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The Right Resistance: Bad news for Democrats – there’s simply no one to stand in for Joe Biden

In president senile Joe Biden’s White House these days, if it weren’t for bad news, there’d be no news at all.

A case in point was the tidbit that emerged last week showing former president Donald Trump’s polling lead over the current chief to be greater than any Republican presidential nominee has enjoyed in over 20 years. That’s not a misprint or a distortion. Yes, the supposedly hated Trump has vaulted to a big lead in an average of polls.


Further, Trump’s margin is now considerably sturdier than hanger-on upstart Nikki Haley’s advantage over Biden, all-but destroying the Trump U.N. Ambassador’s and former South Carolina governor’s main rationale for staying in the GOP nominating contest a few weeks ahead of the next primary vote (though the Nevada primary and caucuses are coming up this week – both are sure Trump victories since Haley isn’t even contesting them).


With his fortunes seemingly sinking before Americans’ eyes, the justification for Biden remaining a candidate appears to be getting smaller and smaller. Nonetheless, the hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’, child repellin’, wayward son defendin’, terrorist sympathizin’, southern border ignorin’, lyin’ cranky old goat persists. Why? It’s the operative mystery.


In an opinion piece titled “Why Is Biden Running?”, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. wrote at The Wall Street Journal last week:


“Mr. Trump might win solely because Mr. Biden is old and Kamala Harris is off-putting. All evidence points to a nose-holding race in which most Americans plan to be disappointed no matter who wins. If this sounds good to you, Democrats, congrats on your nominee. Who doesn’t enjoy going to midcourt once in a while to see if they can sink a 47-foot 3-pointer?


“But it isn’t a service to the country. The Obama whisperer David Axelrod has desisted from his mid-November suggestion that Joe and Jill rethink a second-term run. I have yet to hear Mr. Axelrod or any other prominent Democrat of the Obama, Clinton or Biden circle suggest Mr. Biden is doing America a favor by running…


“…[S]tarting to crystallize in the press is the off-the-record question heard from senior Democrats over the past year: If Mr. Trump is such a danger to America, democracy and apple pie, shouldn’t Mr. Biden be heeding voters, stepping aside and opening the door to a new generation of Democrats—albeit not represented by Adam Schiff, of course—with some class and decency, who can put up a better show against Mr. Trump?”


It's only logical that someone would pose this query, though the answer is somewhat obvious and yet still open to much debate. Senile Joe’s continued excuse for staying in the yet-to-be-officially-begun presidential race is because Trump is in it and Biden thinks he’s the only Democrat who could beat the MAGA figurehead despite what everyone else says and the mounting polling numbers against him.


The fact is, only senile Joe sits down to dinner each night opposite Dr. Jill Biden, so the First Lady is probably the one who needs to be persuaded to let her old dunce retire to the beach so he can eat ice cream in peace while poring over Hunter’s latest family influence peddling business reports.


Aside from this, there are other reasons why senile Joe Biden won’t move his aged hulk to the side. First and foremost is his ego/invincibility complex. The elder Biden is so conditioned to getting whatever he wants that he’s talked himself into believing he can’t be beaten – by Trump or anyone else.


Like an image burned onto a blank plasma TV screen after prolonged use, Biden’s brain sees nothing but success, never having lost an election (other than party presidential primaries) in his half-century plus of dwelling in the Washington DC swamp. To him, he’s the biggest, bad-est, smelliest, most feared creature in town. He’ll grit his teeth, shake his fist and make threats to beat people up – and they’ll shudder and bow before him.


And no one is going to tell him otherwise!


Next, senile Joe ’s agenda is the Democrat agenda, period. So why consent to give it up?


If this weren’t true, where are the Democrats criticizing it? Republicans who depart the party reservation often make headlines for daring to challenge Trump or siding with “bipartisan” deals with Democrats. Heck, look what’s going on in the Senate right now where a handful of Republican turncoats (i.e., the usual suspects) is being praised in the establishment media for joining with “Chucky” Schumer to try and shove through a horrid illegal immigration “compromise” that would authorize up to 1.8 million illegal entries per year.


Liberal Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema – and now Pennsylvania’s ogre/Senator John Fetterman – have, at times, made their displeasure known with the Democrat issue platform and haven’t been hailed by the leftist talkers and writers as “brave” and “principled” and “moderate”. Senile Joe himself used to be thought of as semi-independent from the leftwing of the party, but not anymore! The bumbler-in-chief dutifully goes to the microphone and reads whatever the teleprompter gives him in Ron Burgundy-like slavish devotion to the Democrat kooks and their speech writers.


Third, as has been rumored for some time now, senile Joe Biden is hesitant to walk away because incompetent airhead Kamala Harris would almost certainly take over as the head of Obama/Biden nation and would obliterate (through ineptitude) what’s remaining of their collective dreams to transform the country.


There never was any natural political chemistry between Barack Obama’s errand boy and his had-to-choose-her Affirmative Action choice running mate, and, let’s face it, Kamala has been an even bigger disaster and public relations embarrassment than she was as a candidate.


Harris is also every bit as unpopular as senile Joe and almost certainly enter the presidential race as just as big an underdog to Trump as the top of the ticket would. Kamala is awful on the stump, bungles every one-on-one establishment media interview opportunity, has no independent expertise (such as in foreign affairs) and gives little hope that she can improve as a candidate.


Translation: Biden’s legacy would be in Harris’s hands, and what sane person would accept that?


Lastly, why won’t Democrats admit to reading the writing on the wall and dump senile Joe n’ cackling Kamala and just substitute Democrat candidate X (and running mate) in their place? Most talk has centered on Michelle Obama stepping up to play “White Knight” party hero who would swoop in and spare leftists the grief of having to witness Donald Trump 2.0 gleefully dismantling everything they’ve done – or tried to do – since Barack Obama ascended from community organizer to chief dismantler of the American Dream in early 2009.


But surely there must be a reason other than Lady O doesn’t want the job. Here’s guessing, and we haven’t heard a lot about it, that Democrats, and the Obamas especially, don’t want Pandora’s Box of sleaze opened by parading the former first couple – and their boxcars full of baggage – before the public again. If Michelle were to enter the fray, anything is fair game, definitely including all the scandals from the Obama years (which Democrats still claim there weren’t any).


The leftover mud from Barack Obama’s foibles would be brought back to bear and spread as far as the eye can see. And there’s no longer any spineless John McCain or weak-kneed slicked-back-hair guy Mitt Romney to dampen the revelations in the name of “getting along” or “keeping it above the belt”. No, there’s only Donald Trump and his ensemble of conservatives who aren’t shy about airing the other side’s dirty laundry now. Why do you think the Clintons hated/still hate Trump so much?


Meanwhile, Trump’s own considerable past pile of questionable actions has already been thoroughly litigated in the court of public opinion, or is currently under assault in Democrat-controlled courtrooms along the east coast. Further bad news for Democrats: the American public has seen the “evidence” and they’d rather yawn and enjoy Trump’s sound policies rather than take broken down senile Joe or (insert Democrat’s name here) and be forced to buy an electric car that fails in the cold.


It might even be that Trump, for the first time in a long time, can go on offense for his candidacy. For months/years, Trump has been the center of a concerted secular crusade by the left to brand him as a Russian asset, a fascist dictator who would take away your rights, or a self-interested promoter of his own business interests and worldwide cautionary tale who makes a fool of himself on the diplomatic stage.


Looking back, of course, Trump did a pretty solid job on foreign policy and his border proposals were working before Biden came in to ruin them. Now who’s the joke?


In addition, the Trump people will leave no stone unturned to ensure this summer’s Republican convention is one gigantic unity fest with lots of speeches from familiar faces and podium pounding orations from former 2024 Trump presidential campaign rivals who’ve enjoyed a convenient change of opinion and now recognize that the man was right all along and that the only way to Make America Great Again was by returning the 45th president to his old political stomping grounds.


Jenkins’ piece suggested that all Biden has to run on is Trump-Trump-Trump, but if senile Joe weren’t the party candidate, who would offer something different? All Democrats, save for a few, are dedicated socialists/leftists now in the mold of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. And the ones that aren’t government tyrants would never be chosen to lead the party.


Democrats may be divided and dissatisfied over having senile Joe Biden as their presidential nominee again, but until they come forth with a better alternative that each party faction can agree upon, they’re stuck with him. The bad polling news will probably keep coming, and, this time, it’s unlikely that Donald Trump will save them from themselves.

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