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The Right Resistance: 2022 political surf reality – no wave, no tsunami, and much work to do

“The sea doesn’t look right.”

Such should have been the reaction of most Democrats on Tuesday night as they glanced out across the vast expanse of federal midterm election “ocean” returns and spotted what appeared to be a supernatural phenomenon, namely an enormous blood red-colored tidal wave materializing on the horizon and only growing larger as the evening wore on.

But the more hours passed the smaller and less ominous the swell became until morning dawned and concerned folks were left wondering whether the bubbling water even reached the beach. If I didn’t know better, I swear fraud-fostering Democrats went out to sea and erected giant windmills to serve as breakwaters for the overwhelming tide of change. Though it still appears as though Republicans may/could end up with a House majority – and maybe even a slight advantage in the Senate – Democrats’ “woke” socialist fantasies remain very much alive.

At press time in the early hours of Wednesday morning, for example, the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race was called in favor of brain-dead Democrat John Fetterman, a result so unfathomable as to be nearly impossible to contemplate. It’s not that Republican Mehmet Oz was destined to be the best senator ever, but Fetterman cannot function without reading what people say to him typed onto a screen.

I don’t know how many Pennsylvanians voted early – before the lone debate even took place on October 26 – but they couldn’t get their votes back and now it looks as though the 6’9” ogre with a strange looking bulge on his neck will represent their state for the next six years.

How could this be? Republicans and conservatives held such high hopes of reversing course from the disastrous policy direction of senile president Joe Biden and the Democrats, and as of now, it’s not even clear that the Democrats will have to contend with a 50-50 tie in the upper chamber in the coming Congress. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Republican challenger Adam Laxalt (Nevada) cling to small leads in their respective states, but Georgia’s Herschel Walker faces a runoff – at best – and what should have been didn’t materialize for the good guys.

Watch the stock market as the day progresses on Wednesday. One of the Fox News Hosts (Maria Bartiromo) said early in the evening that markets like divided government. Well, America has an ideologically divided population, but control of Congress remains still up in the air. I’m guessing the uncertainty will send stocks crashing, the latest hit to retirement portfolios and dreams of salvaging something out of this crappy, government debt financed post-COVID economy.

Success – and power – are fleeting. Usually. Senator Mike Lee, who won his reelection bid in Utah, indicated that other day that it wouldn’t be “Business as usual” in the senate next year if Republicans gained control. We can only hope that Lee gets a chance to be right. Will Mitch McConnell, assuming he’d be returned as Senate GOP leader, agree to change the “business”? Not sure I’d be willing to bet on that one.

Will Florida sink into the ocean?

The one state in the nation where Republicans performed up to “wave-like” expectations was in Florida, where incumbent governor Ron DeSantis not only won reelection, he did it in Ronald Reagan-like 1984 fashion, winning roughly sixty percent of the vote against multi-party-switching loser, Charlie Crist. Not bad for a guy who barely squeaked by four years earlier by a recount mandated half a point.

DeSantis’s acceptance speech was – or should be – the Republican Party’s rallying cry in 2024. With beaming wife Casey at his side, Ron happily declared, “Florida is where ‘woke’ goes to die!” It’s true, a fact that is hard to ignore in today’s divided political environment.

So many right-thinking people will now be heading for Florida from the northeast that the diverse state might sink from the weight of the newcomers’ homes and businesses. And it’s pretty flat to begin with.

If, as expected, Republicans take control of the U.S. House, conservatives can thank The Sunshine State for providing much of the advantage, as Floridians flipped four seats red while also returning DeSantis to the governor’s mansion. How long he remains there is a mystery, however. The same crowd that cheered as Ron spoke also chanted “Two More Years!”, clearly alluding to the upcoming 2024 Republican presidential race.

With DeSantis doing so stunningly well and former president Donald Trump taking a bit of a hit on some of his endorsements last night, the calls for a change of leadership at the top of the opposition party will only grow louder and louder. Many a commentator criticized Trump on Tuesday/Wednesday for failing to open up his considerable fundraising war chest to help some of his endorsed candidates. This might be a tough fact to overlook, even for a man as confident and movement-stirring as Trump.

DeSantis’s Florida formula clearly works. The only question is how long it will take for the balance of Trump supporters to open their minds for the possibility that Joe Biden – or some other Democrat schlep – won’t be an automatic loser on presidential Election Day in two years. Republicans cannot afford to get this one wrong, either.

Bye, bye, Nancy P. Wasn’t that nice knowin’ ya. Maybe.

While it’s still not clear that Republicans would pick-up the requisite five seats to gain another House majority (as they did in 1994, only to give it back twelve years later, and in 2010, which only lasted eight years that time), it occurred to many conservatives and American traditionalists that this election probably spelled the end of elitist snob Nancy Pelosi’s reign over the lower chamber, one way or another.

The 82-year-old constitutional third in line won’t admit otherwise, but her days in the Speaker’s office are likely numbered – unless, that is, the woman barricades herself into the space and refuses to concede that her party lost, becoming the latest in a long line of Democrat “deniers” who think the term only applies to Trump supporters still angry over the 2020 election fiasco.

If so, Pelosi leaves a rather complex legacy as a very effective Speaker from a caucus management and horrific government-transformation legislative standpoint; but her political instincts were awful. Who can forget that Pelosi had an instrumental role in three Republican takeover elections -- in 1994, 2010 and now in 2022? (Note: Pelosi came to Congress in 1987 and wasn’t in the leadership in 1994, but the seeds of her eventual coming-to-power were already sown at that time, so 1994 counts against her, too.)

The San Francisco non-treat now resides in the rarified air of a party leader who’s presided over multiple electoral disasters in three different decades. Not even “The One” Obama or Bill Clinton can claim that mantle. Nance was first voted the Speaker’s gavel in 2007 and the establishment media made much hay over the fact she became the nation’s first-ever female Speaker. The old hag proceeded to drive her opposition crazy with unfairness and hyper-partisan dictating and was kicked out of power after just two terms each time.

It turns out history might’ve repeated itself this year, with Pelosi receiving her second chance at the big stage four years ago and now, after last night, perhaps being unceremoniously handed her marching orders to get out of Dodge.

Pelosi has spent the better part of two decades-plus in the Democrat House leadership, and it only makes sense that she’s received at least part of her promotions because of her gender – and also the fact she hails from one of the wealthiest – and safest – liberal political enclaves in the country. Her connections and ability to raise money bought her power, and she’s been ruthless and clever enough to wield it for a long, long time.

Give her credit; Nancy P. made the most of her chances to exercise power, and she’s pushed through practically every ultra-liberal legislative measure that she’s been tasked with overseeing. That, and she impeached a Republican president – twice -- too.

That being said, her caustic public persona and inability to sell the Democrat agenda to the voting public cost her dearly. So Pelosi goes down as a very effective Speaker, but a poor politician. This will most likely be her legacy as time goes on.

Obtuse Democrats traded “climate change” for affordable energy. It cost them dearly

Over the course of Tuesday evening, the corporate media hosts on every channel talked a lot about economic factors causing the American electorate to openly question the party in power.

This is certainly true, though everything can be traced to one particularly bad policy choice Democrats made time after time – namely, their drive for “green energy” at the expense of plentiful, efficient and relatively clean burning fossil fuels of different varieties.

I was a little surprised that the so-called political experts didn’t hit the gas price issue harder this year, instead talking more generally about “inflation” and the cost of living. West Virginia Democrat senator Joe Manchin said Biden was “divorced from reality” the other day when the president said he would shut down all the nation’s coal plants in favor of so-called clean energy wind and solar.

Biden can’t keep his proverbial foot out of his mouth on many subjects, but none more so than on energy. The “climate change” myth has a stranglehold on Democrats, one from which they cannot escape. When paired with their obsession to get Vladmir Putin, the lack of oil supply in western countries will particularly hurt this winter. The ache is already baked into the cake and draining the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (another whopper of a bad idea) won’t alleviate the suffering.

Energy prices mean everything to the American public, because energy drives the economy. Duh.

Unfortunately, the average citizen doesn't pay attention to nor care about individual spending acts of Congress -- and to a lesser degree, modest tax cuts -- but they do understand when their gasoline and home heating bills double within the span of a few months. Pump prices are arguably the most visible sign of inflation, and everything follows from them.

"It's the gas prices, stupid."

The problem is that too many Democrats -- including the president himself -- don't know what it's like to dread seeing a propane or heating oil or electric bill arrive in the mail. They either don't comprehend or don't personally remember opening the envelope and pulling out the printed pages just far enough to reveal what the total is, followed by a frown or a gasp and a question posed to the open air, "How the heck are we going to pay this?"

If Democrats had any empathy, they would see that many, many more Americans care about paying their own bills than worry about CO2 emissions and starving polar bears (another myth, by the way) and the subsidizing of windmills. Wind and solar power were on the ballot last night. They lost – or at least took a hit. If it actually comes to pass, the incoming majority is very much pro-energy harvesting and Americans can expect their bills to go down considerably over time, but it will take a lot of doing. And since everything in the economy is driven somewhere by a train or a truck, making gasoline and diesel fuel cheaper will decrease transportation costs.

Luckily, Democrats will never learn this lesson. Common sense may prevail.

Republicans have their work cut out for them.

With so many observers, myself included, forecasting a “wave” or a “tsunami” of Republican gains this year, Tuesday’s election came as a huge disappointment, but not a big surprise. Democrats dumped tons of money into maintaining some semblance of power, and they weren’t about to go quietly. Much work lies ahead to try and save this country. And the toil starts today.

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