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The Right Resistance: Biden reelection dilemma presents problem for Dems RFK Jr. can’t solve

I never thought I’d say this, but Democrat legacy and Kennedy family member Robert Kennedy Jr. could be a big reason why Republicans may win the presidency back next year.

It isn’t because RFK Jr. intends to sabotage the Democrats, or even because Kennedy will somehow wrest the 2024 Democrat nomination from the gnarled old fingers of well-past-his-prime senile Joe Biden. No, it’s due to RFK’s original decision to run for president in the first place. The lifelong liberal (with some quirky libertarian beliefs on vaccines, free speech and corporatism) must’ve reasoned he would toss his hat into the proverbial ring to either change the direction of his father’s and uncle’s (not Teddy, mind you) party or force the Obama/Biden junta to abandon their tyrannical crusade to ruin America.

Instead, the gruff sounding New Englander has all-but made it impossible for senile Joe to bow out of the way even if the hair sniffin’, women’s shoulders massagin’, nude swimmin’, fib tellin’, child frightenin’, drug addled son protectin’ and stair stumblin’ fool should come to his senses and take one for the Democrat team by removing himself from reelection consideration.

How? RFK Jr. revived conversations about the “old” Democrat party, the one that didn’t use to rely solely on “woke” racism and pandering to transgenders, homosexuals, abortion mongers, climate kooks, welfare grifters and fringe sitters to advance its socialist agenda. RFK Jr. was from a generation that earnestly suspected the federal deep state rather than employed it as a weapon to prosecute its enemies. And Kennedy Jr. actually talks common sense about official Washington’s pursuit of the Russia/Ukraine war.

Were senile Joe to hightail it out now, could RFK Jr. swoop in to enjoy the spoils? In a piece titled, “Establishment Democrats Can’t Ditch Biden Because Of Likable Old-Schoolers Like RFK Jr.”, Robert Delahunty and Joe Popularis wrote at The Federalist earlier this week:

“The Kennedy name is a unique asset. It carries an unequaled mystique in American politics: Neither the Bush nor the would-be Clinton dynasties can touch it. To this day, millions of Americans, especially older Democrats, look back with nostalgia at the Camelot years of JFK. Though one or two bizarro left-wing commentators have said that RFK is not a true Democrat, polls reported that RFK Jr. commanded a significant percentage of the Democratic Party vote right out of the box…

“So expect establishment Democrats to rally around Biden. Bad as he is, at least he fends off the risk of open primaries that might demonstrate the appeal that RFK Jr.’s ideas have for millions of ordinary folks in their party — moderate voters who aren’t woke, obsessed with the transgender craze and mutilating surgery for children, or convinced that unrestricted abortion is sacramental.

“And expect the leftist media to be both vicious and relentless in trying to marginalize Kennedy. Watch how they will do everything in their power to suppress his ideas about oligarchic power, economic injustice, and the sway of the corporate-feudalist state.”

Quite a few conservatives have advanced similar arguments. None other than Tucker Carlson, who’s interviewed RFK Jr. a couple times, suggested that the Kennedy descendant was the most dangerous man in Washington because he dared to horn-in on the DC swamp’s obsession with funding wars – and challenged the establishment media to report truth that contradicts the government’s narrative.

The media certainly hasn’t been doing Kennedy any favors in the 2024 race, which kind of makes you wonder what it would’ve been like if RFK Jr. was running for the Democrat nomination in an open Democrat process. With no incumbent senile Joe Biden present to gum up the party’s agenda, is it possible that the liberal party would return to more of its pro-personal freedom (“free love” and “government as The Man”) roots?

This sounds nice, but I’m having a hard time accepting that Democrat voters would magically rise up against the current flow of the party to re-adopt some of the things they used to believe in way back when. RFK Jr. is making the rounds preaching about the evils involved with government getting into bed with corporate America – which is good stuff, especially for a Democrat – but it can’t be overlooked that those same corporate higher-ups are now contributors to the “woke” true believers.

How many commercials these days for product X contain transgender social media “influencers”, rainbow flags, gay men kissing, Meghan Rapinoe or a “diverse” cast of actors frolicking happily to the tune of jingles and scripts specifically concocted to attract the “woke” segment of the American public? Do you think the powers-that-be at Bud Light fathomed that the country’s beer drinkers would react so negatively to a guy pretending to be a girl to divorce themselves from the brand entirely?

It isn’t today’s Democrats who were so offended. They love corporate America. They also go all-in for masks, vaccine mandates, self-imposed lockdowns and every sort of corporate dictate stemming from the beautiful people who lecture that it’s a “civic duty” to “keep people safe” by self-isolation and running to the nearest provider to get a stick to offset the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Contemporary Democrats are also the ones who love seeing senile Joe flying off to foreign conferences such as the World Economic Forum where high-minded Marxists disguised as intellectuals talk about NGO’s taking over the world and “sustainable development” and all that crap. One can’t help but think Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would be knee-deep in spreading these types of messages. “Old” Democrats, not so much.

But I can see The Federalist authors’ point that an RFK Jr. candidacy in an open Democrat primary would be dangerous to senile Joe, not because the Kennedy underling would represent a threat to Biden’s winning, but due to his stealing of twenty-or-so percent of the vote would ruin the impression that Democrats are united behind Biden’s reelection effort. Liberals love to hoot and holler about the “divisions” in the Republican Party, but shouldn’t they be staring themselves in the mirror as well?

By all appearances, there is a portion of the Democrat electorate that takes an “anybody but Biden” stance, just as they did in 2016 with an “anybody but Hillary” effort to purge the party establishmentarian in the person of crazy nut-job socialist Bernie Sanders. The Democrat primary electorate has most definitely moved left but I have a hard time accepting that they really took to Bernie Sanders as the answer.

Needless to say, “Bernie Bros” would find little to admire in RFK Jr. Besides, senile Joe has proven to be a great friend to the greens, radical feminists, transgender freaks, race mongers, abortion promoters, Affirmative Action hangers-on, Black Lives Matter losers who prey on the weak-minded, drug legalization hippies, outcasts, anarchists, anti-law enforcement criminals, unfettered illegal immigration pushers and every other leftist coalition you can think of.

True, some Democrat constituencies are getting nervous about senile Joe being on the November, 2024 ballot simply because they think he’d lose, not because he’s ideologically out of step with what they’re thinking. The same goes with Biden veep Kamala Harris, who checks all the right issue boxes but isn’t popular and represents an even bigger electoral liability than Biden does.

If anything, Biden can’t take himself out of the 2024 running because of cackling embarrassment Kamala Harris, not the potential “awakening” of old Democrats craving a return to the days of “moderate” Democrats like JFK and Jimmy Carter. If this were truly the case then the contemporary Democrat congressional delegation would reflect the “old” orientation rather than anointing increasingly wacked-out kooks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad” of bald nutcases and America haters.

Biden himself is physically as well as mentally failing, and the president’s condition hasn’t gone unnoticed to the elites at the top. In public, they say the right things about senile Joe, and I can’t think of a single prominent Democrat who’s actively calling for Biden to step aside. There are persistent rumblings and rumors about West Virginia senator Joe Manchin possibly running on a “No Labels” third-party ticket, which, if correct, would certainly terrify top Democrats more than the notion of RFK Jr. competing in the party primaries.

Democrats also recognize that if they fail to regain the House of Representatives and lose a couple senate seats that Biden (assuming he were to win again) would be in even worse shape.

It’s hard to grasp how RFK Jr. espousing an alternative set of views in debates or competing in primaries would impact the rest of the Democrats apart from senile Joe Biden. Biden can’t possibly be replaced by a more “sensible” candidate because such a move might also impact fundraising and GOTV efforts of leftist organizations. Then there’s a mystery as to which Democrat could actually take his place.

Joe Biden, if he does indeed run, likely won’t face serious competition from the Democrat “center”, since the false impression that he’s an “everyman” is still very much in place. It’s the party’s ideological core that has shifted left, not Biden himself. RFK Jr. won’t have much impact either way – and could even help Republicans win in 2024… but not likely.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. created a stir a few months ago when he announced that he’s running for president to challenge Joe Biden, yet ever since that time, not much has happened. Democrats aren’t wild about senile Joe on the ticket but they also still approve of his electoral chances vis-à-vis Donald Trump. Democrats could replace Biden if they wanted to; they just won’t.

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