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The Right Resistance: AOC, her backside, and the 2024 Democrat race to succeed senile Joe Biden

It didn’t occur to me right away when the incident happened last week, but now I surmise the solution to the Democrats’ “Who should run in 2024 in place of senile president Joe Biden?” dilemma is none other than outspoken thirty-something New York Representative and “The Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Before you call me nuts, consider the positives involved. Far be it from me to offer good advice to the brain trust of today’s Democrat party, but the elderly collection of ancient liberal leaders inflicting so much damage onto what used to be a respected, relatively free republic created by a unique, once-in-a-millennium collection of founding fathers, could be tempered somewhat by the sweet, articulate voice of a new generation of freaks, grifters, losers and malcontents – and that’s AOC.

Harken back to last week’s not-really-controversial episode when a showboating heckler confronted the distinguished legislator as she rushed to her day job which consists of voting on billion and trillion-dollar bills in the House (the rest of the time it appears AOC makes a practice of recording non-stop video snippets of herself for her social media accounts).

The brave young man (identified as social media personality Alex Stein), wielding what looked to be a selfie-stick, noticed her coming and promptly began recording, adding as narration: “AOC, my favorite big booty Latina. I love you AOC, you're my favorite. She wants to kill babies, but she's still beautiful. You look very beautiful in that dress. You look very sexy. Look at that booty on AOC.”

For emphasis, Stein concluded as AOC scampered out of camera range, “Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!”

Now, normally we/I wouldn’t celebrate such obvious harassment of anyone, much less a young-ish Hispanic female member of Congress, but Democrats opened the door to such comparisons when First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden said, in a speech, that Latinos were akin to tacos. So why not? Conservatives wouldn’t be caught dead saying such stupid things, and if anyone did, they would deservedly be called out for the slight by the heinous hypocritical establishment media. (Note: For what it’s worth, Stein also heckled Texas Senator Ted Cruz last month at the Texas GOP convention, calling him a “globalist” and a “coward and a liar.” This means Stein is an equal-opportunity bipartisan fame seeker and a clever self-promoter. And a jerk, too.)

What does all of this prove? Nothing, really, but it also demonstrates that “Sandy” Cortez’s celebrity has reached its high ebb and the fact she receives an outsized amount of attention from the media indicates that her name recognition is likely near 100 percent and her “brand” – overt and never-ending leftism – is easily marketable to the Democrat base.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks AOC could be the answer to Democrats’ 2024 dreams (or is it a nightmare?), either. The always insightful Paul Bedard reported at The Washington Examiner:

“There is growing discussion in political circles that leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) should seriously consider running for president. One reason is President Joe Biden’s yearlong dive in approval ratings and her surge as an alternative in 2024. In a McLaughlin & Associates survey of Biden alternatives, she sits in fourth, nearly tied with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and behind Vice President Kamala Harris and former first lady Michelle Obama, who has ruled out a run.

“Dick Morris, who managed former President Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign for a while and who also advised former President Donald Trump, said Ocasio-Cortez is the heir to the socialist wing of the party and could scoop up Hispanics and liberals upset with Biden’s lack of achievements and energy.

“Morris, who just published a book declaring that Trump will run in 2024, said the Bronx congresswoman could easily win a string of Democratic primaries and position herself at the top of the ticket. And while young, she would be the constitutionally required 35 on Inauguration Day.”

Alas, it’s true. AOC entered the world on October 13, 1989, meaning she will have turned the magic number of 35-years-old about a month prior to Election Day, 2024. Just think, the opportunistic Latina with the notable posterior could mark her own birth celebration by declaring that the climate is doomed to capitulate before her 40th birthday unless something drastic is done to save it – like electing her president.

In Bedard’s piece, Dick Morris intimates that AOC would lose in a landslide, but her candidacy would nonetheless help consolidate Democrats behind the younger, more radical socialist wing of the party that she and her cohort of “Squad” kooks and flame-throwers represents. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the “big booty” congresswoman twice supported Bernie Sanders versus his establishment opponents in the last two Democrat presidential primaries, so there’s little mystery where her true loyalties lie.

Dick Morris is one of America’s more interesting political observers and it seems he often gets predictions wrong, but this one regarding AOC is right-on the money. If it can be said that the current roster of Democrat leaders is way too old, then the fresher-than-fresh face of a barely constitutionally eligible (in terms of age) new party figurehead would be just what the party requires.

Since Democrats are completely into identity politics – and we all know they are – then, theoretically speaking, an AOC presidential run should help them in at least a couple different ways. First, the privileged New York congresswoman is indeed Hispanic, or Latina, as comedian Stein pointed out in his limited observation of her careening up the stairs to the capital last week.

It’s old news that Democrats appear to be losing their hold on the Hispanic vote, so if Latinos are really as skin-color and place-of-origin obsessed as liberals condescendingly depict them as being, then seeing one of their own on the ballot ought to be worth, what, twenty or thirty points, right? Forget the fact that the term “Hispanic” encompasses everyone from Latin America proper, ranging from South Americans to central Americans, to those of Caribbean ancestry… heck, it might even include Spaniards and Portuguese to the average Democrat.

Generally speaking, Hispanics from authoritarian communist countries like Cuba or Venezuela have tended to favor freedom-touting Republicans, so the Puerto Rican blood of AOC probably won’t make a difference to these types of groupings. Ditto for the Latino population, which is mostly referring to Mexicans and central Americans from Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore, a Latino is also considered Hispanic, but not all Hispanics are Latinos. Confused?

Because AOC speaks Spanish, an American of Mexican ancestry might sense a common linguistic bond, but what else is there? Certainly the Puerto Rican culture differs in certain ways from the Mexican or Guatemalan, El Salvadorian or Honduran culture. What kinship is there?

Virginia conservative Republican congressional candidate Yesli Vega, for example, hails from an El Salvadorean background. Can AOC count on Vega’s ethnic brothers and sisters automatically jumping ship to boost a Puerto Rican “Latina” (or does she prefer “Latinx”?) presidential candidate born in the Bronx, New York? Heck no! It’s stupid, isn’t it? But this is what identity politics is all about, and why Hispanics of all different histories are leaving the Democrat party in droves.

Hispanic and Latino voters appreciate good government like everybody else, which includes sound monetary practices, fair trade, lower taxes and regulations, common sense stewardship of the environment and cultural policies that promote strong law enforcement, parental control in education and promotion of families. These traits help define Hispanic and Latino communities, much more than suggesting they’re as “diverse as breakfast tacos.”

Democrats don’t care enough about distinctions to acknowledge the differences. It’s too challenging to recognize that a Hispanic Cuban shouldn’t be expected to think the same as a legal immigrant from Honduras.

Democrats are also slipping badly with another of their most trusted voter blocs, young people, (Note: The Hill offered a story titled, “White House faces disaster with young voters”) though the reason purportedly is because they’re upset that the rickety old Joe Biden isn’t doing enough to place “climate change” shackles on industry or about abortion and also furthering the leftist activist agenda. In other words, the young and impressionable attitude is more like “why bother voting if they’re not going to deliver everything they told us they would” instead of hating on the old coot’s age alone.

Again, an AOC candidacy would help bring the young and stupid – oops, I mean idealistic – back into the Democrat fold because her socialist bona fides are unquestioned. In other words, potential recruits for the Sunrise movement, Black Lives Matter and Antifa don’t take to establishment Democrats because they aren’t crazy enough!

But AOC is! Didn’t Ocasio-Cortez initiate the whole “New Green Deal” hubbub in the first place? If it were up to “Sandy”, America would abolish fossil fuels entirely and she could ride back to New York on an 18th century wind-powered sailboat made out of wood from a “woke” corporation sponsored sustainable forest!

Here’s thinking an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presidential campaign would outraise the two waged by Bernie Sanders and would draw in serious cash from every “woke” billionaire the world over. AOC could select one of her fellow “Squad” members for her running mate and together, the two could swear they wouldn’t appoint a single white male to any position within their administration. Only transgenders of color welcome!

No respectable person condones what happened to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez last week on her way to work. But leftists are starting to reap what they’ve sown regarding public harassment, and it won’t end until government leaders of both parties condemn all types of political intimidation and persecution. AOC would be a perfect Democrat choice to replace the bumbling Joe Biden. Will they push for it?

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