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The Right Resistance: Biden earns an ‘F’. Why Americans think he’s ‘worse’ than other presidents

A week before the Independence Day holiday, it’s clear that Americans aren’t in a celebratory mood when it comes to the leadership of our nation.

In case it wasn’t evident that the current White House occupant will not be ranked – someday – alongside the legendary names from the United States’ storied past, a recent survey revealed that citizens don’t even think president senile Joe Biden is on the same level as the more recent American commanders in chief.

Not only that, if the 2024 election were held today – or sometime soon – the drubbing Biden would endure would be history-making in its own right. Why don’t Americans like Biden? Commentators and political observers have spent months and years trying to explain the phenomenon, but the voters themselves appear to have made up their own minds in real time.

In an article titled “Majority: Biden ‘worse’ than other presidents, losing to Trump by 6”, the always on point Paul Bedard reported at the Washington Examiner recently:

“After a lackluster debut on the 2024 campaign trail … a survey released [last week] found that the public isn't just down on Biden but thinks he doesn’t compare well to the nation’s recent presidents. Rasmussen Reports said that 52% feel Biden has been a ‘worse president than most recent presidents.’ Just 32% believe he has been ‘better,’ a number driven by supportive Democrats.

“In a sign that the president is having trouble rallying independent voters, which will likely be the difference-maker in the 2024 outcome, they agree with the majority’s view. By a margin of 60%-20%, independents said Biden has been worse than those who came before him. One reason may be that many likely voters believe the Biden administration is corrupt.

“Rasmussen said that 45% believe that Biden’s team is more corrupt than past administrations, versus 37% who believe it has been less corrupt. The bottom line: Trump is leading Biden by 6 points in the new survey, 45%-39%. Some 12% want a different choice, and 3% aren’t sure.”

That’s right. Regular “normal” Americans see Biden as being “worse” than Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, not exactly a wall-of-fame group of leaders folks will recall decades from now as presiding over a productive and happy country. Obama ushered in a new era of race-based animosity, Bush couldn’t define his discredited brand of conservatism and Clinton, well, blue dresses, cigars, a mountain of lies and turning the Oval Office into his own personal bordello won’t qualify him for long-term greatness.

Granted, it’s still very, very early, Donald Trump has not yet been anointed the nominee of the Republican Party and there’s still plenty of time for Democrats to worry their elites to death to motivate them to do something drastic like replace Biden as their primary winner. The clearly deteriorating old fool’s age-related idiosyncrasies are only getting worse. Even the most ardent of Democrats would have to concede that eyes (and ears) don’t deceive.

Oh yeah, the Rasmussen survey also showed Trump leading among independents 46 percent to 26 percent. If that number is anywhere close to accurate, senile Joe Biden is toast in a care facility, burned to a non-edible crisp. Regular politics watchers recognize that Republicans are almost always behind Democrats at this early stage of the yet-to-come presidential race, so the very fact that Trump is up by six points could translate to a massive landslide next year – if indeed a “landslide” is even possible in today’s political environment. With the GOP nominee having virtually no shot at winning the big Electoral Vote states of California, New York and Illinois, there probably never will be a Nixon-like victory (in 1972) or a Reagan-like triumph (in 1984) ever again.

I hope I’m wrong. Were Trump or Ron DeSantis, or even someone like Tim Scott to enjoy an eight or ten point margin of victory in 2024, there wouldn’t be any post-vote count claims of Russians stealing the election or white supremacist “extremists” suppressing votes and thus the country would be spared from the bull crap “Not my president” signs and bumper stickers posted in front of short-sighted liberal households or sticking to their cars.

Such a clear preponderance would also place the GOP standard-bearer outside the proverbial margin of fraud. Imagine the hundreds of millions filthy rich liberal Democrat donors will lose trying to fabricate enough ballots to guarantee victory. Almost brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it?

But the fact that Americans, at least according to the survey Bedard cited, think senile Joe Biden is worse than other presidents is actually quite telling, considering the doddering Democrat was supposedly voted into office in the first place to “Restore the soul of the nation” and “heal the wounds of division.” Instead, the broken-down ol’ goat is mumbling through his speeches and stumbling around the earth as though he’s permanently affixed to roller skates that he can’t control.

Why don’t people like senile Joe? Why do they not think he’s a good president? What makes for a well-regarded president to begin with? There are many, many qualities, but it’s more than just a jobs report or economic factors.

Personnel. There are few earthly offices where the occupant has almost complete power to appoint the people who will be enforcing – and making – policy like the American president does. Assuming you can get the person past the now hyper-partisan senate confirmation process, the president could theoretically tap just about anyone to head-up agencies and political posts. How else do you think current Trans-portation secretary Pete Buttigieg was able to get such a lofty job? Or to tolerate a bitter, vindictive jerk like Merrick Garland for Attorney General? Biden gets a clear “F” for his performance on personnel.

Ceremonial Role/Leadership. This category involves the president’s ability to show up at events, deliver a good speech, preside over ceremonies (like Veteran’s Day at Arlington National Cemetery) and generally represent the values of the citizenry to the whole world. Donald Trump excelled at it (if you don’t believe it, recall his speech in France on the anniversary of D-Day). Ronald Reagan was exceptional. So was JFK in his brief tenure. Obama could turn it on when he had to; so could Bill Clinton. George W. Bush hit maximum popularity after 9/11/2001.

Joe Biden? He’s a joke. He farts in front of the royal family, falls every other step and can’t seem to remember where he is most of the time. Charisma? Where? Grade: F.

Grasp of issues/policies. Donald Trump emerged as a political force because he instinctively understood the issues that motivated voters, beginning with his America First orientation on trade and foreign relations and including his harsh critiques on the lack illegal immigration enforcement. Trump almost single-handedly remade the stodgy old Republican Party into a populist haven while simultaneously pleasing conservatives with his fiscal and social policies.

In contrast, Joe Biden ran on racism and division, and kept up the harangue by labeling “MAGA Republicans” as enemies of the nation. Biden doesn’t understand what America is all about, and his policies have been an unqualified disaster. Grade: F.

Connection with the people. Does the average person on the street relate to the president? Pollsters often query whether the commander-in-chief “understands people like me”. Democrats typically score higher on the relating scale due to the generally accepted ruse that liberals “feel your pain” and “represent the little guy.” Thankfully, Joe Biden has wholly dispelled the false impression. Biden calls people “Jack” and often insults them face-to-face. He’s a nasty guy. Does he connect with the people? You decide. Grade: F.

Economic changes voters can see. These societal signs are the daily embodiment of government policies, things such as tax changes, or gas price boosts, or food price increases. Government energy policy and the manipulation of the money supply and interest rates have oversized influences on the economy. Out-of-touch Joe Biden brags about the health of the American economy where many Americans find themselves struggling to keep up with basic necessities.

Joe Biden has been in politics his entire professional life. He’s never run a business (just gets checks from Hunter’s crooked, tax evading enterprises) or been responsible for a payroll. Senile Joe’s policies hurt wage earners and middle class folks alike, since their retirement savings are being consumed by inflation. Joe Biden is blind to reality. Grade: F.

Fortune/Chance/Luck. Abraham Lincoln’s presidency began with southern states seceding. Lincoln faced probably the most challenging circumstances of any president. In a similar vein, Ronald Reagan entered the White House with double-digit inflation, twenty-percent interest rates and a nation that didn’t believe in itself anymore after Jimmy Carter’s horrid administration.

The best presidents persevere and turn the country around. How does Joe Biden stack up? He came into his term by dumping trillions onto the already bloated and unnecessary COVID spending, sending inflation through the roof. He cut or eliminated new energy exploration. He’s wasted tens of billions on the Ukraine/Russia war. He’s played favorites and emboldened America’s enemies. Biden has made everything worse. No wonder he’s seen as “worse” than other recent presidents. Grade: F

Perspective on history. Joe Biden doesn’t value America as exceptional, and he also thinks America needs to transform – become less “racist”, more tolerant of weirdos, freaks and transgenders and mostly just runs down the productive people who make the nation work. He’s historically bad. Grade: F

It’s no secret that Joe Biden isn’t popular and his pathetic ratings aren’t likely to improve as he runs for a second term. Americans already see senile Joe as “worse” than other recent presidents and he’s too inane and incompetent to initiate a course correction at this point. Democrats are making progress on their mission – to destroy the country. New leadership is desperately called for.

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