of Rothenberg’s argument is that nobody on either the political left or right listens to the noise emanating from the other side, and there’s very little evidence to contradict him on this, especially since public opinion polls hardly ever move in leaps and bounds – or even in tiny increments, these days.

The popular Democrat-pushed mystery is, “How can Donald Trump still be so well-liked after he’s been rung up on criminal charges by half the prosecutors (yes, a Democrat-like exaggeration) in the country for crimes ranging from covering up sex dalliances with porn stars to storing nuclear secrets in his Mar-a-Lago shower? And what about that district attorney down in Georgia who has incontrovertible proof that he and his colleagues in conspiracy (according to them) tried to rig the result in Georgia! Stacey Abrams really did win her election in The Peach State, but Trump is a criminal!

There you have it. Objectively speaking, Democrats don’t listen to facts, adhere to the law or honor the Constitution. No wonder liberals deny that the mountain of evidence implicating Joe and Hunter Biden in various influence peddling schemes doesn’t exist. Not only do Democrats not listen, they distort reality to suit themselves whenever they feel the urge. They don’t objectively look at the stacks of bank statements, give credence to the whistleblowers or delve below the surface for the truth.

Instead, Democrats much prefer homing in on Hillary Clinton and dredging up her 2016 “deplorables” accusations concerning Trump supporters being a “cult” in addition to her recommendation that anyone who disagrees with them be sent to a Democrat de-programming center where they’ll brainwash people to love transgenders and back endless foreign wars when the conflicts are supported by Democrats.

Besides, the headline of this article really said it all, didn’t it? For as long as I can remember, establishment media honks like Rothenberg have treated elections results as though Democrats were entitled to victories, akin to something that occurs naturally in nature (and manmade stuff like civilization, too) – and therefore, Americans should assume Democrats are the favorites in any political contest. This is so because Democrats are loving and compassionate for the “little guy” and favor rights, lots of rights! Democrats, after all, are for minority rights, women’s rights, LGBTQIA+++ (whatever that means) rights, seniors’ rights, student rights, union member rights, equal income rights, immigrant rights, illegal alien rights, human rights, non-Judeo/Christian religious rights, animal rights, ocean rights (no plastics!), environmental rights, homeless rights, rights for miscreants to protest, rights to representation for criminals, rights for the poor, and…. What else? There must be more!

If anything, with the horrid state of America today, conservatives wonder why Republicans aren’t far ahead going into 2024? The economy is in the tank (except for the unemployment rate, which is the only measure Democrats want to talk about), even if Democrats swear that it’s not. Regular people see wages losing ground to inflation, pile up credit card debt on top of credit card debt, shake their heads every time they see a gas pump and quiver in their boots before entering a grocery store (or anywhere else), fearing the larger slice of the family budget they’ll need to devote to stuff they used to be able to afford.

Citizens also see a president and a Democrat party (or big portions of it) that coddles Hamas, preaches restraint to Israel, sends money to enemies like Iran, would rather appoint “woke” leaders than capable people and bend to the god of “climate change” at every opportunity as energy prices go through the proverbial roof.

Americans also witness a fentanyl plague that kills as many as a hundred thousand annually, mostly young folks with otherwise long and fruitful lives ahead of them. Citizens understand the killer drug comes from Mexico and is smuggled in through a non-existent border, purposely left unguarded by the decision-makers. Along with the lethal chemicals come millions of illegal aliens now clogging up major population centers, so much so that even sanctuary city mayors of blue areas are demanding that the Feds do something to ease their burden.

Why aren’t Republicans far ahead going into 2024?

At the same time, Rothenberg and others assert that Republicans can’t govern because of the recent intra-caucus fight over the Speaker’s position. But what does it mean to govern, anyway? Did Nancy Pelosi “govern” because she used her position to command her underlings to pass anything she desired, including massive new spending increases, “woke” crap like the “For the People Act” and tried earnestly to federalize elections? If this is what “governing” looks like, I’d rather live in anarchy!

It may sound strange to people like Rothenberg, but the average person who isn’t a government employee couldn’t care less if the federal government shuts down, because it essentially means the spending will cease (albeit temporarily) and damage to the nation’s bottom line will be avoided. Informed Americans realize that the “essential” functions of government will continue as though nothing was different, and, if anything, the shut down bureaucratic processes will only further demonstrate how unnecessary they are in the first place.

Could it be that actual “governing” means shutting down the government?

Again, why aren’t Republicans far ahead going into 2024?

For Democrats to plead that Republicans are in disarray, what’s their follow-up to those within their own party who demand someone other than senile Joe Biden and cackling Kamala Harris to carry the Democrat banner in 2024? There are those who maintain Biden is too old, is dragging down the entire party and should abdicate in favor of a younger candidate. These naysayers are joined by a growing contingent of doubters who say Harris is too incompetent, stupid and intellectually barren to run again – and they hope Biden dumps her before it’s too late.

But many Democrats still insist Biden is the one with the best chance of winning, and if Harris is forced out for no reason, that black women won’t come out to vote for Democrats next year. Liberals face such a wide array of challenges, why aren’t Republicans far ahead going into 2024?

Conservatives are left wondering why.

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